Lacovia Moravian, St Elizabeth

Lacovia Moravian

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzLM01 BARRETT Mahaliah M. 1960s
ElzLM02 BROWN Catherine 1970s
ElzLM05 BURRELL Ella R., Mrs 1930s
ElzLM08 CHAMBERS Calvin E. 2000s
ElzLM04 EBANKS Eulice 1970s
ElzLM13 ELLIS Robertha Eliza 1990s
ElzLM06 HUIE Percival Arthur 1970s
ElzLM07 HUIE Ursella Alberta 1990s
ElzLM09 MARSHALL Croswell Vivian 2000s
ElzLM03 MILLER Grace 1990s
ElzLM14 MORGAN Adina, Mrs 1980s
ElzLM12 REID D. S. 2000s
ElzLM11 REID Olive, Mrs 1980s
ElzLM10 REID Ethlyn, Mrs 1980s


2 Responses to Lacovia Moravian, St Elizabeth

  1. Mildred Hodgson says:

    looking for Ida Powell who lived in Southfield (Powell town) she was born 1895-1900, do not know when she died, had 4 children Maisie Rhoden, Lambert Powell, Vincent Hodgson, do not know other son’ name

  2. Angela Lawrence, Florida, USA says:

    Looking for Lawrences of Springfield, Black River, New Market, Ount Olivet area Theodore Lawrence and kids, John, Wilford, Daniel, Charles, david and Stephen (1840-1888). Thanks

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