Mandeville Public Cemetery – Section C

Mandeville Public Cemetery


|A – C||D – J||K – P||R – W|

A – C

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MpuC0005 ALMEROS George 1980s
MpuC0133 ANDRADE Doris 1980s
MpuC0031 ASHLEY Ira A. 1980s
MpuC0179 ASHMAN A. B.
MpuC0204 BAILEY Bunny Valbert 1980s
MpuC0172 BAILEY Ivor Clayton 1990s
MpuC0201 BARRETT Lucien 1980s
MpuC0008 BENNET Keith A., Sgt. 1990s
MpuC0194 BENNETT Rebecca 1980s
MpuC0064 BLACKWOOD Albert Ricardo 1980s
MpuC0087 BLACKWOOD Amanda Viola 1980s
MpuC0136 BLACKWOOD Eva Amanda 1980s
MpuC0110 BLACKWOOD Evelyn Rosetta 1980s
MpuC0033 BLAKE Alphonso Lucurly 1980s
MpuC0182 BLAKE Lenore 1980s
MpuC0018 BOGLE A. N., Pastor 1980s
MpuC0164 BOOTHE James
MpuC0124 BRAMWELL Ewart Gladston 1980s
MpuC0128 BRISSETT May 2000s
MpuC0150 BROWN Alpheus Samuel 1980s
MpuC0068 BROWN Rebertha I. 1980s
MpuC0131 BRUCE Esmin C. 1980s
MpuC0021 BRUCE Marcia E. 1980s
MpuC0192 BULLINGS Phyllis Curlina 1980s
MpuC0174 CAMPBELL Edith 1980s
MpuC0013 CAMPBELL Hilda Maud 1980s
MpuC0015 CAMPBELL Loretta 1980s
MpuC0135 CAMPBELL W. U. 1980s
MpuC0059 CARNEY M.
MpuC0132 CARPENTER Lurline 1980s
MpuC0126 CHARLTON Lillian 1980s
MpuC0062 CHARLTON Mavis Rose 1980s
MpuC0093 CHIN Lee-Hing 1980s
MpuC0088 CHONG Washington 1980s
MpuC0149 CLARE Amy Elizabeth 1990s
MpuC0168 CLARKE Emelia 1990s
MpuC0106 CLARKE Ruby Maria 2000s
MpuC0206 COWAN Allan 1990s
MpuC0046 CRAWFORD Linford Josewell 1980s
MpuC0047 CRAWFORD Mavis Hilda 2000s
MpuC0048 CRAWFORD Rosa, Mrs 1980s
MpuC0060 CROOKS Iris 2000s
MpuC0022 CUNNINGHAM Alex. P. 1980s
MpuC0030 CUNNINGHAM Dwane M. 1980s
MpuC0154 CURTIN John 1980s
MpuC0026 CURTIN-WILLIAMS Ruby 1980s

