Stettin Methodist, Trelawny

Stettin Methodist Trelawny

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreMS10 BERNARD Lydia, Mrs 1970s
TreMS11 BUCKLE Candalin 1980s
TreMS06 CLARK Emiline 1980s
TreMS20 CLARKE Ivan 1980s
TreMS19 CLARKE Lewis 1970s
TreMS03 CLARKE Mary 1990s
TreMS23 CLARKE Melbro 1980s
TreMS25 CLARKE Nicholas 1990s
TreMS04 CLARKE Wilfred 1970s
TreMS12 CURRIE Alexander 1980s
TreMS22 FAIRCLOUGH Alvin 1980s
TreMS28 FERGUSON Lynette Maude 2000s
TreMS27 FERGUSON Owen Samuel 2000s
TreMS05 FISHER Samuel 1960s
TreMS18 GREENWOOD Jeremiah 1970s
TreMS21 HARRISON Enid Lois 1980s
TreMS08 JACOBS Iris 1980s
TreMS26 KELLY Rosan 1990s
TreMS09 LINTON Leslie Lloyd 2000s
TreMS16 MARTIN Eliza 1950s
TreMS17 PINDLING Lecyer 1960s
TreMS14 PINDLING Mary J. 1960s
TreMS15 RICHARDS Joseph 1960s
TreMS24 TAYLOR Daisy 1990s
TreMS02 TAYLOR Precilla 1990s
TreMS13 TAYLOR Uster 1970s
TreMS07 WALCOTT Bertram C. 1980s
TreMS01 WAUCHOPE Pauline 1980s


1 Response to Stettin Methodist, Trelawny

  1. Pauline Akins says:

    Wonderful church and members. Took care
    Of my uncle even though he is blind.

    Just want to say thank you

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