IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MISC53 ALVARANGA Clarice 1960s
MISC59 APPLETON Winston L. 1970s
MISC50 BRANDON Winifred 1910s
MISC25 BURKE Cathrine Emily Louise 1880s
MISC05 CAMERON Catherine Simpson 1930s
MISC06 CAMERON John 1920s
MISC58 CODRINGTON Valentine 1950s
MISC22 COOPER Julia Nathan 1900s
MISC47 COVER E. R. D. 1910s
MISC60 DaCOSTA Elfreda Lillian 1950s
MISC23 DAVIS Mary Ann 1880s
MISC24 DePASS Arabella 1890s
MISC41 EWART Janet Tennant 1900s
MISC26 GILLIES Elizabeth Anna 1890s
MISC27 GILLIES Rev William 1910s
MISC40 HANNA Afifi Joseph 1930s
MISC39 HANNA Violet 1970s
MISC38 HANNA Wadih Joseph 1940s
MISC20 HECKS Catherine Campbell 1890s
MISC19 HECKS John Thomas 1890s
MISC09 HENRIQUES Alfred William 1930s
MISC07 HENRIQUES Arnold W. 1970s
MISC31 HUTTON Joseph William 1930s
MISC04 JOHNSTON Charles Edward 1950s
MISC01 JOHNSTON Daniel Ewart 1930s
MISC03 JOHNSTON Ernest Michael 1990s
MISC34 KHOURI Kahleel S. 1950s
MISC17 LINDO Henry 1890s
MISC35 LINTON Alexander Solomon 1910s
MISC21 LOWE Agnes 1900s
MISC46 MALICK Khaleel Beshara 1910s
MISC43 MALICK Shehadie Khaleel 1910s
MISC44 MALICK Shehadie Khaleel 1930s
MISC45 MASRI Adeeb N. 1930s
MISC18 MILHOLLAND Ellen Teresa 1890s
MISC32 OLSEN August L. 1920s
MISC52 ROBINSON Frank Albert 1910s
MISC36 SEAGA George H. 1960s
MISC37 SEAGA Kateby George 1940s
MISC33 SEAGA Rachel 1960s
MISC02 SHARP Lizzette Maud 1930s
MISC57 SHIM Nigel Keith 1950s
MISC54 SMITH O’Neil Gordon 1950s
MISC48 STEELE E. Herbert 1930s
MISC28 VAZ Catherine Hallead 1900s
MISC30 VAZ David Charles 1930s
MISC29 VAZ Ellen May 1900s
MISC51 WADDINGTON George 1910s
MISC49 WILLIAMS Frank Septimus 1910s
MISC42 WILSON Lena Cephaline 1910s


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