St Bartholomew’s Anglican, Frankfield, Clarendon

St Bartholomews

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaBF53 ANDERSON Murine 1950s
ClaBF55 BEAL Dorcas 1990s
ClaBF44 BLAKE Matilda 1990s
ClaBF56 BONNICK Adlyn Sylvia 1990s
ClaBF39 BONNICK Estriana E. 1970s
ClaBF38 BONNICK Marva M. 1970s
ClaBF19 BROMFIELD Daphne H. 1990s
ClaBF19 BROMFIELD Thomas R. 1990s
ClaBF20 BURKE-BURRIS Charlotte, Mrs 1980s
ClaBF35 BURTON John 1930s
ClaBF03 CAMERON Claudius 1990s
ClaBF26 CAMERON E., Mrs 1980s
ClaBF02 CAMERON Icelyn M. 2000s
ClaBF48 COORE Egbert W. 1990s
ClaBF49 COORE Susan A. 1960s
ClaBF05 DUNKLEY Edgard O. 1980s
ClaBF06 DUNKLEY Lascelles Hylton 1980s
ClaBF04 DUNKLEY Leona Pearl 1990s
ClaBF64 DYKE Austin Stephenson 1980s
ClaBF10 DYKE Marcella Louise 1960s
ClaBF11 DYKE Peter James 1960s
ClaBF37 EARLE Charlse 1990s
ClaBF24 EDWARDS W.T. 1940s
ClaBF36 ELLIOTT Ada, Mrs 1960s
ClaBF01 ELLISTON Joseph Wesney 1990s
ClaBF17 EVANS Alexander A. 1980s
ClaBF15 EVANS Charles 1960s
ClaBF18 EVANS Laura 1990s
ClaBF14 EVANS Lynnette Louise 1980s
ClaBF23 FEANNY Caroline 1970s
ClaBF22 FEANNY Nicholas 1970s
ClaBF57 FISHER Adam 1950s
ClaBF29 GABRIEL Alexandrina 1980s
ClaBF28 GABRIEL Nepthali 1970s
ClaBF42 GRANT Josephine 1940s
ClaBF41 GRANT Richard A.E. 1920s
ClaBF43 HACKETT Ira J. 1990s
ClaBF59 HANSON Brenton Wellington 1990s
ClaBF59 HANSON Lucille Blanche 2000s
ClaBF66 HARRIS David 1930s
ClaBF13 HOWE Florence 2000s
ClaBF13 HOWE Winston 2000s
ClaBF61 JESS William I. 1990s
ClaBF65 KNIGHT Felix 1940s
ClaBF31 LINDSAY Geraldine 1960s
ClaBF47 LODGE Linda 1970s
ClaBF45 LODGE Wilmot 1990s
ClaBF50 LOVE Freda I. 1950s
ClaBF33 MARTIN Arebella 1950s
ClaBF40 MARTIN Elizabeth 1930s
ClaBF08 McKENZIE Christiana 1960s
ClaBF09 McKENZIE Josiah Emanuel 1950s
ClaBF67 McKENZIE Margaret E.
ClaBF07 McLEOD Dianne Dale Dorothea 1980s
ClaBF46 McMILLAN Cornelius 1980s
ClaBF52 MORRELL Isabell, Mrs 1920s
ClaBF54 NEWELL Enid 1970s
ClaBF34 PERRIN Lena, Mrs 1980s
ClaBF62 POWELL Edward 1930s
ClaBF12 POWELL Lillian Eunice 1980s
ClaBF27 RICHARDS Joseph Washington 1980s
ClaBF25 ROSE Wilbert A. 1940s
ClaBF60 RUSSELL Linda 2000s
ClaBF58 SHARPE Grace, Mrs 1990s
ClaBF16 SHARPE Louise Icilda 1980s
ClaBF51 SMITH V.O. 1920s
ClaBF30 WALKER Jennifer 2000s
ClaBF63 WHITE Marcia A. 1970s
ClaBF32 WILLIAMS Wilhelmina 1960s
ClaBF21 YOUNG Wilmoth George 1980s


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