St Mary’s Parish Church, Port Maria, St Mary

St Mary Parish Church 1LAT18°22’25.60″N     LONG76°53’36.59″W

St Mary Parish Church 2

St Mary Parish Church 3Saint Mary’s Church
The erection of this church was completed on the 5th day of June MDCCCLXI.
The Honble Alexr. J. LINDO, Custos.
The Revd. J.H. MOORE, L.L.D.T.C.D., Rector.
Thomas GRAY and George GEDDES Esquires, Churchwardens

St Mary Parish Church 5

St Mary Parish Church 4
Carbarita Isle


|A – D||E – L||M – P||R – W|

A – D

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MryPC147 ARCHER S. R. 1910s
MryPC118 ARTRY Marcia Loraine 1970s
MryPC126 ATKINSON Jane Hephsibah 1910s
MryPC007 BARTON Cynthia 1920s
MryPC007 BARTON Mildred May 1920s
MryPC123 BELNAVIS Andrew Patrick 1990s
MryPC017 BELNAVIS Edna May 1960s
MryPC127 BELNAVIS Gloria H. 1910s
MryPC160 BELNAVIS Leila 1970s
MryPC159 BELNAVIS Richard S. 1950s
MryPC217 BERWICK Ellen Emily 1880s
MryPC217 BERWICK May 1880s
MryPC100 BINNS Arnold Lynn 1980s
MryPC103 BLACKFORD Jane 1920s
MryPC102 BLAIR Anita Maria 1950s
MryPC035 BRAHAM Gwen 1990s
MryPC036 BRAHAM Robert Constantine 1970s
MryPC129 BROWN Beverley Salomi Thompson 2000s
MryPC001 BROWN Clive 2000s
MryPC001 BROWN Delores 2000s
MryPC003 BROWN Doris Adassa 2000s
MryPC098 BROWN Marietta, Mrs. 1950s
MryPC032 BROWN Mary Agnes, Mrs 1990s
MryPC197 BRYSON Elizabeth H. 1930s
MryPC012 BUCHANAN Harold S. 1990s
MryPC176 BUCKLEY Harold Andrew, Capt. M.C. 1940s
MryPC124 BUDDU Iris, Miss 1980s
MryPC077 BUDROM Irene L. 1980s
MryPC024 BURROWES Rebecca 1920s
MryPC052 CAMERON Franklyn G. 1980s
MryPC051 CAMERON Ivy L. 1990s
MryPC136 CARTER Kate A. 1930s
MryPC015 CLARE Herman N. 1970s
MryPC016 CLARE Iris, Mrs. 1990s
MryPC072 CLARKE Basil Keith 1970s
MryPC094 CLARKE Horace Antonio, Hon. 2010s
MryPC019 CLARKE Lloyd 1980s
MryPC028 CLARKE Vannie 1960s
MryPC141 CLEMETSON Elizabeth, Mrs 1900s
MryPC202 CLEMETSON Margaret J., Mrs. 1940s
MryPC199 CLEMETSON-GOFFE Cecil Herbert 1930s
MryPC034 COHEN Myrtle Edna 1970s
MryPC099 COOMBS Emeline A. 1890s
MryPC099 COOMBS Launcelot A. L. 1890s
MryPC063 COY Alfred Fitz-Gerald 1970s
MryPC066 COY Isabel 1990s
MryPC064 COY Lena Louise 1970s
MryPC065 COY Sydney O. 1980s
MryPC079 CREARY Doris Ruby 1950s
MryPC087 CRIEGHTNEY Donald 1980s
MryPC088 CRIEGHTNEY Inez 1990s
MryPC048 DeCOSTA Anna 1990s
MryPC048 DeCOSTA Kenneth 1980s
MryPC190 DeLISSER Blanche 1950s
MryPC187 deLISSER Carl A. 1950s
MryPC154 deLISSER Estelle 1950s
MryPC178 deLISSER Harold Hasting 1970s
MryPC189 deLISSER Henry George 1960s
MryPC177 DeLISSER Leo 1970s
MryPC140 deLISSER Ruth Ione 1960s
MryPC188 deLISSER Walter Lester 1970s
MryPC186 DICK William Force 1960s
MryPC146 DOUGALL Eliza Belle 1910s
MryPC155 DOUGALL George A. 1930s
MryPC152 DOUGALL Julia Decima 1920s
MryPC039 DOWDING Walter B. 1940s
MryPC093 DRAPER Cynthia Francine 1980s