D – J

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MpuC0183 DACOSTA Hugh 1980s
MpuC0035 DALLOS A. 1980s
MpuC0107 DAVIDSON Margaret Z. 1980s
MpuC0102 DENNIS Gladys B. 1980s
MpuC0083 DIXON C. J. 1980s
MpuC0193 DIXON Zada, Mrs. 1980s
MpuC0157 DRAYTON Gerald C. 1980s
MpuC0097 ELLINGTON Edward E. 1980s
MpuC0006 ENGLISH Ashton H. 1980s
MpuC0109 FACEY Dennis James 1980s
MpuC0028 FEARON Hortense 1980s
MpuC0066 FINDLAY David N. 1980s
MpuC0156 FORRESTER Jane 1980s
MpuC0188 FOSTER I.
MpuC0191 FOSTER Verona
MpuC0112 FRANCIS Renford Nathaniel 1980s
MpuC0200 GORDON Leyland 1980s
MpuC0153 GRANT Milton 1990s
MpuC0045 GRAYSON Glasford 1980s
MpuC0187 GREAVES Doris 1980s
MpuC0096 GREEN Eunice 1980s
MpuC0051 GRIFFITHS Olive Cecily 1980s
MpuC0074 GUNTER Chevalier N. D. 1980s
MpuC0089 HAFFENDEN Weston Fitz-Henry 1980s
MpuC0067 HALL Donald Arthur 1980s
MpuC0198 HALL Earnest 1980s
MpuC0203 HALL Israel 1980s
MpuC0039 HANSON Victor Joseph 1980s
MpuC0084 HARDING Ernest T. 1980s
MpuC0003 HARRIS Ivan McKinley 1980s
MpuC0158 HAYLES Noel B 1980s
MpuC0178 HAYNES A. 1980s
MpuC0145 HEIN Hilda G. 1980s
MpuC0023 HELWIG Keith Geddes 1980s
MpuC0186 HENRY Josette 1990s
MpuC0162 HINDS Lewellyn 1990s
MpuC0056 HINES Hermina L. 1980s
MpuC0134 HOLNESS R. Leopold, Dr. 1980s
MpuC0057 HOWELL Herman 1980s
MpuC0036 HUDSON Clarence Eston 1990s
MpuC0167 HYLTON M. J.
MpuC0090 HYMOS Amanda 1980s
MpuC0125 JEFFERS Juliet 1980s
MpuC0086 JOHNSON Vernard Arden 1980s
MpuC0105 JONES Nathaniel 2000s

K – P

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MpuC0044 KHOURI Avis 1980s
MpuC0159 KING Gloria May 1980s
MpuC0032 KING Rosebelle 1980s
MpuC0027 LA FORREST Dorrette 1980s
MpuC0011 LAIRD L.
MpuC0129 LARMOND Baxter F. 1990s
MpuC0130 LARMOND Myrtle R. 1980s
MpuC0038 LEVY Agatha 1980s
MpuC0160 LEVY Joseph P. 1980s
MpuC0043 LEWIN Sal E. 1980s
MpuC0016 LEWIS Irene, Mrs. 1980s
MpuC0180 LINDSIE Stanley
MpuC0069 LIVINGSTON Edith Doris 1980s
MpuC0094 LUMLEY-PHILP Sarah Louise 1980s
MpuC0054 LYN Yen Fook
MpuC0195 LYN SUE Gregory D. 1980s
MpuC0020 MALONEY John 1980s
MpuC0061 MARCHE Enos Richard 2000s
MpuC0075 MARCHE Gladys I. 1980s
MpuC0121 MASO´ DE-MOYA Juana Lisa Renaye 1980s
MpuC0137 MAXWELL Hazel I., Mrs. 1980s
MpuC0146 MAXWELL Hoover St Michael 1980s
MpuC0176 McINTOSH Ernest 1980s
MpuC0205 McINTOSH Margaret 1980s
MpuC0143 McKOY Keith Ivanhoe 1980s
MpuC0185 McLEARY Beryl 1980s
MpuC0070 MEIKLE Walter I. 1980s
MpuC0014 MELBOURNE Rose 1980s
MpuC0012 MELBOURNE Walter 1980s
MpuC0152 MENDEZ Hurbert Claude 1980s
MpuC0010 MILLER Marion Evadney 1980s
MpuC0111 MILLER Rose 1980s
MpuC0114 MILTON Ina 2000s
MpuC0140 MILTON Isaac 1990s
MpuC0199 MORGAN Edwin N. 1980s
MpuC0058 MURRAY H.
MpuC0184 MURRAY P., Mrs. 1980s
MpuC0115 MYERS John Stuart 1980s
MpuC0004 MYERS Una May 1980s
MpuC0050 MYRIE Fred R. 1980s
MpuC0007 NEIL Dawn Evadney 1980s
MpuC0085 PAGE Cecil Fitzgerald 1980s
MpuC0025 PALMER Ida 1980s
MpuC0037 PALMER Ira David Gallimore 1990s
MpuC0116 PARCHMENT Edna W. 1980s
MpuC0040 PARKER Lillian 1980s
MpuC0071 PEART Adella Bryson 1980s
MpuC0202 PEART Albert Stanley 1980s
MpuC0144 PEART Donald S. 1980s
MpuC0079 PEART Gerald A. 1980s
MpuC0123 PEART Lionel Eugene 1980s
MpuC0065 PERRINS Stanford 1980s
MpuC0095 PHILP Lesseppe A. 1990s
MpuC0139 PITT Lloyd George 1990s
MpuC0052 PITTER Daisy 1980s
MpuC0161 POWELL Lloyd George 1980s
MpuC0175 POWELL Violet 1990s
MpuC0155 POWER Newgent 1980s
MpuC0147 PRINCE Uriel Altamont 1980s

