St Peter’s Anglican, Alley, Vere, Clarendon

St Peter's Anglican
St Peter's, Alley backSt Peter’s Church, The Alley

One of the oldest Churches in Jamaica.  Founded in 1671 as the Parish Church of the former Parish of Vere.  The present building was erected 1715 – 1735 on the foundations of the original building.


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaPA014 ALPRESS Margaret Eleanor
ClaPA014 ALPRESS Samuel
ClaPA002 COLLMAN Elizabeth Caroline 1840s
ClaPA002 COLLMAN George Munro 1850s
ClaPA002 COLLMAN William 1850s
ClaPA005 DOUET Rev Charles Frederick 1900s
ClaPA010 EDWARDES Emma 1820s
ClaPA009 FOWLES Howard 1900s
ClaPA009 FOWLES James Henry 1910s
ClaPA009 FOWLES Rebecca 1910s
ClaPA023 GALE Honourable John 1740s
ClaPA023 GALE John 1740s
ClaPA023 GALE Jonathan 1750s
ClaPA023 GALE Sarah 1740s
ClaPA023 GALE Elizabeth 1750s
ClaPA019 GALE Elizabeth 1740s
ClaPA017 GIBB Robert Charles 1900s
ClaPA011 GIBBONS Deborah , Mrs 1710s
ClaPA006 HANNAFORD George Willett 1870s
ClaPA016 HUSBAND Charles Townshend, Rev 1900s
ClaPA004 LEWIN Richard James Mahoney 1970s
ClaPA028 LEWIS William 1830s
ClaPA025 McGILCHRIST Elizabeth 1760s
ClaPA015 MITCHELL Robert Edward 1890s
ClaPA022 MORANT Eleanor Angelina 1750s
ClaPA019 MORANT John 1730s
ClaPA022 MORANT John 1740s
ClaPA019 MORANT John, Honble: 1720s
ClaPA022 MORANT Mary 1750s
ClaPA022 MORANT Samuel 1750s
ClaPA022 MORANT William 1740s
ClaPA013 MURDOCK William Francis 1930s
ClaPA014 OSBORN Kean, Captain 1810s
ClaPA018 OSBORN Kean, Honble: 1820s
ClaPA024 OSBORN Saml: Alpress Geoe: 1820s
ClaPA014 OSBORN Samuel Alpress 1800s
ClaPA001 PLUMMER Jonathan Ezekiel 1970s
ClaPA012 PUSEY Elizabeth 1780s
ClaPA027 PUSEY John 1760s
ClaPA012 PUSEY William 1780s
ClaPA021 READ Ennis 1770s
ClaPA021 READ Margaret 1740s
ClaPA003 ROBINSON Fitzclarence C. 1970s
ClaPA007 SCOTT Beryl Leslie 1970s
ClaPA026 SYMPSON Edward 1840s
ClaPA020 TILLMAN Harry George 1910s
ClaPA008 WILSON Canute 1840s



