Melrose Cemetery, Manchester

Melrose Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
6846 ALLISON Donovon Dane 2000s
6823 BLAKE Sylvester 2000s
6818 DELAPENHA Cherry Lyn 2000s
6844 ELLIS Leonard George 2000s
6838 ELLIS Myrtle May 2000s
6835 GOLDSMITH Dorothy A. V. 2000s
6847 HUNTER William 1990s
6837 MARTIN Mary Smith 1990s
6825 MAXWELL George Adolphus 2000s
6826 McLEAN-MILLER Lena Blanche 2000s
6828 MORGAN Ellen 2000s
6834 MURRAY Charles Augustus 2000s
6833 MURRAY Midora Agatha 2000s
6824 ORRIDGE Daisy Wright 2000s
6842 POWELL Marjorie Vine 2000s
6829 RICHARDS Daisy May 2000s
6822 ROACH Joslyn 2000s
6836 ROWTHAM Lezma Brett 2000s
6843 SCOTT Maudlyn Theresa 2000s
6841 SMIKLE Thomas 2000s
6820 SMITH Aaron Franzico 2000s
6827 SMYLE Albert 2000s
6821 SWABY Albert Alexander 2000s
6840 TAYLOR Maxine Angella Knight 2000s
6830 TOMLINSON Frances A. Barnes 2000s
6845 WINDETT Richard 2000s


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