Stirling United, Grange Hill, Westmoreland

Stirling United, West

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSU13 CAOLSINGH Edward John, Rev 1990s
WesSU08 CLARKE Wilfred Leonard 1980s
WesSU02 DAVIS Joseph A. 1970s
WesSU03 DAVIS Maud L. 1980s
WesSU14 HANNA Samuel R., Rev 1870s
WesSU06 HILL Frances Duncan 1920s
WesSU09 LAKE Jemima A. 1980s
WesSU10 MORALLY Daisylin Arthurs 2000s
WesSU07 MOWATT Catherine Evangeline 1910s
WesSU12 NIVEN Agnes 1840s
WesSU12 NIVEN W., Rev 1840s
WesSU12 NIVEN “Baby” 1840s
WesSU11 ROBERTSON J. E., Rev 1920s
WesSU01 ROBINSON Rudolph S. 1960s
WesSU04 SALMON Anora, Mrs 1960s
WesSU05 SALMON Winnifred 1980s


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