Black River Cemetery, Black River, St Elizabeth

Black River Cemetery
Black River Cemetery 2I would love to know who this grave belongs to!!!




IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzBR041 ADAMS Norma E. 1960s
ElzBR175 ALBERGA Mavis 1980s
ElzBR125 ALBERGA Ronald C. 1980s
ElzBR151 ALLEN Everett Vivian George, Dr. 1990s
ElzBR057 AMBERSLEY Arthur Henry 2000s
ElzBR016 ANDERSON Keith C. 2000s
ElzBR040 ANGLIN Leslie 2000s
ElzBR072 BAILEY Doris Hanson 1990s
ElzBR172 BAKER Herman Osmond 2000s
ElzBR131 BAKER Howard W. 1980s
ElzBR130 BAKER Pamella Yevonne 1980s
ElzBR065 BARNES Florence, Mrs 1970s
ElzBR078 BARRACKS Ada 1970s
ElzBR093 BARRETT Albertine 1970s
ElzBR083 BARRETT Hilda May 1990s
ElzBR138 BARRETT Louise 1980s
ElzBR100 BARRETT Mary 1960s
ElzBR014 BECKFORD Francis J. 2000s
ElzBR056 BECKFORD Lilet 1970s
ElzBR036 BENNETT Caroline 1950s
ElzBR129 BLACKWOOD Hilda May 1990s
ElzBR143 BOWES Uda 1990s
ElzBR167 BRAHAM Adina 1990s
ElzBR166 BRAHAM Lester 1990s
ElzBR029 BROWN Adrian 2000s
ElzBR026 BROWN Gladys R. 2000s
ElzBR113 BROWN Lawrence Augustus 1980s
ElzBR114 BROWN Myrtella Lousia 1990s
ElzBR091 BROWN Peggy 1980s
ElzBR030 BROWN Phyllis Ive 2000s
ElzBR048 BRYAN Gwendolyn 1990s
ElzBR074 BRYSON Edgar Jeremiah 1990s
ElzBR163 BRYSON Edgar Jeremiah 1990s
ElzBR073 BRYSON Ionie Agatha, Mrs 2000s
ElzBR162 BRYSON Ionie Agatha, Mrs 2000s
ElzBR165 BUCHANAN Clifford Emanuel 1990s
ElzBR164 BUCHANAN Moen Leonora 1990s
ElzBR009 BURNETT Alfred, Bishop 2000s
ElzBR181 BURTON Arthur Samuel 1960s
ElzBR092 CLARKE Dorret 2000s
ElzBR020 CLARKE Joan Faye 2000s
ElzBR116 CLARKE Violet 1980s
ElzBR153 COLE Andrea, Mrs 1980s
ElzBR047 COLE Vincent 2000s
ElzBR079 CROOKS Charlotte 1970s
ElzBR094 CUNNINGHAM Edgar Thomas 2000s
ElzBR095 CUNNINGHAM Martha, Mrs 1960s
ElzBR077 CURRIE Nalda Veronica Lawrence 1970s
ElzBR119 DALEY Carlton 1990s
ElzBR122 DALEY Cecil C. 1980s
ElzBR121 DALEY Clarice Maud 2000s
ElzBR126 DARRANT Alice 1970s
ElzBR098 DAVIS Cecil F. 1960s
ElzBR148 DAVIS Donald Sylvester 1980s
ElzBR099 DAVIS Eliza Frances 1990s
ElzBR117 DAVIS Enid V. 1990s
ElzBR053 DEMPSTER Wilifred 1980s
ElzBR054 DENSTER Ina 1970s
ElzBR180 EBANKS Joslyn 1970s
ElzBR180 EBANKS Lillian 1970s
ElzBR096 EDWARDS Agnes 1960s
ElzBR008 EDWARDS Akeelia Abiah 2000s
