St Ann Parish Church, St Ann’s Bay, St Ann

St Ann Parish Church


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnPC04 ADAM William Ward 1940s
AnnPC07 ALLARDYCE George 1910s
AnnPC01 BOWERBANK Anne 1820s
AnnPC01 BOWERBANK Edward 1820s
AnnPC08 BROWNE Mickey 1990s
AnnPC14 CORK Josias, Rev. 1891s
AnnPC14 CORK Paulina 1921s
AnnPC09 GRUBER Clara Helena Adelaide 1880s
AnnPC11 GRUBER Parkinson Osborne 1891s
AnnPC12 GRUBER Sarah Tharp, Mrs 1891s
AnnPC15 HALSALL Isolyn 1991s
AnnPC05 LIPSCOMB Cyril Hancorn 1840s
AnnPC05 LIPSCOMB Louisa 1840s
AnnPC08 LOBBAN Maud 1970s
AnnPC08 McKENZIE Delcine 1970s
AnnPC08 McKENZIE Edgar 1990s
AnnPC08 McKOY Ethlyn 1980s
AnnPC15 McPHERSON Daisy 1991s
AnnPC10 PARKINSON Fanny 1861s
AnnPC10 PARKINSON Rowland 1861s
AnnPC10 PARKINSON Rowland 1871s
AnnPC15 PARSON Clarence 1961s
AnnPC06 ROYES Charles John, Hon. 1870s
AnnPC15 SCOTT Gwendolyn 1981s
AnnPC02 SYMS Eliza Mary 1810s
AnnPC15 TURNER Randolph 1981s
AnnPC13 WATSON Richard 1891s
AnnPC03 WHITEHORNE Samuel Risby, Esq. 1810s


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnPC20 AYLWARD Walter 1800s
AnnPC18 BARNETT William 1780s
AnnPC19 BENBOW William Jabez 1860s
AnnPC16 EBERALL John 1810s
AnnPC17 LEECH Robert Molony 1810s
AnnPC21 PARKINSON Rowland 1870s

There are far more floor slabs but they are obscured by the pews.


Hon. Charles John ROYES

Adelaide Julia THOMPSON, died 1880s


4 Responses to St Ann Parish Church, St Ann’s Bay, St Ann

  1. charlecote125 says:

    Surely Samuel Risby Whitehorne died in October 1816- see Colonial Magazine.

  2. Irma Rosa Edwards Scringer says:

    I am searching for Uriach Edwards family he was born there on December 24 in 1896 and went to Cuba in 1921 . He is my father died in 1982 in Cuba.
    I what to meet my family

  3. Andrew Henry says:

    Can anyone comment on the Henry’s from the Beverly, Hamstead, Mt. Olive Region

    This is Andrew Henry

    Email :

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