St Gabriel’s Anglican, May Pen, Clarendon

St Gabriel's Anglican

|A – D||E – J||K – N||O – R||S – W|

A – D

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSG248 ALBARUS Emeline 2000s
ClaSG447 ALLEN Kiziah K., Mrs 1950s
ClaSG446 ALLEN Robert E. 1950s
ClaSG438 ANDERSON Agnes Vindel Usia 2000s
ClaSG301 ANDERSON Alan John 1940s
ClaSG362 ANDERSON Jacintha Ermine 2000s
ClaSG211 ANSON Lawrence Archibald 1990s
ClaSG168 ARCHER Miriam 1980s
ClaSG205 ASHLEY Greata Vernica 1990s
ClaSG262 ASHLEY Joel Bryan 1990s
ClaSG228 ASHTON Glanville Martin 1980s
ClaSG266 ATKINSON Kathleen Adassa 1990s
ClaSG449 BAKER Marcia Anne 1960s
ClaSG290 BAKER Muriel Vaness 1970s
ClaSG275 BAKER Ransford Ansell 2000s
ClaSG297 BAKER Walter Wesley 1960s
ClaSG478 BARRETT-ROBINSON Barbara F., Dr. 1990s
ClaSG208 BARRETT Berthel Sullivan 1990s
ClaSG390 BARTLEY Ralston George Everton 2000s
ClaSG179 BEAUMONT Ida Jane 1990s
ClaSG204 BECKFORD Vyris Maud 1990s
ClaSG336 BEECH Frank 1930s
ClaSG156 BEHARIE Cislyn 2000s
ClaSG308 BELL Ellen Sheryl 1850s
ClaSG067 BELL Gladys Gazeta 1960s
ClaSG084 BELL Hilda Maud 1960s
ClaSG308 BELL James Freeman 1840s
ClaSG308 BELL Nathaniel Harrison James 1860s
ClaSG384 BELL Sarah T. 1920s
ClaSG308 BELL Susannah Glaister 1850s
ClaSG457 BENDLASS Charlotte 1880s
ClaSG270 BENNETT Louise 2000s
ClaSG400 BERNARD André Syron 2000s
ClaSG502 BIGGS David Samuel 1990s
ClaSG464 BLACK Rupert L. 1950s
ClaSG464 BLACK Sophia C. 1950s
ClaSG101 BLACKWOOD Arlette M. 1970s
ClaSG102 BLACKWOOD Reginald F. 1990s
ClaSG052 BOLTON Mavis Rubena 2000s
ClaSG053 BOLTON Wilbert E. 1990s
ClaSG282 BOUCHER Leslie Sylvester 2000s
ClaSG294 BOWEN Isabel 1970s
ClaSG495 BRANDON Emlyn Barrett 1970s
ClaSG015 BRASSINGTON John Burton 2000s
ClaSG279 BRISCOE Ida Louise 2000s
ClaSG136 BRISCOE Mildred V. 1970s
ClaSG280 BROADBELL Rhona Fae 1980s
ClaSG466 BROWN Adelaide 1970s
ClaSG321 BROWN Amos 2000s
ClaSG418 BROWN Ann Amelia, Mrs 1910s
ClaSG364 BROWN Ann E. 1950s
ClaSG172 BROWN Arthurman 2000s
ClaSG304 BROWN Asquith Lloyd 1980s
ClaSG473 BROWN Bernice Naomi 1980s
ClaSG141 BROWN Catherine 1970s
ClaSG253 BROWN Cecil Lloyd 1930s
ClaSG467 BROWN Daniel A. 1940s
ClaSG474 BROWN Eli Emanuel 1970s
ClaSG391 BROWN Frances Fabel 1880s
ClaSG380 BROWN Headley H. 1990s
ClaSG375 BROWN James N. 1940s
ClaSG380 BROWN Louise A. 2000s
ClaSG371 BROWN Mavis Albertha 2000s
ClaSG344 BROWN Millicent Genice 2000s
ClaSG343 BROWN Pablo Francisco 1990s
