Halse Hall Cemetery, Clarendon

Halse Hall CemeteryThere are quite a few more people buried here but unfortunately, there are no tombstones.

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaHH005 ANDERSON Henry N. 1990s
ClaHH007 BABOORAM Clive 1980s
ClaHH016 BABOORAM Minnie 2000s
ClaHH002 BENNET E. 2000s
ClaHH010 BHOORASINGH Beryl Evadne 1990s
ClaHH014 BHOORASINGH Linval A. 2000s
ClaHH009 BUTLER Vincent Augustus 2000s
ClaHH023 CLARKE Trevor 1980s
ClaHH017 CRUISE Keith 1990s
ClaHH004 FLOWERS Adolphus Augustus 2000s
ClaHH006 FRANCIS Riley 2000s
ClaHH021 FRANKLIN Kenneth S. 1980s
ClaHH013 JACKSON Rudolph 2000s
ClaHH015 JAMES David 2000s
ClaHH001 JAMES Hubert 2000s
ClaHH012 LEWIN Aston Nathan 1990s
ClaHH020 MESSAM Vincent 1980s
ClaHH022 MULLINGS Patrick A.
ClaHH018 PANTON Daniel David 1980s
ClaHH019 PANTON Ivy 2000s
ClaHH026 ROBOTHAM David Darthowmey 1990s
ClaHH027 RUSSELL Hazel Bathia 1990s
ClaHH025 RUSSELL Lloyd Hugh George 2000s
ClaHH003 THOMAS Aston 2000s
ClaHH011 THOMPSON Avis Pearl 1990s
ClaHH024 WEBB Claudius 1980s


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