St Andrew’s Scots Kirk, Kingston

St Andrew's Scots Kirk 1The St Andrew’s Scots Kirk began life as the Scots Kirk when it was constructed during the years 1813 to 1819.  The original Scots Kirk was the main Presbyterian Church in Jamaica until 1907 when it was destroyed by the great earthquake.  The current church was built on the same site, to the same design but slightly shorter.
St Andrew's Scots Kirk 3
St Andrew's Scots Kirk 2

In 1939 the nearby St Andrew Kirk (also a Presbyterian Church) collapsed and the congregation joined forces with the Scots Kirk to form the “St Andrew’s Scots Kirk”.  It continued as a Presbyterian Church until 1965 when, following a merger of Jamaica’s Presbyterian Church with local Congregational Churches, it came under the denomination of “The United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman”.   In 1992 this denomination merged with the Disciples of Christ Church in Jamaica to become “The United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands”.


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
KgnSK24 ARBOUIN Charles 1850s
KgnSK01 BIGGAR James 1800s
KgnSK01 BIGGAR John 1820s
KgnSK11 D’AGUILAR William Carr 1910s
KgnSK10 EBANKS Winnifred Doreen 1980s
KgnSK03 ELIOTT Francis 1850s
KgnSK03 ELIOTT Mary Jane 1850s
KgnSK09 FINGZIES Major J. K. 1870s
KgnSK08 FINGZIES Mary 1870s
KgnSK09 GOLDIE Rev Alexander 1840s
KgnSK12 GRAHAM Rev. William 1920s
KgnSK14 GUY Robert Cunningham 1910s
KgnSK19 HEYLIGER Andrew James Scott 1860s
KgnSK07 KINNISON Rev John 1880s
KgnSK02 MICHELL Arthur 1830s
KgnSK02 MICHELL Edwin 1830s
KgnSK02 MICHELL Emma Victoria 1840s
KgnSK02 MICHELL Henry 1830s
KgnSK02 MICHELL Henry 1850s
KgnSK15 MORRISON William 1900s
KgnSK18 MURRAY William S. 1850s
KgnSK20 NICHOL Mr John 1800s
KgnSK17 O’GILVIE James 1910s
KgnSK13 RADCLIFFE Rev John 1890s
KgnSK21 ROSS John 1820s
KgnSK21 ROSS Robert 1820s
KgnSK21 ROSS William 1810s
KgnSK19 SCOTT Andrew 1850s
KgnSK26 SCOTT Andrew 1860s
KgnSK19 SCOTT Anna Maria Mayne 1840s
KgnSK19 SCOTT James Symington 1850s
KgnSK19 SCOTT John William 1830s
KgnSK16 SIMPSON Alfred Brown 1870s
KgnSK04 STEDMAN Caroline 1870s
KgnSK06 STOREY Cecilia Jane 1880s
KgnSK22 WALKER John 1880s
KgnSK05 WARE John 1870s
KgnSK25 WATSON Rev James 1870s


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