R – W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MpuC0138 RANGLIN Ernest 1980s
MpuC0092 REID Lillian 1980s
MpuC0002 REID Muriel Eugenia 1980s
MpuC0001 REID Windel Hazel 1980s
MpuC0082 RICHARDS L. L. 1980s
MpuC0081 RICHARDS Serene Elizabeth 1990s
MpuC0208 RICHARDS Shirley Elaine 1990s
MpuC0119 RICKETTS Authour B. 1980s
MpuC0117 RICKETTS Louise M. 1980s
MpuC0120 RITCH Olvany Boykin 1980s
MpuC0103 ROBERTS Helen Louise 1980s
MpuC0104 ROBINSON Celeste H. 1980s
MpuC0197 ROBINSON Dalbert 1990s
MpuC0177 ROBINSON Hermon 1990s
MpuC0019 ROBINSON Noel Lloyd 1980s
MpuC0151 SAMUELS Louise A.
MpuC0122 SAMUELS Robert 1980s
MpuC0163 SENIOR Marmont G. 1990s
MpuC0029 SINCLAIR Iris 1980s
MpuC0118 SMITH Ethel M. 1980s
MpuC0142 SPENCER Cassell A. 1980s
MpuC0063 SPENCER Gwendolyn 1980s
MpuC0181 STEWART Charlotte 1980s
MpuC0173 TAYLOR Elvie 1980s
MpuC0055 THOMAS Elma
MpuC0034 THOMPSON Leonie 1980s
MpuC0017 TOWNSEND Nigel Carl 1980s
MpuC0166 TROUGHT Mavis C. 1980s
MpuC0148 TYNDALE-BISCOE Irene 1980s
MpuC0148 TYNDALE-BISCOE John S. 1980s
MpuC0141 VACCIANNA Moses 1980s
MpuC0078 VENDRYES Elsie Marie 1980s
MpuC0108 WARREN Violet 1980s
MpuC0076 WEBSTER Ivy Mae 1980s
MpuC0009 WESTON Damion Anthony 1980s
MpuC0073 WILLIAMS David 1980s
MpuC0099 WILLIAMS Ena 1980s
MpuC0042 WILLIAMS Headley Henry 1990s
MpuC0049 WILLIAMS Ina Rosetta 1980s
MpuC0072 WILLIAMS Josephine, Mrs 1980s
MpuC0098 WILLIAMS Lustena 1980s
MpuC0041 WILLIAMS Mary C. 1980s
MpuC0165 WILLIAMS Shamari Kyle Anthony 1990s
MpuC0091 WILLIAMS Wilbert Agustus 1980s
MpuC0170 WILSON Merdel J. 1980s
MpuC0169 WILSON Michael J. 1990s
MpuC0127 WINT Kerry Ann 1990s
MpuC0207 WINT Peter
MpuC0171 WONG Rupert Oliver 1980s
MpuC0053 WONO Kai Kiu
MpuC0080 WORSUP Ivy J. 1980s
MpuC0024 WRAY Louise McNee 1980s
MpuC0077 WRIGHT Gladys May 1980s
MpuC0113 WYNTER Aditha 1980s

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