St John’s Anglican, Darliston, Westmoreland

St Johns Anglican

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSJ083 ANDERSON Annie Maria 1940s
WesSJ024 ANDERSON F. G. 1920s
WesSJ025 ANDERSON Maud 1960s
WesSJ082 ANDERSON Robert A. 1920s
WesSJ120 BAILEY Ira 1970s
WesSJ121 BAILEY Joshia N. 1990s
WesSJ055 BARNETT Iris Mary 2000s
WesSJ067 BLAKE Enoch Joshua 1960s
WesSJ031 BROWN Henry George 2000s
WesSJ011 BROWN Percival O. 1940s
WesSJ109 CAMPBELL Bertram L. 1970s
WesSJ068 CAMPBELL E. 1960s
WesSJ023 CAMPBELL Mary Rebecca, Mrs 1950s
WesSJ110 CAMPBELL Olivia M. 1970s
WesSJ063 CAREY Maxwell S. 1970s
WesSJ101 CLARKE Michael Craig 1990s
WesSJ028 CLAY Annie I. 1980s
WesSJ106 COOKE Frederick A. 1970s
WesSJ108 DAVIS Edgar Claud 1980s
WesSJ088 DAVIS Jestina Elizabeth 1980s
WesSJ089 DAVIS Philip Nathaniel 1960s
WesSJ064 DAWKINS Gertrude 1970s
WesSJ097 FOOTE Charles Wesley 1950s
WesSJ095 FOOTE Ivy Millicent 1940s
WesSJ094 FOOTE Lester W. 1970s
WesSJ096 FOOTE Rachel Gustenia 1930s
WesSJ002 FRANCIS Ivy 1980s
WesSJ059 FRASER Mary A. 1900s
WesSJ059 FRASER Thomas P. 1900s
WesSJ037 GAMMON Agatha 1930s
WesSJ085 GOODIN Headley C. 1920s
WesSJ085 GOODIN Marcella Elizabeth 1930s
WesSJ107 GRAVES Randolph R. 1980s
WesSJ010 GREY Anna Beatrice 1950s
WesSJ012 HALL Ellen A. 1950s
WesSJ014 HALL Louise 1930s
WesSJ015 HALL Mary Louisa 1960s
WesSJ015 HALL Thomas Wilson 1950s
WesSJ105 HARRISON Frances E. 1930s
WesSJ104 HARRISON Louis S. 1960s
WesSJ122 HARVEY Mertella 2000s
WesSJ124 HARVEY Tomlin 1990s
WesSJ044 HAYLE Albert C. 1990s
WesSJ045 HAYLE Louise H. 2000s
WesSJ051 JAMES Caroline A. 1900s
WesSJ051 JAMES Henry McLeod 1920s
WesSJ123 JAMIESON Dorette 2000s
WesSJ114 JONES Clifford A. 1970s
WesSJ113 JONES Ena Eulalee 1990s
WesSJ112 JONES Evan R. 1990s
WesSJ066 LESLIE Eliza 1970s
WesSJ074 LEVY Alice 1930s
WesSJ076 LEVY Annie 1910s
WesSJ076 LEVY Anthony 1910s
WesSJ074 LEVY George 1930s
WesSJ007 LEWIS Alice Philp  
WesSJ077 LUMLEY Jonas 1920s
WesSJ077 LUMLEY Mary 1940s
WesSJ115 LUMLEY Rylan L. 1980s
WesSJ102 MACAULAY Ina Isabel 1990s
WesSJ036 McDONALD D. A. 1910s
WesSJ035 McDONALD Mary F. 1930s
WesSJ065 McDONALD Sidney  
WesSJ098 McFARLANE Hazel 2000s
WesSJ099 McFARLANE James N. 1980s
WesSJ060 McINTOSH Isaac 1970s
WesSJ061 McINTOSH Mabel H. 1960s
WesSJ075 McKENZIE Amy 1960s
WesSJ075 McKENZIE Henry 1960s
WesSJ070 McLEOD Gwendolyn Cynthia 1980s
WesSJ071 McLEOD Mabel M., Mrs. 1970s
WesSJ001 MOFFATT Sarah 1990s
WesSJ119 MORRIS Arthur A. 1940s
WesSJ118 MORRIS Ellen 1970s
WesSJ053 MULLINGS Florence Elaine 1950s
WesSJ052 MULLINGS Herbert S. 1960s
WesSJ086 MURDOCK William Ezekiel 1990s