ClaSG277 BROWN Sillie 1990s
ClaSG049 BROWN Leo S. 1970s
ClaSG046 BROWNE Julia Ann 1900s
ClaSG045 BROWNE Leila Percival 1890s
ClaSG409 BRYAN Erna Amanda 2000s
ClaSG460 BUCHANAN W. E. C. 1940s
ClaSG143 BURKE Julia 1970s
ClaSG054 BURRELL Cyril R. 1960s
ClaSG070 BURRELL R. B. 1970s
ClaSG093 BURRELL R. E. 1970s
ClaSG481 BUTLER Dolvice Joyce 2000s
ClaSG441 BUTLER Rosa Eleanor 1920s
ClaSG441 BUTLER Thomas Alexander 1920s
ClaSG481 BUTLER Welton 2000s
ClaSG276 BYFIELD Sutilda 2000s
ClaSG002 BYLES Iris Louise 2000s
ClaSG003 BYLES Leander 1960s
ClaSG260 CAMPBELL Christine Rochester 1990s
ClaSG444 CAMPBELL Deita May 2000s
ClaSG050 CAMPBELL Eleanor Elizabeth 1960s
ClaSG047 CAMPBELL Eliza 1960s
ClaSG056 CAMPBELL Johanna 1960s
ClaSG465 CAMPBELL Luna 1950s
ClaSG212 CAMPBELL Sydney O. 1990s
ClaSG330 CARTY Naaman Alexander 2000s
ClaSG249 CATER Inez Almena 2000s
ClaSG338 CHAMBERS Harry S. 2000s
ClaSG246 CHARLTON Violet Blanche 1990s
ClaSG433 CHIN Neville S. 1990s
ClaSG501 CLARKE Edna Marie Lucille 1990s
ClaSG065 CLARKE Eugent Agustus 2000s
ClaSG063 CLARKE Margaret E., Mrs 1960s
ClaSG081 COLEY Janet 1980s
ClaSG493 COOKE Phyllis Elizabeth 1970s
ClaSG110 CORK Hugh Clive 1950s
ClaSG033 CROSBIE Lindesay 1880s
ClaSG317 CROSS Clementina 1980s
ClaSG194 CUMMINGS Icilda 2000s
ClaSG287 DALEY Lauris Magdalene 1990s
ClaSG499 DANIELS Dudley Lloyd 1990s
ClaSG094 DANIELS Emma Louise 2000s
ClaSG494 DANIELS Josephine 1980s
ClaSG425 DARBY Charles 1900s
ClaSG264 DARBY Henrietta 1960s
ClaSG426 DARBY Sophia 1910s
ClaSG112 DaSILVA Lunette B., Mrs 1960s
ClaSG222 DaSILVA Roy Fitzgerald 2000s
ClaSG169 DAVIS Rupert George 2000s
ClaSG241 DAVIS Sarah 1990s
ClaSG293 DAVIS Stephen 1980s
ClaSG077 DAWES Ellen A. 1970s
ClaSG076 DAWES Joseph 1980s
ClaSG225 DAWKIN Stephen Samuel 1980s
ClaSG436 DeLaHAY Cecelia 1920s
ClaSG379 DENNIS Julia 1990s
ClaSG379 DENNIS Samuel 1990s
ClaSG022 deROUX Imogene Victoria 1920s
ClaSG016 deROUX Lucille 1970s
ClaSG012 deROUX Margaret Ruth Mary 1990s
ClaSG019 deROUX Marny 2000s
ClaSG013 deROUX Robert James, Hon 2000s
ClaSG017 deROUX Robert R. 1990s
ClaSG021 deROUX Storks 1940s
ClaSG020 deROUX Zita Clare 1940s
ClaSG372 DeROY Gladys Adassa 2000s
ClaSG372 DeROY Linden George 2000s
ClaSG303 DINGWALL Thos. B. 1870s
ClaSG427 DIXON Alfred 1950s
ClaSG427 DIXON Emanuel 1950s
ClaSG044 DONALDSON Mary 1950s
ClaSG014 DOUGLAS Elizabeth 1960s
ClaSG254 DOUGLAS Muriel 1980s
ClaSG392 DOWSE James Douglas Stretch 1890s