ElzBR104 EDWARDS Belinda E. 1990s
ElzBR097 EDWARDS Carmen 1960s
ElzBR089 EDWARDS Granville Leopold 1990s
ElzBR087 EDWARDS Joseph N. 1970s
ElzBR088 EDWARDS Mehala A. 1970s
ElzBR068 FOSTER Charles Alexander 1990s
ElzBR044 FOSTER Esther 2000s
ElzBR045 FOSTER Noel Egbert 2000s
ElzBR067 FOSTER Viola Adina 1990s
ElzBR003 FRANCIS Edmund Isaacs 1950s
ElzBR006 FRANCIS Harold Roy, Dr. 1990s
ElzBR004 FRANCIS Lily Emma Arabella 1980s
ElzBR005 FRANCIS Marjorie Joyce 2000s
ElzBR010 GILLINGS Clarice E. 1960s
ElzBR055 GILLINGS Wilfred A. 1970s
ElzBR177 GOODEN Carl Micham 1990s
ElzBR035 GRANT Douglas Donat 2000s
ElzBR156 GRIFFITHS Euda 1990s
ElzBR135 GRIFFITHS Eustace 1990s
ElzBR161 GRIFFITHS Harold 1980s
ElzBR160 GRIFFITHS Hilda 1980s
ElzBR062 HAMILTON John Luben 1980s
ElzBR011 HARRIS Barbara 2000s
ElzBR061 HARRIS Egerton A. 1980s
ElzBR158 HENDRICKS George 1990s
ElzBR159 HENDRICKS Rosetta Maud 1980s
ElzBR099 HENRY Ira Maude 1980s
ElzBR178 HIBBERT Joseph 1970s
ElzBR128 HIBBERT Mavis Louise 1990s
ElzBR110 HUNTER Sarah, Mrs 1970s
ElzBR140 HUTCHINSON Florence 1980s
ElzBR027 HUTCHINSON Windel 2000s
ElzBR111 HYLTON Ann Adelaide 1970s
ElzBR169 JAMEISON Claswell 1990s
ElzBR168 JONES Bertie Emanuel James 2000s
ElzBR066 JONES Francis Elizabeth 1990s
ElzBR043 JONES Hylton Fredrick 2000s
ElzBR013 JONES Myrtle Theodora 2000s
ElzBR112 LEDGESTER Maud 1980s
ElzBR084 LEE Thomas Augustus 1970s
ElzBR149 LEGORE Cyril George 1980s
ElzBR059 LEWIS Everton A. 1990s
ElzBR007 LINTON Paul Bancroft St. James 2000s
ElzBR120 LITTLE Inez E. 1980s
ElzBR086 LYTTLE Lurline Hermine 1990s
ElzBR049 MADDEN Silbert 1980s
ElzBR050 MADDEN Violet, Mrs 1970s
ElzBR109 McLEOD Ann E. 1960s
ElzBR142 McRAE Maurice 1980s
ElzBR037 McRAE Muriel M. 2000s
ElzBR141 McRAE Violet Maude 1990s
ElzBR028 MENDEZ Lillian 1960s
ElzBR147 MIKE Hortence 1980s
ElzBR046 MUNROE Cecil, Sr. 2000s
ElzBR017 MYERS Arnold P. 2000s
ElzBR002 MYERS David Samuel 1950s
ElzBR081 MYERS Ethlin M. 1990s
ElzBR001 MYERS Eugene Egbert 1960s
ElzBR152 MYERS Ezekiel 1990s
ElzBR101 MYERS Kenneth Washington 2000s
ElzBR018 MYERS Lynval Augustus 2000s
ElzBR039 MYERS Uton Lloyd 2000s
ElzBR038 MYERS Vera Victoria 2000s
ElzBR034 NEIL Yeline Anthony 2000s
ElzBR075 NEMBHARD Olga Grant 1990s
ElzBR174 NEMBHARD Olga Grant 1990s
ElzBR136 NOTICE Alice Victoria 2000s
