St James Anglican, Annotto Bay, St Mary

St James Angl, Annotto Bay
St James Angl, Annotto Bay 2


LAT:   18°16’24.13″N      LONG:   76°45’47.36″W

Within these walls, are the graves of John and Amy Pringle

St James Angl, Annotto Bay 3St James Angl, Annotto Bay 4

Old disused entrance from the main roadSt James Angl, Annotto Bay 5

This inscription on this gravestone is illegible and it stands alone on the hillside. St James Angl, Annotto Bay 6

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MrySJ067 AUSTIN Elsa M. 1970s
MrySJ014 BAILEY Walter Henry 2000s
MrySJ089 BALL Fredrica 1990s
MrySJ126 BENBOW Ellen Sykes 1910s
MrySJ125 BENBOW Richard Lucius 1920s
MrySJ084 BENNETT Owen Cleophas 1990s
MrySJ036 BINNS Ellis Panton 1950s
MrySJ048 BRAHAM Fred A. 1900s
MrySJ049 BRAHAM Henry 1890s
MrySJ020 BRAHAM Miriam A. 1970s
MrySJ045 BROUGHTON Joey Louise 1910s
MrySJ106 BROWN Hezekiah 1980s
MrySJ080 BRYAN Julia 1940s
MrySJ011 CAMERON C. W. 1980s
MrySJ004 CAMERON Etta Evelyn, Mrs. 1990s
MrySJ054 CAMPBELL A. Syl. 1930s
MrySJ053 CAMPBELL Annetta 1960s
MrySJ107 CARBY Theresa 1970s
MrySJ050 CARMICHAEL Nancy 1920s
MrySJ056 CARPENTER Jane 1930s
MrySJ055 CARPENTER John Leo: 1930s
MrySJ047 CHAMBERS Clementina Keturah 2000s
MrySJ041 CHAMBERS Neville A.
MrySJ064 CHAMBERS Ralph Constantine 1990s
MrySJ121 CLARKE Philip Constantine 1910s
MrySJ129 COHEN James George 1920s
MrySJ081 COOPER Icilda 1980s
MrySJ052 DIAS Thaddeus Constantine 1890s
MrySJ013 DRAKE John G. 2000s
MrySJ111 DUNCAN Louisa 1950s
MrySJ044 DYCE Rainford 1970s
MrySJ124 EDWARDS Herbert J. 1960s
MrySJ119 EDWARDS Mary Jane 1960s
MrySJ102 EDWARDS Susuan 1950s
MrySJ072 EDWARDS William 2000s
MrySJ134 ELLIS Augustus Frederick Guy 1920s
MrySJ133 ELLIS Mary Agnes 1950s
MrySJ028 FAIRWEATHER Alice Blanche 1990s
MrySJ028 FAIRWEATHER Ferdinand Hugh 1980s
MrySJ051 FAIRWEATHER Mary Jane 1960s
MrySJ070 FAIRWEATHER Sarah Jane 1950s
MrySJ078 FANNEL Minnie 1910s
MrySJ038 FEURTADO Lydia 1960s
MrySJ032 FISHER Beryl 1990s
MrySJ091 FLEMMINGS Sydney 1940s
MrySJ018 GARDENER James A. K. 1970s
MrySJ026 GARDNER James Alexander 1970s
MrySJ026 GARDNER Olive Adelaide 1990s
MrySJ073 GIBSON Edna V. 1980s
MrySJ060 GIBSON Edward A. 1960s
MrySJ061 GIBSON Edward Snr. 1930s
MrySJ015 GIBSON John William 1980s
MrySJ068 GIBSON Mary 1960s
MrySJ103 GILL Charles Hyde 1960s
MrySJ098 GILL Dorothy 1960s
MrySJ109 GILL Vera 1960s
MrySJ059 GOFFE Florence 1960s
MrySJ058 GOFFE Lachland 1970s
MrySJ040 GORDON Clifford 1960s
MrySJ029 GORDON Henery C. 1970s
MrySJ033 GORDON John 1910s
MrySJ030 GORDON Maudlyn 1970s
MrySJ093 GRAY Matthew 1920s
MrySJ017 GREEN Mabel Imogene 1970s
MrySJ104 GRIFFITHS Stilila 1980s
MrySJ003 GROSSETT Nancy 1970s
MrySJ096 GUPTAR Viola May 1990s