E – J

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSG036 EALES Christopher Thomas 1860s
ClaSG432 EBANKS Icilda Isabell 1940s
ClaSG051 EDWARDS E. T. 1960s
ClaSG335 EDWARDS Ellen, Mrs 1930s
ClaSG340 EDWARDS George 1920s
ClaSG147 EDWARDS Jasmine E. 1970s
ClaSG148 EDWARDS Lewis 1980s
ClaSG284 EDWARDS Randolph A. 1960s
ClaSG244 EDWARDS Timothy 1970s
ClaSG073 ELLINGTON Ionie 2000s
ClaSG307 ELLIS Clifford Dorrington 1990s
ClaSG104 ELLISTON Allan James 2000s
ClaSG105 ELLISTON Anne Elvy 2000s
ClaSG245 FAGAN Laura 1970s
ClaSG341 FAGON Lottie 1980s
ClaSG155 FERGUSON Mavis Ellenor 1980s
ClaSG082 FOSTER Robertha 1960s
ClaSG342 FOX Dora Olney 1920s
ClaSG026 FOX Mildred 1920s
ClaSG251 FRANCIS Augustus 1920s
ClaSG413 FRANCIS Benjamin 1920s
ClaSG423 FRANCIS Hilda Mae 1970s
ClaSG429 FRANCIS Jeanett 1920s
ClaSG250 FRANCIS Jessie 1950s
ClaSG285 FRANCIS Margaret 1960s
ClaSG251 FRANCIS Martha 1920s
ClaSG193 FRANCIS Martha Aneita 1990s
ClaSG138 FRAZER Ethlyn Euphima 1990s
ClaSG267 FRECKLETON Adolphus 1990s
ClaSG252 FRECKLETON Myrtle 2000s
ClaSG278 GARDNER Ivy 2000s
ClaSG377 GAYLE Alice Louise 1990s
ClaSG157 GAYNOR Florence 2000s
ClaSG118 GAYNOR Gilbert 1970s
ClaSG071 GERMAN Ivan V. 1970s
ClaSG072 GERMAN Muriel C. 1990s
ClaSG243 GILFILLIAN Doris 1980s
ClaSG263 GINGHAM-BRUCE Elfreda G. 1990s
ClaSG253 GOODEN Dorothy Irene Brown 2000s
ClaSG129 GOODEN Edward E. 1970s
ClaSG331 GOULBOURNE Cursante O. 2000s
ClaSG058 GRAHAM Jane Sofia 1960s
ClaSG185 GRAHAM Lucerne 1980s
ClaSG339 GRANDSON Adina Rebertha, Mrs 1960s
ClaSG386 GRANT C. T. 1930s
ClaSG187 GRANT Delroy Karl 2000s
ClaSG097 GRANT Devon L. F. A. 1970s
ClaSG217 GRANT Doris Caroline 2000s
ClaSG311 GRANT Edward 1880s
ClaSG234 GRANT Enoch Solomon 2000s
ClaSG385 GRANT Jane 1930s
ClaSG382 GRANT Sophia L. 1990s
ClaSG309 GRANT Susanna 1880s
ClaSG144 GRANT Vincent O. 1990s
ClaSG114 GREEN Leonard Leslie 1970s
ClaSG349 GREENOUGH Henrietta 1910s
ClaSG350 GREENOUGH John 1900s
ClaSG351 GREENOUGH John Montgomery 1910s
ClaSG346 GREENOUGH Margaret A. 1900s
ClaSG223 GREENSWORD Frederick William 1940s
ClaSG312 GUTHRIE Helen Louise 2000s
ClaSG354 GUY Edna 1990s
ClaSG215 HAMILTON Florence Reberta 1990s
ClaSG173 HAMILTON Nehmiah 2000s
ClaSG455 HAMILTON Vivean Cleveland 2000s
ClaSG484 HANLEY Marjorie Minette 2000s
ClaSG483 HANLEY Philip C. 1970s
ClaSG320 HARRISON Sylvester 1980s
ClaSG355 HARTY Jessy 1910s
ClaSG035 HARTY Margaret 1950s
ClaSG356 HARTY Sarah Shevan 1900s
ClaSG034 HARTY Theophilus 1940s
ClaSG415 HARVEY Ellen Adelaide 1950s
ClaSG414 HARVEY George Edward 1910s
ClaSG018 HASTINGS Clarence E. 1980s
ClaSG319 HAYE Inez Sylvena 1990s
ClaSG334 HAYE Percival 1990s
ClaSG332 HENRY Claudius 2000s
ClaSG166 HENRY Ivy Liliane 2000s
ClaSG365 HESLOP Jay St. Michael 2000s
ClaSG232 HIGGINS Florith 2000s
ClaSG032 HILLARY Louie 1880s
ClaSG061 HINES Catherine 1960s
ClaSG127 HOLNESS Ina Louise 1980s
ClaSG128 HOLNESS Wilfred Stanley 1970s
ClaSG452 HOWELL Daphne Agatha 2000s
ClaSG103 HOWELL Radlein 2000s
ClaSG140 HOWELL Richard Anthony 1980s
ClaSG153 HOWLETT Eugena Louise 1990s
ClaSG027 HUEY Richard Grey 1890s
ClaSG230 HUFFSTEAD Dave W. 1990s
ClaSG231 HUFFSTEAD Harold Adolphus 2000s
ClaSG196 HUGHES Daphne Eloise 1990s
ClaSG196 HUGHES Egbert Wellington 1990s
ClaSG132 HUNTER Allan Edgar 2000s
ClaSG133 HUNTER Amey Norma Colleen 2000s
ClaSG145 HUNTER Kenneth James 1990s
ClaSG146 HUNTER Walter McDonald 1990s
ClaSG109 HUTCHISON Hyacinth Yvonne 1950s
ClaSG235 HYLTON Tekla Hyacinth 2000s
ClaSG289 IRWIN Courtenay Lloyd 1970s
ClaSG030 ISRAEL Mary Stevens 1890s
ClaSG029 ISRAELL Rowland Junr. 1870s
ClaSG181 JACKSON John Lea 1990s
ClaSG180 JACKSON Joyce 2000s
ClaSG255 JACKSON Una May 1980s
ClaSG442 JAMES Mavis Rose 2000s
ClaSG219 JOHNSON Ashton Alfred 2000s
ClaSG216 JOHNSON Austin Emanuel 2000s
ClaSG174 JOHNSON Dorothy 2000s
ClaSG411 JOHNSON Muriel Delceta 2000s
ClaSG068 JOHNSON Samuel F. 1960s

