Troy Baptist, Trelawny

Troy Baptist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreTB04 BAILEY Jane A. 1950s
TreTB28 BARNABY Bathsheba S. 1990s
TreTB27 BESWICK Ohyllis 1980s
TreTB08 BLAKE Cheryl Bridgetie 1990s
TreTB17 BLAKE Irene 1980s
TreTB44 BRISSETT Timothy 2000s
TreTB06 BROWN Clementina 1960s
TreTB10 BROWN Jeremiah Elisha 1990s
TreTB07 BROWN Percival 1990s
TreTB03 BROWN Zipporah 1960s
TreTB21 CHAMBERS Sylvester 2000s
TreTB16 DIXON Esther A. Hyman 1980s
TreTB43 DIXON Hubert 2000s
TreTB42 DIXON Ida 1990s
TreTB15 DUNKLEY Mavis 2000s
TreTB11 GRAHAM Mary 1970s
TreTB14 GREEN Douglas Snr. 2000s
TreTB09 HAMILTON Sandra P. 1990s
TreTB18 HAYDEN Jestina 1980s
TreTB45 HAYDEN Leabert 2000s
TreTB25 HYMAN Iris Didora 1990s
TreTB24 HYMAN Llewelyn 1980s
TreTB46 JONES Cavaska O. 2000s
TreTB29 MENDEZ Leopold Orlando 1980s
TreTB30 MENDEZ Mable Mehalah 1990s
TreTB13 MESSIAS Hilda 1970s
TreTB36 MILLER Harette Ava-Gail 2000s
TreTB31 MORRIS Denva 1980s
TreTB38 MOTTA Aubrey O. 1980s
TreTB37 MOTTA Greta Noami 2000s
TreTB39 MOTTA-MEIKLE Esna E. 1990s
TreTB26 PEART Thomas 1980s
TreTB23 POWELL Gillespie 1980s
TreTB22 POWELL Mrs Dora Ann 2000s
TreTB05 REID Joseph J. 1960s
TreTB05 REID Sarah E. 1960s
TreTB32 SLOLEY Ivy May 1990s
TreTB35 STEWART Prince A. 1990s
TreTB02 SULPH Marjorie Clarine 2000s
TreTB01 SULPH Selvin Nathaniel 1960s
TreTB19 SWABY Norris 1980s
TreTB33 THOMPSON Euphemia 1980s
TreTB34 THOMPSON George 1990s
TreTB12 VERNON Edith 1970s
TreTB41 VERNON Wilfred 1990s
TreTB40 WALLACE Henry 2000s
TreTB20 WHITE Francis R. 1970s



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