Hephzibah Missionary, Endeavour, Manchester

Hephzibah Missionary

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManHM03 BAKER Louisa 1950s
ManHM17 BAKER Lucille 1990s
ManHM24 BENNETT Eliza Rebertha 1990s
ManHM34 BENNETT Maud 1970s
ManHM26 BENNETT Royston O. D. 1990s
ManHM25 BENNETT Victor Rupert 1990s
ManHM32 BLAKE Elsada 1970s
ManHM01 COLEY Emma 1950s
ManHM15 COLEY Mrs Velma E. 1990s
ManHM02 COLEY Nathaniel 1950s
ManHM14 COOMBS Estella 1990s
ManHM30 DWYER Cassie H. 1980s
ManHM20 DWYER Mildred Madge 2000s
ManHM37 DWYER Vinnett M. 1970s
ManHM31 DWYER William Z. 1970s
ManHM21 FOSTER Caroline Isabelle 1990s
ManHM28 GLANVILLE Lillis Dezeta 1980s
ManHM29 GRANT Hilda Hernesia 1980s
ManHM16 HARRIOT Ruel Stephen 1990s
ManHM13 JAMES Orville 2000s
ManHM12 JAMES Vioris Elaine 2000s
ManHM11 JOHNSON Ivy 2000s
ManHM36 LEVY Florence 1970s
ManHM10 MORGAN Coolie Agatha 1990s
ManHM09 MORGAN G. Trevor 1990s
ManHM05 MORGAN Hilda Adina [nee THOMPSON] 2000s
ManHM39 MUIR Daniel A. 2000s
ManHM38 MUIR Gloria A. 1980s
ManHM19 MURRAY Doreen I. 2000s
ManHM07 POWELL Geraldine Delora 1990s
ManHM06 POWELL Norma Clementine 2000s
ManHM08 POWELL Uton Samuel 1990s
ManHM04 SHARPE` Edwin Theodore 1990s
ManHM22 SMITH Ruth A. A. 2000s
ManHM18 SMITH-GRAHAM Mazie 2000s
ManHM27 SWABY Leila Mabel 2000s
ManHM33 THOMAS Mary 1960s
ManHM23 THOMAS Zarchar 1990s
ManHM35 WAITE Mrs Mariah 1970s


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