K – N

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSG389 KELLY Roslyn 1990s
ClaSG368 KENNY Brandon 1980s
ClaSG476 KENNY Clinton Cleveland 2000s
ClaSG369 KENNY Daisy Carmita 2000s
ClaSG369 KENNY Ivanhoe Balfour 2000s
ClaSG476 KENNY Verna May 2000s
ClaSG368 KENNY William 1920s
ClaSG394 KNIGHT Ermine 1960s
ClaSG401 KNIGHT Frederick E. 1970s
ClaSG500 LAKE Ethel Eunice 1990s
ClaSG487 LAMPART Lawrence Seymour Cornelius 2000s
ClaSG487 LAMPART Lucille May 2000s
ClaSG472 LANKESTER Addison Geoffrey 1990s
ClaSG472 LANKESTER Kathleen Muriel 2000s
ClaSG085 LAWRENCE Doris A. 1980s
ClaSG078 LAWRENCE Hubert Nathan 1970s
ClaSG453 LESLIE Earl Anthony St Aubyn 2000s
ClaSG381 LESLIE Roland 1990s
ClaSG272 LEVY Nigel 2000s
ClaSG195 LEVY Wesley Arthur 2000s
ClaSG437 LEWIS Florence Maud 1930s
ClaSG440 LEWIS Neville 1930s
ClaSG439 LEWIS Zeta Joyce 1930s
ClaSG023 LINDO Herbert 1900s
ClaSG357 LINDSAY Harriet Icilda 2000s
ClaSG357 LINDSAY Norris Samuel 1990s
ClaSG028 LITCHFIELD Clara Martha Adelaide 1940s
ClaSG119 LIVINGSTONE Irene Agatha 1980s
ClaSG190 LONGMORE Winnifred Monica 2000s
ClaSG328 LOWE Imogene Agatha 2000s
ClaSG271 LOWE Simeon Augustus 2000s
ClaSG066 LUBSEY Hubert Joseph 1960s
ClaSG010 LYON Leycester Bancroft, Dr 1970s
ClaSG010 LYON Marie May 1970s
ClaSG416 LYON Morris D. 1950s
ClaSG417 LYON Rebecca M. 1940s
ClaSG419 LYON Rebecca M., Mrs 1940s
ClaSG120 MAGNUS Ivan Alexander 1970s
ClaSG468 MANHERTZ Josiah Leopold 1950s
ClaSG488 MARCH Grace Olive 2000s
ClaSG069 MARSTON Beryl Joyce 1960s
ClaSG406 MARTIN Charles 1930s
ClaSG454 MARTIN Paul Elderfield Montgomery 2000s
ClaSG238 MASON Carol Nycola 2000s
ClaSG239 MASON John Innes 1970s
ClaSG240 MASON Violet Cynthia 1980s
ClaSG410 MAUNDER Mazelin May 2000s
ClaSG220 MAXWELL Dave A. DeWynter 1990s
ClaSG257 MAXWELL Gustavius Augustus 2000s
ClaSG257 MAXWELL Louise Amy 2000s
ClaSG161 MAXWELL Stanhope George 2000s
ClaSG322 MAY Herman Augustus 2000s
ClaSG134 McCAW Glenn 1970s
ClaSG450 McCUBBIN Jean 1920s
ClaSG292 McFARLANE Alfred 1970s
ClaSG291 McFARLANE Ena 1970s
ClaSG171 McFARLANE Ernest Lynford 2000s
ClaSG001 McFARLANE Lena E. 1960s
ClaSG229 McFARLANE Winston Alan 1980s