ElzBR063 PALMER Almena V. 1980s
ElzBR069 PALMER Okeen 1990s
ElzBR145 PARDO Evelyn Beatrice 1990s
ElzBR145 PARDO Rufus James 1970s
ElzBR108 PATRICK Clarice Louise Wray 1990s
ElzBR071 PATRICK Gertrude 1970s
ElzBR107 PATRICK Lillian 1980s
ElzBR060 PLUMMER Carmen Isaacs 1990s
ElzBR127 POWELL Wane Albert 1980s
ElzBR085 REID Enith Barrett 1980s
ElzBR025 REYNOLDS Ralph W. 2000s
ElzBR157 RHULE Patrick 1990s
ElzBR155 ROBERTS Ethlyn L. 1990s
ElzBR076 ROBINSON Ethlyn L. 1980s
ElzBR179 ROBINSON Florience 1990s
ElzBR012 ROBINSON George 2000s
ElzBR102 ROBINSON Hubert Emanuel 1970s
ElzBR103 ROBINSON Roselyn 1980s
ElzBR150 RUDDOCK Anna Louise 1990s
ElzBR146 RUDDOCK Lily Maud 1980s
ElzBR070 SAMPSON Vera A. 1970s
ElzBR015 SAWYERS Medora 2000s
ElzBR123 SCOTT Clement E. 1990s
ElzBR090 SHIELDS Lincoln Vincent 1970s
ElzBR132 SHIELDS Lincoln Vincent 1970s
ElzBR051 SHIELDS Oswald J. 1990s
ElzBR052 SHIELDS Reita V. 2000s
ElzBR133 SHIELDS Vera Amanda 1980s
ElzBR082 SMITH Clifford Emanuel 2000s
ElzBR115 SMITH Evadney Ida 1980s
ElzBR139 SMITH Ivan 1990s
ElzBR023 SMITH Neville C. 2000s
ElzBR021 SMITH Winnifred 2000s
ElzBR105 SPENCER Elizabeth 1960s
ElzBR106 SPENCER Jonas 1960s
ElzBR144 STEPHENSON Arthur Joseph 1990s
ElzBR137 STEWART Josephine M. 1980s
ElzBR170 TARRANT Charles A. 1980s
ElzBR042 THOMAS Cyril E. 2000s
ElzBR134 THOMAS Mabel 1980s
ElzBR024 THOMPSON Winsome E. 2000s
ElzBR019 WALLACE John Seymour 2000s
ElzBR022 WATSON Inez 2000s
ElzBR154 WATSON Irene 1980s
ElzBR058 WHYTE Emily 1990s
ElzBR173 WHYTE Sarah 1980s
ElzBR064 WILLIAMS Lucille M. 1990s
ElzBR176 WILLIAMS Neville 1990s
ElzBR031 WILSON Andrew Alpheus 2000s
ElzBR118 WILSON Ida, Miss 1990s
ElzBR124 WRIGHT Gabay 1990s
ElzBR080 WRIGHT Harry George C. 1970s
ElzBR032 WRIGHT Headley Uriah 2000s
ElzBR171 WRIGHT Ruth 1980s
ElzBR033 WRIGHT Victoria 2000s


TOMBSTONES without data/difficult to read

ElzBR182 – NELSON, Jestina
ElzBR183 – SPENCE, Delrita
ElzBR184 – NEMBHARD, Joyice
ElzBR185 – WHITE, Joshua; died 27 Sep 1977
ElzBR186 – BROWN, Isreal; 1920 – 1994
ElzBR187 – SPENCER, Florence; b 20 Apr 1907; d 15 Jul 1983
ElzBR188 – WILSON, Mary; d 26 Aug 1957
ElzBR189 – ROBINSON, Mary; d 16 Jan 1953 age 67
ElzBR190 – GRIFFITHS, Anna Tate; d 25 Mar 1960



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