St Luke’s Anglican, St Elizabeth

St Luke's Anglican, BalaclavaBUILT IN 1897

Monument, St Luke's

“To the Glory of God and
in memory of those who lost their lives
in the Railway Accident of 30th July 1938 at Oxford”

July 30, 1938 – a passenger train was heading from Kingston to Montego Bay. The engine jumped the rails at Balaclava and embedded itself into the mountainside, followed by coaches which were forced on from the rear. Thirty-two people died and over 70 were injured. (Wikipedia – Rail transport Jamaica)

Mounted on the monument are two plaques with the names of the deceased.

ANGLIN, Joseph HANSON, Jane M.
ANDERSON, Lillian HENRY, Rosalind
BERNARD, William G. JONES, Uthilda
BROOKS, Alfred KING, Cleopatra A.
BROWNE, Cecil J. McBEAN, Theadousha
BARRETT, Walter MYRIE, James
CARTY, Bertram NEMBHARD, Ellen
CARR, Elizabeth RABY, Lucille
ELLIOT, Bernice RECAS, Verona
GORDON, Junius B. ROYAL, Gwendolyn
GRUBB, Walter WATSON, Beatrice

Buried in the Church Yard

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
4508 AINSWORTH Madeline A. 1930s
4541 ANDERSON Clementina 1980s
4540 ANDERSON Hubert Stanford 1970s
4498 ARMSTRONG Harriett Tenison 1910s
4511 ARSCOTT Eva Dorthea 1980s
4490 ARSCOTT Eva Marie 1930s
4510 ARSCOTT Ivan Joslyn 1970s
4439 ATKINSON Gifford N. 1960s
4452 BECKFORD Annie E. 1950s
4449 BECKFORD George R. 1960s
4456 BECKFORD Vernon Albert 1980s
4455 BECKFORD Vincent A. 1930s
4433 BLEASDELL Thomas McK. 1960s
4426 BROWNE Cecil J. 1930s
4475 COLE Gwendolyn Victoria 2000s
4469 CUFF Angelina 1920s
4509 CUFFE Edith M. 1940s
4448 CUFFE Sydney Mapletoft 1950s
4465 DAVIS Mary E. 1930s
4474 DEMETRIUS Betsy 2000s
4496 DENTON Jane 1920s
4543 EVERGREEN Mitchell Ena May 2000s
4473 FALCONER Randall George 1990s
4473 FALCONER Videna May Louise 2000s
4544 FARQUHARSON Frederic H.
4514 FARQUHARSON Kenneth 1920s
4506 FINLASON Guy 1940s
4466 FOSTER Edgar 1940s
4442 GORDON Arnold 1990s
4446 GORDON Dolcie L. 1970s
4442 GORDON Martha 2000s
4445 GORDON Monica P. 1940s
4438 GRIERSON Beatrice 1970s
4454 HANSON Jane 1930s
4503 HENDRICKS Gilbert E. 1930s
4505 ISAACS A.J. 1920s
4537 JOHNS Enid Winnifred 2000s
4463 JOHNS Ethlyn Adina 1970s
4461 JOHNS Samuel T. 1960s
4537 JOHNS-KNIGHT Linette May 1980s
4524 JONES Ethlyn V. 1970s
4523 JONES Ivy Louise 1970s
4522 JONES Sufcliffe O. 1990s
4525 JONES Sydney L. 1990s
4459 KING E. Allan 1990s
4459 KING Gladys K. 1980s
4493 KING Jabez O. 1940s
4494 KING Ellen L., Mrs 1960s
4480 LEE Myrtle 2000s
4480 LEE Phillip 2000s
4488 LINDSAY Imogene King 1950s
4486 LOFTHOUSE Ellen 1970s
4486 LOFTHOUSE W.O.R 1950s
4515 MacFARLANE Randolph Augustine 1930s
4520 McFARLANE Frances 1970s
4519 McFARLANE John S. 1950s
4526 McFARLANE Vinton R. 1990s
4476 McFARLANE Myrtle M. 1990s
4458 MILLER Roslyn 1980s
4548 MINTO Amy M. 2000s
4528 MORRIS Bernice 1990s
4539 MORRIS Florence 1960s
4528 MORRIS Wilfred 1980s
4542 MULLINGS Edmund Wes. 1970s
4536 MULLINGS Wilfred 1980s
4434 NEWMAN Matilda 1960s
4507 PARCELLS Louis A. 1950s
4482 PARNELL Alvin Vincent Laurimer 1960s
4483 PARNELL James Anderson 1950s
4476 PARNELL Noel Randolph 1970s
4484 PARNELL Norah 2000s
4477 PARNELL Viola Millicent 1960s
4517 PHANG Charles A.D. 1930s
4518 PHANG Mary F. 1950s
4437 POWELL Susan E. 1960s
4457 PRYCE Samuel 1960s
4453 RAMSAY Clifford M. 1950s
4436 RAMSAY Vera 1960s
4444 RICHARDS Zephaniah 1950s
4489 ROBERTS Lavinia Roberts 1960s
4533 ROBINSON Edith Louise 1980s
4530 ROBINSON Gwendolyn 1990s
4527 ROBINSON Myrtle Rebecca 1980s
4462 ROBINSON Vernon Selbourne 1960s
4441 RODGERS A. M. 1950s
4472 ROOMES Edwin Theophilus 2000s
4535 SALMON Muriel C. 2000s
4502 SAUNDERS Emma Gertrude 1960s
4501 SAUNDERS Maxie M. 1940s
4497 SAUNDERS Thomas R. 1910s
4464 SENIOR Doris May 1990s
4460 SENIOR Joseph 1970s
4492 SHERMAN Roberta Josephine 1930s
4491 SHERMAN Samuel Joseph 1920s
4450 TAYLOR Harold S. 1960s
4495 TAYLOR Jacob DaCosta 1910s
4451 TAYLOR Vera, Mrs 1960s
4440 THOMPSON Georgiana 1960s
4478 TURNER Edward Aubrey 1970s
4478 TURNER Lilian Audrey 1980s
4429 VERVIN Adline 1980s
4512 WATSON Ann 1940s
4521 WATSON Claude Roy 1980s
4521 WATSON Ena Mae 1990s
4513 WATSON Gwendolyn 1940s
4479 WEBSTER David S. 1970s
4430 WILLIAMS Clementina C. 1960s
4531 WILLIAMS Lillian Louise 2000s
4470 YOUNG Jamima 1940s


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    Blessings Carmen Salmon (Light) Peace and Love

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