ClaSG422 McGILL Frances Ann, Mrs 1920s
ClaSG421 McGILL Mildred Alethia, Mrs 1930s
ClaSG420 McGILL Sylvester Adolph 1940s
ClaSG040 McGREGOR Alexander 1860s
ClaSG489 McHARDY Audrey Vivienne 2000s
ClaSG490 McHARDY Cecil Walton 1970s
ClaSG057 McINTYRE Joyce B. 1960s
ClaSG498 McLAUGHLIN Syndney Lewis 2000s
ClaSG498 McLAUGHLIN Vida Vanessa 1980s
ClaSG004 McLEAN Frank Egbert 1970s
ClaSG299 McLENNON Evalda Elretha 1970s
ClaSG302 McLENNON Gladstone George 1990s
ClaSG213 McLENNON Leroy Hugh 1990s
ClaSG370 McLEOD Joseph G. 1940s
ClaSG162 MEIKLE Richard B. 1980s
ClaSG326 MEIKLE Rosa Agatha 2000s
ClaSG091 MILLER Audrey L. 1970s
ClaSG316 MITCHELL Godfrey Balfour 2000s
ClaSG221 MITCHELL Ruby Daphne 2000s
ClaSG316 MITCHELL Violet May 2000s
ClaSG300 MONAGHAN Ewart Wylie 1950s
ClaSG345 MONTGOMERY Elizabeth Mary 1900s
ClaSG346 MONTGOMERY Frances E. 1900s
ClaSG348 MONTGOMERY Mary Ann 1880s
ClaSG347 MONTGOMERY Mary Ann 1920s
ClaSG350 MONTGOMERY Thomas 1860s
ClaSG352 MONTGOMERY Thomas 1860s
ClaSG348 MONTGOMERY Thos: 1860s
ClaSG463 MORANT Alman Roy 1980s
ClaSG256 MORANT Charles Anthony 2000s
ClaSG461 MORANT Henry Benjamin 1970s
ClaSG462 MORANT Sarah Elizabeth 1990s
ClaSG256 MORANT Verna Lee 1980s
ClaSG258 MORGAN Barrington A. F., Dr. 2000s
ClaSG274 MORGAN Dorothy 1970s
ClaSG258 MORGAN Elaine L. 2000s
ClaSG286 MORGAN Enoch Rhodes 1970s
ClaSG099 MORGAN Larkland S. 1970s
ClaSG373 MORGAN Samuel Augustus, M.D. 2000s
ClaSG496 MORRIS Edna Lucille 1990s
ClaSG395 MORRIS Marie 1950s
ClaSG497 MORRIS Richard G. A. 1980s
ClaSG043 MUIRHEAD Frances Augusta 1950s
ClaSG042 MUIRHEAD George William 1940s
ClaSG041 MUIRHEAD John Williamson 1900s
ClaSG152 MULLINGS George B. A. 1980s
ClaSG151 MULLINGS Hyacinth Amedata 2000s
ClaSG295 MULLINGS Montez Mason 1970s
ClaSG237 MURRAY Keith Courtney E. 2000s
ClaSG122 NEITA Abigail 1990s
ClaSG123 NEITA Glanville S. 1970s
ClaSG124 NEITA-LENNON Cecile 2000s
ClaSG333 NELSON Allan B. 1990s
ClaSG088 NELSON Bhud 1980s
ClaSG333 NELSON Gertrude M. 2000s
ClaSG087 NELSON John 1960s
ClaSG089 NELSON Lena 1980s
ClaSG273 NEWELL Mary Celestene 2000s
ClaSG163 NICHOL Florizel Orlando 1980s
ClaSG164 NICHOLS Mary Elizabeth 1980s