|A – G|
|H – N|
|O – W|

A – G

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaPA089 ADJUDAH Gwendolyn 2000s
ClaPA186 BARRETT Bazil Melbourne 1970s
ClaPA173 BECKFORD Amy 1960s
ClaPA035 BELL Glaister 1810s
ClaPA144 BISASOR Etta Smith 1990s
ClaPA225 BISASOR Glasmie May 1960s
ClaPA092 BLACK Laurel P. 1970s
ClaPA115 BOOTHE Rudolph A. 1990s
ClaPA195 BOWEN George C. 1970s
ClaPA147 BOWEN Henry A. 2000s
ClaPA040 BOYD Archibald 1860s
ClaPA039 BOYER Eliza 1840s
ClaPA150 BRALT Sarah (S.T.W.B.) 1880s
ClaPA181 BRISSETT Luther H. 1990s
ClaPA179 BRISSETT Manzie 2000s
ClaPA180 BRISSETT Michael A. 1990s
ClaPA077 BROWN Ann 1890s
ClaPA184 BROWN Florence 1980s
ClaPA226 BROWN Gertrude Barbara 2000s
ClaPA077 BROWN John 1860s
ClaPA162 BRYAN Rudolph George 1990s
ClaPA122 BUDRAM Icyline 2000s
ClaPA176 BURKE Nora 2000s
ClaPA177 BURKE William 1980s
ClaPA146 BYFIELD Lucille Maud 2000s
ClaPA182 CALICHARAN Felix 1990s
ClaPA119 CAMERON Agatha, Mrs 1990s
ClaPA120 CAMERON Edgar 1990s
ClaPA187 CAMPBELL Nehemiah Elkanah 1980s
ClaPA030 CAMPBELL Robert Clark 1920s
ClaPA079 CATHCART John Hargreaves 1870s
ClaPA046 CHANDLER Florence Mary 1920s
ClaPA086 CHANDLER Sarah Katharine 1880s
ClaPA038 CHARLTON Edward Russel 1920s
ClaPA114 CHARLTON Ethel A. 1990s
ClaPA034 CHARLTON Mabel M. 1930s
ClaPA037 CHARLTON Mary D. 1920s
ClaPA033 CHARLTON Muriel Judith 1930s
ClaPA128 COLAHAR Susan 2000s
ClaPA052 COMRIE Walter 1880s
ClaPA216 COOKE Beryl 1950s
ClaPA164 DAVIS Kathleen Louise 1990s
ClaPA156 DEER Rudolph P. 2000s
ClaPA105 deLEON Constance 1960s
ClaPA152 DINGWALL John 1890s
ClaPA067 DOWELL William 1850s
ClaPA113 DuCASSE Uriel R. 1990s
ClaPA124 DUFFUS Kenisha A. 1990s
ClaPA093 DURNIE Jessie 1960s
ClaPA049 ELLIOTT Alfred Edward 1930s
ClaPA044 ELLIOTT Amy King 1940s
ClaPA045 ELLIOTT Catherine 1930s
ClaPA047 ELLIOTT Ernest Charles 1890s
ClaPA094 ELLIOTT Frank C. 1970s
ClaPA043 ELLIOTT George Stanley 1950s
ClaPA048 ELLIOTT James Callaghan 1940s
ClaPA106 ELLIOTT James Reginald 1960s
ClaPA140 ELLIS Albertha A. 1980s
ClaPA070 ELLIS Marie Louise 1880s
ClaPA036 FEARON Angelina Israel 1810s
ClaPA223 FORBES Carmen Eileen 1990s
ClaPA224 FORBES Selema 1960s
ClaPA072 FOX Isaac 1920s
ClaPA110 FREEMAN Ethel 1990s
ClaPA112 FREEMAN Joyce May 1990s
ClaPA142 FREEMAN Margaret Adella 1980s
ClaPA215 GALE Alfonso 1950s
ClaPA126 GALLIMORE Clifford B. 1980s
ClaPA127 GALLIMORE Sarah 2000s
ClaPA078 GASKELL Bridget Ann 1930s
ClaPA071 GIBB James Mitchell 1890s
ClaPA071 GIBB Jessie McClachlan 1890s
ClaPA135 GIEROD Duncan Charles 1970s
ClaPA194 GIVANS Miriam 1970s
ClaPA066 GORDON James Robinson 1900s
ClaPA193 GORDON Oliver A. 1970s
ClaPA065 GORDON William James 1940s
ClaPA141 GRANT Albert 1990s

