Church of the Holy Trinity, Westmoreland

Church of the Holy Trinity

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesHT042 ANDERSON Ellen Mildred 1970s
WesHT090 ANGLIN Claris Maude 1990s
WesHT081 BANTIN Iris V. 1980s
WesHT070 BELL Berisford Anthony 1970s
WesHT107 BELL Desmond Dudley 1990s
WesHT075 BOWEN Raphael E. 2000s
WesHT037 BROMLEY Sarah 1960s
WesHT036 BROMLEY Stephen 1950s
WesHT043 BROWN Annie 1960s
WesHT007 BUCKNOR Albert Clinton 1970s
WesHT082 BURGESS Peter 1860s
WesHT074 BUSHAY Martha 2000s
WesHT138 CAHUSAC Harold Capel 1970s
WesHT113 CAMERON Muriel Ivy 2000s
WesHT017 CAMPBELL James C. 1970s
WesHT119 CAPON Emily Lucille 1940s
WesHT133 CLARKE Ada Marion 1940s
WesHT052 CLARKE Alison Gertrude 1880s
WesHT130 CLARKE Edith 1970s
WesHT127 CLARKE Eric Hugh 1970s
WesHT083 CLARKE George 1850s
WesHT135 CLARKE Henry 1900s
WesHT129 CLARKE Hugh Anthony 2000s
WesHT132 CLARKE Hugh William Edward 1940s
WesHT131 CLARKE Ida Lee 1950s
WesHT136 CLARKE Ida Louisa 1870s
WesHT136 CLARKE Jane 1900s
WesHT134 CLARKE Stainton 1930s
WesHT128 CLARKE Zena Storer 1980s
WesHT088 COMRIE Doris Maud 1990s
WesHT085 COMRIE Henry Heywood 1980s
WesHT016 DALEY Ludovic Elton 1970s
WesHT097 DAVIS Alfred 1990s
WesHT096 DAVIS Althea 2000s
WesHT078 DAVIS Evelyn Louise [nee BELL] 1980s
WesHT110 DAWES Grethel 1990s
WesHT098 DIED Mary Elizabeth 1990s
WesHT079 DOWNSWELL Hannah 1980s
WesHT109 DRUMMOND Huberth Henry 1990s
WesHT025 ELWORTHY Phyllis 1990s
WesHT059 ESPEUT Kenneth 2000s
WesHT086 EVANS Esmeralda 1980s
WesHT020 FRANCIS Kenneth C. 2000s
WesHT117 GASCOIGNE Windsor, Rev 1990s
WesHT099 GOODEN Beatrice 1990s
WesHT093 GOODEN Lorna Faye 2000s
WesHT106 GOODEN Osmond 1990s
WesHT094 GRANT Carlton J. 2000s
WesHT071 GREEN Minka 1970s
WesHT022 HALL Glendon 1960s
WesHT087 HALL Grethel 1990s
WesHT089 HALL Lloyd Beresford 1990s
WesHT045 HAMILTON Beryl O. 1970s
WesHT044 HAMILTON John H. 1960s
WesHT004 HAYDEN A. C., Dr 1970s
WesHT084 HENLIN Trevor B. 1980s
WesHT012 HEWLING E. Veronica 2000s
WesHT076 JENOURE Osra 1980s
WesHT077 JENOURE William 1990s
WesHT100 JOHNSON W. C. 1960s
WesHT006 JOLLY Ann 1950s
WesHT029 JONES Mary Ann 1910s
WesHT054 KARJOHN Esther Icilda 1980s
WesHT053 KARJOHN Wilfred 1990s
WesHT002 KIRLEW Ida May 1970s
WesHT038 KIRLEW Iris 2000s
WesHT003 KIRLEW James Walker 1970s
WesHT039 KIRLEW James Wellesley 1990s
WesHT040 KIRLEW Julie Valarie 1980s
WesHT041 MARRETT Lawrence George 1960s
WesHT047 MARSHALL Thomas 1870s
WesHT082 McCREATH John 1860s
WesHT056 McGREGOR Doris 1980s
WesHT062 McGREGOR Iris Louise 1990s
WesHT061 McGREGOR Levi Nehemiah 1970s
