Grove Town United, Manchester

Grove Town United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManGT67 BENLOSS Ferdinand 1990s
ManGT53 BENLOSS James 2000s
ManGT66 BENLOSS Martha A. 1980s
ManGT52 BENLOSS Nelly E. 1990s
ManGT58 BIGGS Dudley 1980s
ManGT60 BIGGS Inez 1960s
ManGT33 BROMFIELD Charles C. 1970s
ManGT34 BROMFIELD Florence 1950s
ManGT26 BROWN Emelia 1960s
ManGT90 BROWN Ernest Vivian 1990s
ManGT88 BROWN Gertrude Welhelmina 1990s
ManGT50 BROWN Leslie Uriah 1990s
ManGT89 BROWN Martina A. 1980s
ManGT87 BROWN Winnifred M. 2000s
ManGT46 BURKE Arthur A. 1990s
ManGT45 BURKE Susan 1990s
ManGT57 CAPPER Melbourne 2000s
ManGT16 COLE James 1960s
ManGT15 COLE Mary Jane 2000s
ManGT36 CUMMING Ernes 1970s
ManGT37 CUMMINGS Irene A. 1980s
ManGT07 CUMMINGS Susan 2000s
ManGT28 DALEY Isabella 1930s
ManGT75 DALEY Louise 1980s
ManGT74 DENNIS Doris Z. 1980s
ManGT74 DENNIS Gertrude 1980s
ManGT76 DENNIS Rebertha 1960s
ManGT56 DRYDEN-GAYLE Arrybell 1990s
ManGT42 EDWARDS Susan 2000s
ManGT10 ELLIS Adeline 1970s
ManGT55 GAYLE Nora 1990s
ManGT35 GORDON Claudius 1940s
ManGT35 GORDON Henrietta 1950s
ManGT65 GOULBOURNE Earold Alando, Rev 1980s
ManGT64 GOULBOURNE Gerald 1980s
ManGT63 GOULBOURNE Josephine 1960s
ManGT59 GOULBOURNE Mary 1980s
ManGT78 GUNTER Ann Maud 1980s
ManGT79 GUNTER Berris Oliver 1990s
ManGT70 GUNTER Doris 2000s
ManGT69 GUNTER Edgar 1970s
ManGT77 GUNTER Frank Lenord 1970s
ManGT20 GUNTER James S. 1930s
ManGT73 GUNTER Jane 1980s
ManGT72 GUNTER Orland 1970s
ManGT71 GUNTER Percival 1970s
ManGT19 GUNTER Rosa Evelyn, Mrs 1940s
ManGT54 HAMILTON Michael 1990s
ManGT54 HAMILTON Vita Smith 1990s
ManGT51 HEATH Nathan 1980s
ManGT40 HEWITT Almena 1970s
ManGT11 HEWITT Alvira 1960s
ManGT12 HEWITT Christopher 1960s
ManGT13 HEWITT Linnette 1960s
ManGT39 HEWITT William 1970s
ManGT41 HYLTON Iris May 2000s
ManGT06 KING-FRANCIS Altena Agatha, Mrs 2000s
ManGT21 MITCHELL Fedrick 1960s
ManGT03 MITCHELL Mary Eliza 1960s
ManGT02 MITCHELL Richard 1980s
ManGT32 MURRAY Eric S. 1950s
ManGT61 MURRAY Fanny 1960s
ManGT31 MURRAY George H. 1940s
ManGT62 MURRAY H. L. 1970s
ManGT29 MURRAY Ivy L. 1930s
ManGT30 MURRAY Walter R. 1940s
ManGT49 PALMER Imogene Agatha 2000s
ManGT48 PALMER William Samuel 1980s
ManGT44 RATTRAY Mervin 2000s
ManGT04 RAYMOND Arnold James 1990s
ManGT14 RENLOSS Elizabeth 2000s
ManGT01 ROBERTS Joseph 1910s
ManGT27 ROBINSON Margaret P. 1920s
ManGT05 RUSSELL Adolphus 1990s
ManGT47 SMITH Zettie Gayle 2000s
ManGT22 SOARES Anneta D. 1980s
ManGT23 SOARES E. V. 1910s
ManGT09 SOARES George V. 1980s
ManGT24 SOARES James A. 1910s
ManGT08 SWABY Kerwayne 2000s
ManGT25 THOMAS Iris Maud 2000s
ManGT43 WALKER Laurel Anthoney 1990s
ManGT81 WALTERS Alexander 1980s
ManGT82 WALTERS Bernice Veronica 2000s
ManGT86 WALTERS Dianizier Ivy 1980s
ManGT83 WALTERS Hubert 2000s
ManGT80 WALTERS Laurentina O. 2000s
ManGT81 WALTERS Lucy 1980s
ManGT85 WALTERS Melbourne George 1980s
ManGT84 WALTERS Shirley Grace 1980s
ManGT17 WILLIAMS Elizabeth 1950s
ManGT18 WILLIAMS Gerold 1940s
ManGT38 WILLIAMS Robert F. 2000s
ManGT68 WINT Rupert Constantine 1990s


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