Ulster Spring Baptist, Trelawny

Ulster Spring Baptist
BUILT 1897

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreUS15 ANSLIP Clifford Charles 2000s
TreUS31 AUSTIN Luther Leslie 1980s
TreUS42 AUSTIN Susan Ceciela 1970s
TreUS35 BEAUMONT Louise 1970s
TreUS14 BENNETT Charles Copeland 2000s
TreUS19 BERNARD Samuel A. 1990s
TreUS21 BRISSETT Erneta 1990s
TreUS43 BRISSETT Walter 1970s
TreUS36 BROWN Clothilda A. 1970s
TreUS40 BROWN Orville 1970s
TreUS16 CAMERON Rebecca 2000s
TreUS23 CAMPBELL Dudley 1990s
TreUS04 DALE Viola 1980s
TreUS22 DENHAM E. Melbourne 1990s
TreUS45 ECCLES Courtney 1960s
TreUS33 EDWARDS Eliza 1970s
TreUS28 EDWARDS James Theophilus 1980s
TreUS50 EDWARDS Joseph Augustus, Revd. 1940s
TreUS17 FAIRCLOUGH Celena 1990s
TreUS01 FISHER Clive George 2000s
TreUS37 FRATER Esther M. 1990s
TreUS38 FRATER Percy Roy 2000s
TreUS39 FRATER Theodore 1970s
TreUS18 FRATER Urseline B. 2000s
TreUS41 GABAY Leila 1960s
TreUS11 HOLMES Dallin Maxwell 1990s
TreUS07 HOLMES Eli 2000s
TreUS08 HOLMES Florence 2000s
TreUS12 HOLMES Icilda Agatha 2000s
TreUS03 JOHNSON Gerald 2000s
TreUS25 MADGE Rosamond Campbell 1990s
TreUS29 MAIR Mariam Frater 1980s
TreUS47 McFARLANE Cyril 1960s
TreUS24 McFARLANE Edna Mae 1990s
TreUS44 McFARLANE Granville Clifford 1970s
TreUS32 MITCHELL David Michael 1980s
TreUS34 NEITA Myrtell Campbell 1970s
TreUS10 NEPHEW Estin R. [GRANT] 1990s
TreUS51 O’MEALLY Eliza Margaret 1900s
TreUS51 O’MEALLY Patrick Mitchel, Revd. 1900s
TreUS27 PALMER Hilliard Robert 1980s
TreUS26 PALMER Merilda Isador 1980s
TreUS02 PARRISH Judith Ann-Marie Corouthers 2000s
TreUS20 REID Rhoda Adora 1990s
TreUS48 ROWE John Alfred 1970s
TreUS48 ROWE Merl Elfreda 1970s
TreUS06 SENIOR Neslyn Gloria 2000s
TreUS09 STEELE Elizabeth 2000s
TreUS30 STEER Michael 1980s
TreUS13 STEWART Louise Maud 1990s
TreUS49 THOMES Gladys 1960s
TreUS46 THOMS James Edward 1960s
TreUS05 YORK James 1980s


3 Responses to Ulster Spring Baptist, Trelawny

  1. Georgina Thoms says:

    A Thoms in Trelawny finally..

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