O – R

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSG402 O’NEAL Eda Pearl 1990s
ClaSG149 OTTEY Edgar George 1980s
ClaSG150 OTTEY Frances Gertrude 2000s
ClaSG407 PALMER Ina Louise 2000s
ClaSG378 PARCELLS Clifford B. 1960s
ClaSG359 PARCELLS George Clinton 2000s
ClaSG011 PARCELLS James Andrew 1990s
ClaSG360 PARCELLS Minnie D. 1960s
ClaSG358 PARCELLS M. M., Mrs 1900s
ClaSG475 PAWSEY Alfred Maxwell 1960s
ClaSG482 PEARSON Kenneth J. 1980s
ClaSG482 PEARSON Yvonne E. 1990s
ClaSG318 PENCLE Florentine 1990s
ClaSG207 PENDLEY Vernette 1990s
ClaSG428 PERTARB Matilda 1940s
ClaSG080 PETERS Anesque Agatha 2000s
ClaSG079 PETERS Joseph A. 1970s
ClaSG060 PITTER Esmine Leonie 2000s
ClaSG075 PLUMMER Cinderella 1980s
ClaSG206 POMELLS Gwendlyn 1990s
ClaSG296 POWELL Martina E. 1980s
ClaSG435 POWELL Sydney 1990s
ClaSG408 POWELL Winnifred 2000s
ClaSG448 PREDDIE Barrington Hugh 1950s
ClaSG424 PRICE C., Mrs 1940s
ClaSG412 PRYCE Felix Emanuel 2000s
ClaSG327 PRYCE Weida Keturah 2000s
ClaSG367 PUSEY Isabella 1910s
ClaSG366 PUSEY Leana McCrea 1960s
ClaSG175 PYNE Edna Eneita 1990s
ClaSG233 RAGLAN Pearlyn Mereta 2000s
ClaSG469 RAMGEET Kisha Tamara 1980s
ClaSG038 READER Ethel Janet 1980s
ClaSG038 READER Nelson Frederick, Rev 1960s
ClaSG236 REID Charlotte A. 2000s
ClaSG048 REID H. Gladstone 1990s
ClaSG268 REID Violet Louise 1990s
ClaSG048 REID Vivia L. 2000s
ClaSG281 REID Walda Lupe 2000s
ClaSG115 RICHARDS Brenton 1970s
ClaSG306 RICHARDS Lancelot St. Melson 2000s
ClaSG116 RICHARDS Marie Joy 1980s
ClaSG092 RICHARDS Olga Burrell 1980s
ClaSG126 RICHARDS Olga Marie 2000s
ClaSG314 RICKETTS Ethel 1940s
ClaSG353 ROBINSON Cyril Oswald 1890s
ClaSG353 ROBINSON Emma Jane 1890s
ClaSG165 ROBINSON Louise H. 1980s
ClaSG197 ROBINSON Martina Amalo 1990s
ClaSG165 ROBINSON Reginald A. 1990s
ClaSG253 ROBINSON Sybil Louise Brown 1950s
ClaSG443 ROYE Clifton Augustus 2000s
ClaSG431 RUSSELL Alfred B. 1940s
ClaSG158 RUSSELL Ansel George 1990s
ClaSG430 RUSSELL Edith 1980s
ClaSG074 RUSSELL Florel Mae 2000s
ClaSG288 RUSSELL William H. 1970s