WesSJ049 NATION Carl Clovis 1960s
WesSJ047 NATION Kathleen Edith 2000s
WesSJ048 NATION Roy Walter 1980s
WesSJ017 NEMBHARD Daniel Z. 1970s
WesSJ016 NEMBHARD Helen L. 1990s
WesSJ032 PAGON Annie M. 1990s
WesSJ018 PEART Patrice Eloise 2000s
WesSJ006 PHILP Catherine, Mrs 1950s
WesSJ072 PHILP Ferdinand A. 1910s
WesSJ072 PHILP Herbert Reckford 1900s
WesSJ072 PHILP James W. 1900s
WesSJ072 PHILP M. A. Rebecca 1960s
WesSJ072 PHILP Samuel Johnson 1950s
WesSJ008 POLACK Sarah Ann 1900s
WesSJ027 REID Helen J. 1920s
WesSJ103 ROACH Albertha, Mrs 1970s
WesSJ030 ROBERTSON Elizabeth 1860s
WesSJ029 SANGSTER Catherine E. 1940s
WesSJ009 SEGRE Mary O. 1940s
WesSJ073 SIMMONS Winnifred Maud 1980s
WesSJ057 SLOLEY Dorcas Adina 1990s
WesSJ056 SLOLEY Gilbert Harvey 1980s
WesSJ058 SLOLEY Lester Charles 1980s
WesSJ054 SLOLEY Ronald F. 2000s
WesSJ111 SMALLING Jemima 2000s
WesSJ043 SMITH Frank 1890s
WesSJ038 SMITH Frank Morgan 2000s
WesSJ041 SMITH John Edward 1990s
WesSJ040 SMITH May Ellen 1990s
WesSJ042 SMITH Neville Lloyd 2000s
WesSJ046 SMITH Noel Audley 2000s
WesSJ039 SMITH Richard W. 1950s
WesSJ079 SPENCE Alfred B. 1920s
WesSJ080 SPENCE Etta 1960s
WesSJ034 SPENCE Eveleaner E., Mrs 1940s
WesSJ019 SPENCE Frances W. 1950s
WesSJ050 SPENCE Gertrude I. 1940s
WesSJ100 SPENCE James R. 1940s
WesSJ033 SPENCE James S. 1960s
WesSJ093 SPENCE Lester E. 1980s
WesSJ079 SPENCE Louisa M. 1940s
WesSJ078 SPENCE Mary Isabelle 1990s
WesSJ087 SPENCE Richard Earl 2000s
WesSJ092 SPENCE Ruby 2000s
WesSJ081 SPENCE Ruth E. 1970s
WesSJ069 SPENCE Walter F. 1960s
WesSJ020 STEWART Alice Maud 1990s
WesSJ117 STEWART Alvira Letitia 2000s
WesSJ077 STEWART Mary 1910s
WesSJ091 TOMLINSON Edwin  
WesSJ090 TOMLINSON Kizial  
WesSJ026 VENTRESS Rose 1960s
WesSJ125 WALDRON Gertrude 1980s
WesSJ126 WALDRON Norman 1980s
WesSJ062 WHITTAKER Philbert M. 1960s
WesSJ116 WHYTE Estella B. 1980s
WesSJ021 WILLIAMS Albert 1990s
WesSJ005 WILLIAMS Estriana 1980s
WesSJ022 WILLIAMS Hazeline Pearl 1990s
WesSJ004 WILLIAMS Leslie O. 1990s
WesSJ003 WILLIAMS Lester W. 1990s
WesSJ013 WILSON Harriet Burbidge 1930s


2 Responses to St John’s Anglican, Darliston, Westmoreland

  1. Dwayne Spence says:

    I am looking for the 2nd Great Grandfather of the Honorable Donald B. Sangster. He was buried in 1869 in a church yard by W.H. Ingles. An internet search result suggests that W.H. Igles build this church. Any information in this regard would be appreciated.

  2. Dwayne Spence says:

    Sorry I neglected to input his name. John Sangster (1785-1869)

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