Emmaus Gospel Chapel, St Elizabeth

Emmaus Gospel

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzEG12 ANGZL Ann M. 1980s
ElzEG04 CHAMBERS Rosabel 1960s
ElzEG14 KHALEEL Gladys Bissoon 1980s
ElzEG13 KHALEEL Mustafa John 2000s
ElzEG20 LALOR Betsy, Mrs 1980s
ElzEG10 SHAKESPEARE Alvin R. 1990s
ElzEG19 SMITH Aston G. 2000s
ElzEG19 SMITH Mildred I. 2000s
ElzEG08 SMITH Violet 2000s
ElzEG11 SPEARE Claude C. 1990s
ElzEG18 TAYLOR Florence Eldora 1990s
ElzEG17 TAYLOR Randall DaCosta 1970s
ElzEG07 THOMPSON Etta 1990s
ElzEG15 WEBSTER Joseph B. 1960s
ElzEG16 WEBSTER Martha R. 1960s
ElzEG06 WELSH Caroline 2000s
ElzEG21 WELSH Joseph 1970s
ElzEG01 WELSH Rufus 1980s
ElzEG02 WHINE Earnest 2000s
ElzEG03 WHITE Kathleen 1970s
ElzEG05 WHITE Lennox Kenneth 1980s
ElzEG09 WRIGHT Lushington G. 2000s


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