S – W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSG176 SAMPSON Eliza 1970s
ClaSG117 SAMUELS Elviereita Merinda 2000s
ClaSG445 SAMUELS Etburn Buster 2000s
ClaSG445 SAMUELS Linette May
ClaSG383 SANDERSON Hubert Alexander 1990s
ClaSG480 SANDFORD Ann Louise 1980s
ClaSG189 SCOTT Wilma Cottshalk 2000s
ClaSG329 SEWELL Edwin Samuel 2000s
ClaSG167 SEWELL Elizabeth 1980s
ClaSG374 SEWELL Henry A. 1940s
ClaSG323 SHAND Colter 2000s
ClaSG269 SHAND Denise Dona-Marie 2000s
ClaSG471 SHARP Angela Joan 1970s
ClaSG470 SHARP Howard Roberts 1980s
ClaSG188 SHAW Ethlyn 1980s
ClaSG325 SHORTER Myrtle Viola Thomas 2000s
ClaSG184 SILBURN Agatha Imogene 2000s
ClaSG183 SILBURN Vincent George 1990s
ClaSG100 SILVERA Harold 1960s
ClaSG504 SIMPSON Benjamin Ellis 1890s
ClaSG503 SIMPSON Maria 1910s
ClaSG139 SINCLAIR Avril H. V. 2000s
ClaSG008 SINCLAIR Joshua M. 1960s
ClaSG009 SINCLAIR Roslyn Leonora 1990s
ClaSG086 SKYERS Rowan G. St. Claire 1980s
ClaSG310 SMIKELEY William John 1870s
ClaSG458 SMIKLE Charlotte 1860s
ClaSG154 SMIKLE David Emanuel 1980s
ClaSG203 SMIKLE Godfrey Rydon 1990s
ClaSG111 SMITH Austin Sylvester 2000s
ClaSG214 SMITH Cyril 1990s
ClaSG485 SMITH E. Roy 1980s
ClaSG361 SMITH Emily 1940s
ClaSG159 SMITH Ethline A. 1990s
ClaSG031 SMITH Henry Edwin 1870s
ClaSG486 SMITH Iva M. 1990s
ClaSG313 SOUZA Lurline Olganise 1940s
ClaSG363 SPENCE Edna 2000s
ClaSG363 SPENCE Louis 1990s
ClaSG398 SPENCER Lillian Adina 1990s
ClaSG337 STEPHENS Lucille 1970s
ClaSG242 STEWART Lunette 1980s
ClaSG397 STEWART Timothy Nevers 1990s
ClaSG265 STEWART Vera A. 1990s
ClaSG396 STONE Marian 1930s
ClaSG393 STRONG Edith Mary 1940s
ClaSG261 STUART Charles Joseph 1990s
ClaSG062 TAIT John 2000s
ClaSG062 TAIT Margaret M. 2000s
ClaSG298 TAPPER Dawn 1980s
ClaSG434 TAYLOR Henrietta 1920s
ClaSG107 TERRIER Barbara Iris 1980s
ClaSG106 TERRIER Florence Blanche 1980s
ClaSG108 TERRIER Rupert Oliver 1970s
ClaSG064 THOMAS G. I. F. 1960s
ClaSG055 THOMAS Granville R. 1960s
ClaSG177 THOMAS James Alexander 1980s
ClaSG182 THOMAS Lawrence E. 1990s
ClaSG198 THOMAS Miriam Henrietta 1990s
ClaSG178 THOMAS Olga Neese 1990s
ClaSG142 THOMAS Yvonne Joyce 1970s
ClaSG113 THOMAS-SHORTER John D. 1970s
ClaSG098 THOMAS-SHORTER Jonathan Elgido 1990s
ClaSG305 THOMPSON George N. 1980s
ClaSG191 THOMPSON Georgiana 1970s
ClaSG399 THOMPSON Mavis Winnifred 2000s
ClaSG192 THOMPSON Sylvia P. 1970s
ClaSG121 THORNE Ina Eugenie 2000s
ClaSG121 THORNE Rudolph Hudson 1990s
ClaSG376 TIMOLL Bev. 1940s