E – L

MryPC169 EATON Clifford Kerby, Jr. 1920s
MryPC168 EATON Clifford Kerby, Snr. 1920s
MryPC166 EDWARDS Charles Wilberforce, Rev. 1990s
MryPC161 EDWARDS Etta Enola 1980s
MryPC116 EDWARDS George 1920s
MryPC078 EDWARDS Orinthia Maria 1970s
MryPC031 FEURTADO Orynthia Berwick 1950s
MryPC082 FORBES Janette 1890s
MryPC207 FORRESTER G.W.A., Dr. 1950s
MryPC125 FOSTER Edit 1990s
MryPC194 FRANK Osmurd P., Dr. 1970s
MryPC195 FRANK Winnifred Dickory Doherty, Dr. 1970s
MryPC134 GOFFE Florance Josephine 1890s
MryPC209 GOFFE John Beecham 1930s
MryPC200 GOFFE Lester Uvedale MacTavish 1990s
MryPC196 GOFFE Robert Horatio 1930s
MryPC014 GORDON Evelyn Louise 1990s
MryPC172 GRAHAM Harry Croft 1930s
MryPC174 GRAHAM Jessie Bethune 1950s
MryPC173 GRAHAM John Henry Heron 1930s
MryPC171 GRAHAM Kathleen May 2000s
MryPC075 GRAHAM Walter 1980s
MryPC193 HAMILTON Everard R. 1950s
MryPC192 HAMILTON Ida 1960s
MryPC027 HARRISON Caroline 1920s
MryPC117 HARRISON Ciclyn 2000s
MryPC056 HAUGHTON-JAMES Harold Montique 1970s
MryPC055 HAUGHTON-JAMES Sutcliffe Arthur 2010s
MryPC165 HINES Stephen Edward 1960s
MryPC058 HINKSON Elsie B. 1970s
MryPC170 HITCHINS Horace 1940s
MryPC158 HITCHINS Violet 1980s
MryPC110 HOSKINS George Royse 1870s
MryPC145 HUGHES Cecil Tuite 1930s
MryPC071 HYDE Rachel 1960s
MryPC132 ISAACS H. E. 1920s
MryPC139 ISAACS Winnie 1910s
MryPC121 JARVIS Althea May 1990s
MryPC101 JENSEN Olaf 1920s
MryPC095 JOHNSON A. J. 1910s
MryPC105 JOHNSON Andrew A. 1920s
MryPC096 JOHNSON Mary Elsie 1900s
MryPC097 JOHNSTON Mary 1890s
MryPC201 JONES Ernest Leopold 1930s
MryPC120 JONES Hubert 1920s
MryPC128 JONES Julius A. A. 1910s
MryPC022 JONES Sylvia 1960s
MryPC213 KERR Ernest Harriott 1920s
MryPC080 LINDO Cassie Lefeat, Mrs. 1950s
MryPC081 LINDO Sutcliffe D. 1950s
MryPC138 LORD Harriet Isabelle Leigh 1900s
MryPC002 LYNCH Ecmey J. 1990s

M – P

MryPC030 MACDONALD William 1880s
MryPC198 MADDEN Neville O. S. 1920s
MryPC108 MAGNUS George Ivanhoe 2000s
MryPC067 MARTIN David B,, Snr. 1950s
MryPC026 MARTIN Ruth Ione 1990s
MryPC041 MARTIN Stanley G. 2000s
MryPC025 MARTIN Wycliffe Tennyson 1990s
MryPC041 MARTIN Zelpha M. 1990s
MryPC013 McDOUGALL Everton Anthony 1990s
MryPC084 McINTYRE Margaret 1950s
MryPC091 McKELLA Minnette 1990s
MryPC092 McKELLA Ranold 1990s
MryPC112 McLEAN Victor Everard 1900s
MryPC175 MEIKLE Esther Isabelle 1930s
MryPC180 MEIKLE Fanny Penelope 1950s
MryPC181 MEIKLE George William 1920s
MryPC212 MEIKLE Hugh Osmond 1960s
MryPC004 MEIKLE Muriel 1960s
MryPC061 MESSADO Carmen Nathalie 1980s
MryPC062 MESSADO Donald Geoffrey 1980s
MryPC083 MILLER Viola Elouise 1980s
MryPC053 MITCHELL Lillian L. 1970s
MryPC089 MITCHELL Owen Osmond 1980s
MryPC037 MORALES Loretta Lillian 2000s
MryPC038 MORALES Seymore George 1970s
MryPC033 MOSES Naseef 1920s
MryPC008 MOSSOP Rhoda 1970s
MryPC142 MOULTON Leon C. 1960s
MryPC208 NARRACOTT Maurice Victor 1950s
MryPC090 NEWLAND Caroline 1990s
MryPC179 NICHOLSON Clover 1940s
MryPC203 NICHOLSON Cyrus E., Rev. 2000s
MryPC204 NICHOLSON Louise I. 1950s
MryPC076 NUGENT Roland 1980s
MryPC060 PALMER Ella, Mrs. 1980s
MryPC009 PARODIE Joseph 1920s
MryPC010 PARODIE Louisa A. 1930s
MryPC113 PEDLAR Michael Samuel 1990s
MryPC023 PHILLIP Prudence May 2000s
MryPC045 PHILLIPS Gwendolyn Cleopatra 1990s
MryPC043 PHILLIPS John Aird 1980s
MryPC042 PHILLIPS Leonard 1970s
MryPC044 PHILLIPS Paul Donovan 2000s
MryPC040 PHILLIPS Richard C. 1990s
MryPC046 PHILLIPS Trevor Anthony, Rev. 2000s
MryPC163 PHILLPOTTS Arthur B. 1960s
MryPC164 PHILLPOTTS Henry B. 1950s
MryPC153 PHILLPOTTS John Frederick 1930s
MryPC184 PRENDERGAST Dorothy L. 1930s
MryPC006 PRENDERGAST Ernest N. 1960s
MryPC185 PRENDERGAST Zilla 1940s
MryPC191 PRINGLE Carmen deLisser 1960s

