Comfort Hall Cemetery, Manchester

Comfort Hall

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManCH062 ANDERSON Mercilyn Sita 1980s
ManCH077 BECKFORD Herbert Samuel 2000s
ManCH095 BLOOMFIELD Brenton A. 1990s
ManCH004 BROOMFIELD Clifford 2000s
ManCH071 BROOMFIELD Marcia 1960s
ManCH010 BROOMFIELD Mary 2000s
ManCH070 BROOMFIELD Noel 1980s
ManCH080 BROWN William 1980s
ManCH081 BROWN-JOHNSON Veta 2000s
ManCH097 CAMPBELL Herman 2000s
ManCH104 CHANCE Orville Oneil 2000s
ManCH056 COLEY Dophney V. 1990s
ManCH019 COLLEY Roslyn Foster 2000s
ManCH075 COWAN Beryl 1990s
ManCH048 DALEY Egbert Alexander 1980s
ManCH041 DAVY Lena Jestina 1990s
ManCH037 DAVY-ROWE Venice Etmilda 2000s
ManCH042 DAWES Rudolph Archibald 2000s
ManCH024 EBANKS Cynthia 1970s
ManCH065 EDWARDS Stanley 1980s
ManCH068 FOSTER Alfred Leopold 1980s
ManCH026 FOSTER Dorothy 1990s
ManCH020 FOSTER Evelyn 2000s
ManCH034 FOSTER Hemerade Vivian 1980s
ManCH013 FOSTER Kenuth 1990s
ManCH009 FOSTER Winston 2000s
ManCH032 FRAZER Lynetth 1990s
ManCH021 GAYLE Kenneth 2000s
ManCH096 GREEN Dyrus 1990s
ManCH001 GREEN Winston 2000s
ManCH008 GUTHRIE Carlton M. 2000s
ManCH005 HARMON Miss Lucille 2000s
ManCH089 HAUGHTON Cecelia (Cissy) 2000s
ManCH053 HERMON Randal 1980s
ManCH030 JIBBISON Ada 2000s
ManCH073 JIBBISON Alvin 2000s
ManCH029 JIBBISON Cyrus 2000s
ManCH072 JIBBISON Nellie 1980s
ManCH015 JOHNSON Allister 1990s
ManCH100 JOHNSON Edith 2000s
ManCH101 JOHNSON Edward 2000s
ManCH006 JOSEPHS Larmond E. 2000s
ManCH002 JOSEPHS Selbourne S. 2000s
ManCH040 LAWRENCE Nicholas Garnet 2000s
ManCH003 LEWIS Leslie Emanuel 2000s
ManCH043 LONGMORE Randall 1960s
ManCH093 McTAGGART Derrick 1990s
ManCH088 PATTERSON Edwin 2000s
ManCH090 POWELL Hubert Uriah 1990s
ManCH044 REECE Brandell 1970s
ManCH022 RICHARDS Bernice Pearl 2000s
ManCH028 RICKARD Perley Victoria 1980s
ManCH067 RILEY Courtney D. 1980s
ManCH050 ROOMES Clarice Medora 1980s
ManCH049 ROOMES Frederick Augustus 1990s
ManCH047 ROOMES-DALEY Michael Boyd 1980s
ManCH092 SANDERSON Felix 1980s
ManCH079 SANDERSON Mrs Belzada 1990s
ManCH054 SANDERSON Viola Verselin 1980s
ManCH039 SMITH Greta 1970s
ManCH045 SMITH Greta 1970s
ManCH046 SMITH Randall 1980s
ManCH018 TAYLOR Beryl 2000s
ManCH087 THOMPSON Gladys 2000s
ManCH051 TIBBY Mrs C. 1980s
ManCH063 TIBBY Rupert 1970s
ManCH025 TURNER Victor 2000s
ManCH033 WALCOTT Anthony 1980s
ManCH036 WALKER Horace 1970s
ManCH059 WALLACE Clive 1990s
ManCH060 WALLACE Richard 1990s
ManCH023 WATSON Keturah 1980s
ManCH061 WHEATLE Gilmore Lloyd 1970s
ManCH058 WHEATLE Leslie D. 1990s
ManCH007 WHITE Fitzroy S. 2000s
ManCH083 WHITELY Edith 1990s
ManCH082 WHITELY Eustace Anthony 1980s
ManCH086 WILLIAMS Ezekiel Rufus 2000s
ManCH098 WILLIAMS Joy 2000s
ManCH084 WILLIAMS Louis Stanford 1980s
ManCH085 WILLIAMS Mabel Violet 1990s
ManCH103 WILLIAMS Windel Goldman 2000s
ManCH012 WILSON Anthony G. 2000s
ManCH076 WYNTER Cynthia Meletia Coley 2000s


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