WesHT008 McGREGOR Linnett L. 1940s
WesHT103 McKENZIE Stanley Alexander 2000s
WesHT026 MEANY Norah Kathleen 1960s
WesHT027 MEANY Patrick Thomas 1970s
WesHT018 MILLER Lillian 1960s
WesHT115 MILLER Mrs Gladys N. 2000s
WesHT080 PARCELLS Ina 1980s
WesHT072 PARKINSON Elza Clementine 2000s
WesHT118 POTTER Anne 1870s
WesHT091 ROACH Jacob 2000s
WesHT095 ROBINSON Delzi F. 2000s
WesHT015 ROBINSON Winsome H. 1960s
WesHT108 RUDDOCK Coralee 1990s
WesHT048 SADLER Clementina M. 1960s
WesHT055 SADLER Knox Edward 1950s
WesHT049 SADLER Richard E. 1950s
WesHT092 SALBURG Evelyn Moore 2000s
WesHT073 SALBURG Valarie 2000s
WesHT009 SAMUELS Martha 2000s
WesHT035 SANKEY Peter Samuel 1920s
WesHT137 SANTFLEBEN A. 1940s
WesHT021 SPENCER Clarence George 1960s
WesHT063 STARKINGS Madge 1980s
WesHT001 STEWART Cecil Adolphus 1950s
WesHT028 STIRLING Edith E. 1940s
WesHT024 STIRLING Uusalina 1920s
WesHT031 TAYLOR Helen Gertrude
WesHT064 THOMAS B. Kerrie-Ann 1970s
WesHT068 THOMPSON Cyril A. 1980s
WesHT065 THOMPSON Elethia Elizabeth 2000s
WesHT066 THOMPSON Everald Burns St. Elmo 1980s
WesHT067 THOMPSON Mary I. 1990s
WesHT112 TOMLINSON Adrianna 2000s
WesHT112 TOMLINSON Michael 2000s
WesHT051 TULLIS Alison Rankin 1900s
WesHT023 TULLIS Anne Elizabeth 1920s
WesHT051 TULLIS John Edie 1860s
WesHT051 TULLIS John Robert 1860s
WesHT013 VACCIANNA Claude 1960s
WesHT011 VACCIANNA Mary E. 2000s
WesHT010 VACCIANNA Seymour Dalton 2000s
WesHT060 VANHORNE Hugh Adolphus 1960s
WesHT050 VICKERS Hugh Anthony 1890s
WesHT014 WALTON Algernon M. 1970s
WesHT114 WATSON Beatrice M. 2000s
WesHT114 WATSON Lascelles V. 2000s
WesHT111 WATSON-BROWN Lurline 2000s
WesHT124 WHITELOCKE Blanche Coralie Gwendolyn 1960s
WesHT122 WHITELOCKE Edith Irene 1970s
WesHT121 WHITELOCKE Ernest Bulstrode 1970s
WesHT030 WHITELOCKE Fred M. 1920s
WesHT120 WHITELOCKE Georgina G. 1980s
WesHT032 WHITELOCKE Gertrude [nee HENSLOW] 1940s
WesHT033 WHITELOCKE Ivor Seymour 1990s
WesHT120 WHITELOCKE John Easton 1980s
WesHT034 WHITELOCKE Leslie Wilmot Stewart 1950s
WesHT123 WHITELOCKE Muriel Vivian 1970s
WesHT121 WHITELOCKE Olive Beatrice Louise 1970s
WesHT125 WHITELOCKE Susan 1950s
WesHT126 WHITELOCKE Thomas Edward 1930s
WesHT058 WHYTE Dalvis Myrtella 2000s
WesHT057 WHYTE Marcus Zenzendorf 2000s
WesHT104 WHYTE-MORGAN Adina 2000s
WesHT101 WILLIAMS Cornelia 1950s
WesHT005 WILLIAMS Edith 1950s
WesHT116 WILLIAMS Errol David 2000s
WesHT105 WILLIAMS Hugh L. 2000s
WesHT102 WILLIAMS Ishmiel 1960s
WesHT046 WILLIAMS John M. 1970s
WesHT019 WRIGHT Ethel 1960s
WesHT069 YOUNG Maud [nee Wedderburn] 1970s



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