R – W

MryPC049 ROBB Roslin Maud 1980s
MryPC109 ROBINSON R. B. 1890s
MryPC029 ROBINSON Ralph A. 1970s
MryPC115 ROSE Veda 2000s
MryPC086 ROWE Elizabeth 1960s
MryPC085 ROWE Esau 1990s
MryPC059 RUDDOCK Upton Leopold 1980s
MryPC211 RUDOLF Edna 1950s
MryPC151 RUDOLF Helen 1920s
MryPC150 RUDOLF Henry James 1910s
MryPC215 RUDOLF Oscar Royston 1910s
MryPC216 RUDOLF Oswald Lester 1970s
MryPC210 RUDOLPH Alzie Matilda, Miss 1980s
MryPC131 RUTTY Frank Woodd 1950s
MryPC137 RUTTY Joseph Waterhouse 1910s
MryPC130 RUTTY Marguerite Geraldine 1960s
MryPC119 SAVORY Irene 1950s
MryPC156 SCOTT Beatrice R. 1970s
MryPC106 SCOTT Lurline, Mrs 2010s
MryPC157 SCOTT Matthew 1940s
MryPC107 SCOTT Noel V. 1980s
MryPC182 SILVERA Mary A. 1920s
MryPC183 SILVERA Robert B. 1930s
MryPC214 SIMMONDS Harriet Delisser 1920s
MryPC104 SIMMONS Sydney 1980s
MryPC050 SMITH Eric Leslie 1980s
MryPC111 SMITH Martha Mary 1880s
MryPC073 SOLEY Veronica M. 1970s
MryPC149 STEPHENSON Clarine W. B. 1960s
MryPC162 STEPHENSON Eddie 1960s
MryPC148 STEPHENSON Tho. J. 1910s
MryPC122 STEWART M., Mrs
MryPC054 STULTZ Eliza 1950s
MryPC054 STULTZ Henry 1940s
MryPC074 SYLVERA Ersel A. 1980s
MryPC135 TAYLOR Abraham 1950s
MryPC144 TAYLOR Catherine Charlotte Isabella 1980s
MryPC143 TAYLOR Frederick A. 1960s
MryPC135 TAYLOR Leonora, Mrs 1940s
MryPC057 THOMAS Louise Maud 2000s
MryPC018 THOMAS Ruby J. 2010s
MryPC069 THOMPSON Elouise Maud 1980s
MryPC167 THOMPSON Ethel 1970s
MryPC047 THOMPSON Leslie L. G. 1980s
MryPC205 TINGLING Leigh E. 1950s
MryPC206 TOMLINSON Elma G. 1950s
MryPC021 TOMLINSON William James 1970s
MryPC020 WALSH Sylvia 1960s
MryPC070 WHITE Martha 1960s
MryPC068 WILLIAMS Alice Maud 1960s
MryPC114 WILLIAMS Henley A. 1990s
MryPC011 WORRELL Beryl Elaine 1970s
MryPC005 YOUNG Ada Haynes 1960s
MryPC133 YOUNG Louis Henry 2000s


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