H – N

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaPA201 HAMILTON Eric 1990s
ClaPA200 HAMILTON Eulalee 2000s
ClaPA222 HARRIOTT Esther 1960s
ClaPA174 HARRIS Ezekiel 1960s
ClaPA227 HARRY Decosta Ridley 1990s
ClaPA095 HAYNES Sarah Amanda 1970s
ClaPA148 HEATH Renelia 2000s
ClaPA064 HODELIN Julia Adelaide 1900s
ClaPA062 HUNTER Isaac Alexander 1900s
ClaPA051 HUSBAND Mary 1880s
ClaPA032 ISAACS Amy 1950s
ClaPA129 JACKSON Leila Gordon 2000s
ClaPA136 JOHNSON Emile L. 1970s
ClaPA210 JOHNSON John Newman 1970s
ClaPA220 JOHNSON Susan Vergina 1960s
ClaPA100 JONES Ancel George 1980s
ClaPA099 JONES Edith May 1990s
ClaPA075 JONES T. A., Rev 1820s
ClaPA153 KING George Alfred 1860s
ClaPA050 LADELL William Richard Simpson 1940s
ClaPA134 LANGOTH Charles E. 1980s
ClaPA212 LATCHMAN Joseph 1960s
ClaPA202 LATCHMAN Vashti May 2000s
ClaPA088 LEWIS Charles Hendriks 1920s
ClaPA145 LEWIS Edwin George 2000s
ClaPA088 LEWIS Henry Cerf 1880s
ClaPA087 LEWIS Kaye 1940s
ClaPA123 LEWIS Paul Bernard St Ann Franz 1990s
ClaPA101 LOGAN Charles A. 1970s
ClaPA151 MacCORMACK Christopher Howe (C.H.M.) 1870s
ClaPA061 MacINTYRE Allan 1950s
ClaPA068 MAGRATH John Bouchier 1850s
ClaPA132 MAHABEER Ivy 1990s
ClaPA133 MAHABEER Samuel 2000s
ClaPA118 McCORMACK Vester Stanhope 1990s
ClaPA155 McFARLANE Iphael 1990s
ClaPA218 McLEOD Douglas 1950s
ClaPA053 McWHINNIE Clarence 1960s
ClaPA055 McWHINNIE Clarence Iain 1960s
ClaPA054 McWHINNIE Dorothy Joan Simpson 2000s
ClaPA107 McWHINNIE Thomas 1980s
ClaPA060 MEARS Victor Austin 1940s
ClaPA111 MILLER William Horatio 1980s
ClaPA196 MING Gwendolyn, Mrs 1980s
ClaPA085 MITCHELL James William 1910s
ClaPA085 MITCHELL Robert Edward 1890s
ClaPA208 MOLLISON Shirley 2000s
ClaPA209 MOLLISON Temah Sue 2000s
ClaPA102 MORRIS Zephaniah 1990s
ClaPA197 MORRISON Clarence Edward 2000s
ClaPA213 MORRISON Cyril Charles 1970s
ClaPA199 MORRISON Mehala 1980s
ClaPA214 MORRISON William 1950s
ClaPA077 MURRAY George Dorset 1920s
ClaPA077 MURRAY Johanna 1910s
ClaPA077 MURRAY John James 1880s
ClaPA077 MURRAY William 1860s
ClaPA077 MURRAY William Samuel 1850s
ClaPA166 NEEDHAM Astley L. 1980s
ClaPA168 NEEDHAM Christopher 1970s
ClaPA167 NEEDHAM Josephine 1970s
ClaPA228 NEEDHAM Lydia V. 1990s
ClaPA165 NEEDHAM Manuellita 2000s
ClaPA109 NEITA Isadora Eugenie, Mrs 1980s
ClaPA125 NELSON Seymour 1980s

