St Thomas Anglican, Trelawny


St Thomas Angl, Stewart TownHere is an article that Paul Williams wrote about this church.

St Thomas Angl, Stewart Town 2



Leaving Webb Memorial Baptist, next on the list was to locate St Thomas Anglican.  As I turned the corner (don’t ask which one) I saw the church on my left and the buildings below on my right.  Off course I had to ask questions.  It turns out that this building was the original Police Station for Stewart Town and was built in 1841…if you look at the photograph of the front of the church, you will see the “Police Station” in the background to the right.

Stewart Town Police Station
The small building before the “Police Station” was a jail house for men. The ruins across the road was for women.  The next building down, the ladies tell me was used to butcher meat.

Stewart Town butcher shopIt’s obvious this town is steeped in history and should form part of a tour for tourist, not only those visiting our island, but also for those who live here.  There is much more to see and I will definitely be back.



IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreST13 ALLEN Elizabeth 1970s
TreST09 AUSTIN Eurina A. 1970s
TreST10 AUSTIN James N. 1940s
TreST20 BOWERS Rebecca A. 1960s
TreST19 BOWERS Uriah 1930s
TreST22 BROWN James 1950s
TreST04 BROWN Margaret 1910s
TreST16 DALE James H. 1960s
TreST15 DALE James Henry 1960s
TreST15 DALE Lydia Louise 1950s
TreST14 DALE Lydia, Mrs 1950s
TreST06 LAWSON Rosa Maud 1900s
TreST11 MARSH Lawford B.
TreST25 McFARLANE ????J (eroded – MALE) 1940s
TreST24 McFARLANE Sylla, Mrs 1960s
TreST27 McFARLANE Zaydah I. 1960s
TreST21 McLAWRENCE Amy 1910s
TreST07 MILLER Emma Isabel 1890s
TreST08 MILLER James Edward 1890s
TreST18 MORRISON Adriana 1960s
TreST17 MORRISON J. A. 1940s
TreST23 SMITH Edith E. 1970s
TreST28 SPENCE Bertram R. 1940s
TreST26 SPENCE Leila M. 1970s
TreST05 STOCKHAUSEN Beryl Vida 1900s
TreST03 STOCKHAUSEN John Samuel 1930s
TreST12 UNKNOWN Margaret 1980s
TreST01 WILSON Citrie Gladys 2000s
TreST02 WILSON Liddell H. 1970s


3 Responses to St Thomas Anglican, Trelawny

  1. Jean (warner) Rainford says:

    Went there while a stud
    ent at Westwood High

  2. Roger Spackman says:

    My Father was the resident minister there 1972-1974

  3. John W. Levermore PE, FASCE says:

    Went when I attended the Elementary School. I am very familiar with the structure. This outstanding building should be renovated and utilized as a Town Center. If you do not understand Trelawney then you do not know about slavery nor the real Jamaica. The longer the wait the more damage from the elements, humans, and termites. A existing condition survey should be immediately undertaken which will determine the direction to move forward.

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