MrySJ005 HAGUE Calvin G. 1970s
MrySJ043 HAMILTON Kenneth, Dr. 1970s
MrySJ019 HANSON Veneto 1970s
MrySJ132 HEAVER William, Rev. 1910s
MrySJ007 HENDRICKS Alvin L. 1970s
MrySJ008 HENDRICKS Patrick J. 1970s
MrySJ127 HENDRICKS Symma E. 1950s
MrySJ037 HENRY Susan, Mrs. 1940s
MrySJ112 HESLOP Leadorah 1960s
MrySJ065 HILLARY J. J. 1880s
MrySJ021 HUCEY Selina R. 1990s
MrySJ022 HUCEY Solomon J. 1970s
MrySJ101 HYLTON Thomas Arthur 1950s
MrySJ016 HYLTON-GIBSON Joyce 2000s
MrySJ099 JACKS Edna 1980s
MrySJ075 JOHNSON Edwin Theodore 2000s
MrySJ025 JOSEPHS Thelma 1990s
MrySJ034 JOSEPHS Thelma 1990s
MrySJ076 LECKY Viola 1990s
MrySJ031 LOWE George Valentine 1980s
MrySJ042 LYON Peter McDonald 1920s
MrySJ071 LYONS-EDWARDS Lena 1990s
MrySJ039 MARTIN Roy George 1990s
MrySJ057 MATTHEWS Linnette 1930s
MrySJ066 McDONALD Leonard W. 1980s
MrySJ069 McDONALD Louise E. 1990s
MrySJ105 McDONALD Moses 1970s
MrySJ123 MEIN Judith Veronica 1920s
MrySJ128 MERCIER F. M. H., Rev 1900s
MrySJ079 MINOTT Marguerite Louise 1920s
MrySJ113 MOHAN James 1950s
MrySJ097 MORDECAI Catherine 1950s
MrySJ108 MORDECAI M. J. 1960s
MrySJ114 NESBETH Adella Amanda 1960s
MrySJ074 O’MEALLY Gloria 2000s
MrySJ120 POTTINGER Florence Violet 1950s
MrySJ090 POTTINGER Jasper Finlater 1950s
MrySJ131 PRINGLE Amy 1900s
MrySJ130 PRINGLE John 1920s
MrySJ046 PULLIN Ellen Victoria 1910s
MrySJ117 PURCELL M. Louise 1850s
MrySJ012 RIGABIE Catherine Joyce 2000s
MrySJ092 ROBERTS Iris May 1990s
MrySJ115 ROSE Adeline 1960s
MrySJ116 ROUSSEL Charles L. 1970s
MrySJ082 SAWERS Jas L. 1940s
MrySJ083 SEGRE Ann Eliza 1920s
MrySJ122 SEGRE Gerald Alexander 1910s
MrySJ086 SEWELL Enid R., Mrs. 2000s
MrySJ094 SEYMOURE H. P., Mrs 1920s
MrySJ095 SEYMOURE Richard 1920s
MrySJ062 SHAW Violet May 1920s
MrySJ027 SILVERA Ivy 1980s
MrySJ006 SOUTH Sarah 1970s
MrySJ077 STEWART Vera M. 1990s
MrySJ087 SUER Aldon 2000s
MrySJ024 SUER Alexander 1980s
MrySJ035 SUER Alice 2000s
MrySJ063 TAYLOR Alexander 1870s
MrySJ088 UDAH Emmanuel 2000s
MrySJ001 WADE Zilpha 1980s
MrySJ143 WESTMORLAND Arthur Charles 1940s
MrySJ139 WESTMORLAND Eardley Royes 1880s
MrySJ140 WESTMORLAND Frederick Stewart 1890s
MrySJ135 WESTMORLAND Henry 1880s
MrySJ138 WESTMORLAND Henry Stewart 1890s
MrySJ141 WESTMORLAND Josephine E. 1940s
MrySJ142 WESTMORLAND Marie Louise 1900s
MrySJ136 WESTMORLAND Mary Elizabeth 1910s
MrySJ137 WESTMORLAND Percy 1930s
MrySJ144 WESTMORLAND Wilmot 1880s
MrySJ023 WHEATLE Rosa 1970s
MrySJ002 WILDMAN Lucille 2000s
MrySJ010 WILSON Altamont A. 1990s
MrySJ100 WILSON Gertrude 1970s
MrySJ085 WILSON Harold E. 2000s
MrySJ009 WILSON Henritta 2000s
MrySJ110 WILSON William G. 1950s
MrySJ118 WRIGHT Catherine 1880s


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