ClaSG125 TIMOLL Luciana, Mrs 1970s
ClaSG201 TIMOLL Naomi 1980s
ClaSG200 TIMOLL Retell M. 1980s
ClaSG477 TITUS Dalmain L. E. 1990s
ClaSG477 TITUS Lewin E. 1990s
ClaSG039 TRENCH James S. 1900s
ClaSG024 UPTON Hettie 1930s
ClaSG025 UPTON Hubert Edward 1940s
ClaSG404 WAITE Martin Everton 2000s
ClaSG218 WALKER Phyllis Evadne 2000s
ClaSG479 WALTERS Ita Ifagena 2000s
ClaSG283 WALTERS Susanna 1870s
ClaSG403 WALTERS Viola 1990s
ClaSG135 WARSKOW Paul Douglas Henry 1970s
ClaSG259 WATSON Iris May 1990s
ClaSG170 WATSON Lanzie Philander 2000s
ClaSG247 WATSON Stephen Augustus 1970s
ClaSG037 WATSON-REID Jenniveave L. 1990s
ClaSG131 WATTS Edward Bryan 1980s
ClaSG130 WATTS Ellen Elgiva 1970s
ClaSG083 WATTS Sydney George Oliver 1960s
ClaSG209 WEATHERS Icilda Elizabeth 1990s
ClaSG210 WEATHERS Waldon Augustus 2000s
ClaSG459 WESTON Amelia 1970s
ClaSG451 WHITE Mary 1880s
ClaSG202 WILLIAMS Claudius Benjamin 1980s
ClaSG096 WILLIAMS Daisy R. 1970s
ClaSG186 WILLIAMS Doris Maud 2000s
ClaSG199 WILLIAMS Florence M. 1990s
ClaSG491 WILLIAMS Helen Louise 1970s
ClaSG095 WILLIAMS Hubert A. 1970s
ClaSG160 WILLIAMS Irene Elizabeth 1980s
ClaSG492 WILLIAMS Leopold A. 1970s
ClaSG059 WILLIAMS Margaret 1960s
ClaSG090 WILLIAMS Samuel M. 1970s
ClaSG405 WILLIAMS Stephen E. 1940s
ClaSG387 WILLIAMS Norman Rodriques 2000s
ClaSG324 WILLIAMSON George Herman Solomon 2000s
ClaSG224 WILLIS Aston 1960s
ClaSG226 WILLIS Harold A. 1970s
ClaSG227 WILLIS Lily Rose 1980s
ClaSG137 WILSON Eulalee 1980s
ClaSG456 WINT Advira 2000s
ClaSG315 WISE Lucy May 2000s
ClaSG005 WRIGHT Edna Monica 2000s
ClaSG006 WRIGHT Hon Dr. Abner Augustus 1980s
ClaSG007 WRIGHT Mary Eliza 1960s
ClaSG388 WYNTER Horace Orlando Jr. 1950s


TOMBSTONES without data/difficult to read

ClaSG505 – McCORMACK, Tilla
ClaSG506 – WATSON, Dahlia L.
ClaSG506 – WATSON, Jerome M.
ClaSG507 – HUNT, J. D., Cannon
ClaSG508 – WILSON – Percival & Mavis
ClaSG509 – CAMPBELL, Arnold W.
ClaSG510 – SPALDING, Cleveland Elijah
ClaSG511 – ELLIS, ??na May [Edna May]
ClaSG512 – BRISCOE, Clovis Altater
ClaSG513 – CLUNIS, Dundas
ClaSG514 – NEWELL, Decoverley & Melita
ClaSG515 – FOX, Cleveland Ivanhoe
ClaSG516 – GAYLE, Roslyn Rose
ClaSG517 – SOARES, Unknown
ClaSG518 – TABOIS, Eleanor; widow of Dr Tabois


2 Responses to St Gabriel’s Anglican, May Pen, Clarendon

  1. Maureen Mitchell-Best says:

    R.I.E.P my Belovwd Parents. Gone. But Not Forgotten .

  2. IESHA PYNE says:

    R.I.P my beloved Edna Pyne

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