O – W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaPA059 OSBORNE Edwin Lewin 1970s
ClaPA058 OSBORNE Miriam C. 1930s
ClaPA057 OSBORNE Randolph L. 1940s
ClaPA031 PAGE Robert 1850s
ClaPA031 PAGE Susan Jane 1850s
ClaPA137 PALMER Maud 1970s
ClaPA121 PATRICK Robert Uriah 1990s
ClaPA029 PEART Wilhelmina F. 1920s
ClaPA096 PLUMMER Fredricka 1970s
ClaPA097 PLUMMER Jonathan Ezekiel 1970s
ClaPA091 PLUMMER Simeon Alex: 1960s
ClaPA098 PLUMMER Vera Adline 1990s
ClaPA211 POWELL George 1960s
ClaPA175 PUDDIE Wilfred P. 1960s
ClaPA185 RAMCHARAN Fernando 1990s
ClaPA169 RAMDIAL Catherine 1990s
ClaPA170 RAMDIAL Charles 1960s
ClaPA130 RAMSINGH Hilda 2000s
ClaPA131 RAMSINGH Lionel 1990s
ClaPA160 REDHI Desmond Alberga 2000s
ClaPA042 REID Ann Levingston 1860s
ClaPA221 REID Paul A. 1960s
ClaPA090 RICHARDS-JONES Agatha A. 1960s
ClaPA206 ROBINSON Catherine Jones 1970s
ClaPA205 ROBINSON Fitzclarence 1970s
ClaPA076 ROBINSON Robt: Cotton 1850s
ClaPA117 ROBINSON Segismund 1990s
ClaPA069 RONALDSON Annette 1870s
ClaPA138 ROWE Hezekiah 1970s
ClaPA139 ROWE Nancy A. 1970s
ClaPA149 RUBIE Theodora Cassandra (T.C.R.) 1910s
ClaPA063 SERVICE Richard 1850s
ClaPA116 SIMMONDS Dorothy 2000s
ClaPA204 SIMPSON Angella 1970s
ClaPA203 SIMPSON Hylton A. 1960s
ClaPA229 SMITH Delreita A. 2000s
ClaPA190 SMITH Exford G. 2000s
ClaPA192 SMITH Glenise 1970s
ClaPA191 SMITH Noel Robsiman 2000s
ClaPA230 STEPHENSON Christopher G. 1970s
ClaPA207 STEWART Alvin Alexander 2000s
ClaPA178 STEWART Donald G. 2000s
ClaPA171 SUCKOO Richard 1990s
ClaPA172 SUCKOO Rosetta 2000s
ClaPA143 SWABY Mabel 1980s
ClaPA154 TARRANT William 1860s
ClaPA161 THOMPSON Ronald 1990s
ClaPA074 WALCOT Ena Hettie 1920s
ClaPA183 WALKER Daphne 1980s
ClaPA189 WALKER Vivian Alphanso 2000s
ClaPA219 WATT Joseph 1960s
ClaPA056 WHITE Ellen 1930s
ClaPA198 WILLIAMS Sarah D. 1960s
ClaPA217 WILLIAMS Thomas A. 1950s
ClaPA082 WILSON Amelia Sophia 1870s
ClaPA081 WILSON Frederick Nathaniel 1870s
ClaPA084 WILSON Herbert Joseph 1890s
ClaPA083 WILSON John George 1880s
ClaPA080 WILSON Nathaniel 1870s
ClaPA163 WOLFE Karl Anthony 1990s
ClaPA103 WRAY Gilbert W. 1960s
ClaPA104 WRAY Ivy E. 1970s
ClaPA157 WRIGHT Earle Clarence St Aubyn 2000s
ClaPA159 WRIGHT I. Clarence 2000s
ClaPA188 WRIGHT Lanswell 1980s
ClaPA158 WRIGHT Mildred Maud 2000s


TOMBSTONES without data

ClaPA041 – ELLIOTT, Reginald Henry of DVM Church, Kent
ClaPA073 – BRUFORD, Richard Winpenny of Somerset, England, Late of Trelawny, JA
ClaPA108 – NEITA, James Alexander



2 Responses to St Peter’s Anglican, Alley, Vere, Clarendon

  1. Kitty Edwards says:

    Thank you so much for doing a grand job. I came across a distant relative on the death certificate of my great uncle whose surname was Edwards. Desmond Alberga Redhi was listed as the person who signed the death certificate. I googled the name and the graves listing for St Peter’s Church came up. I have been trying to get in touch with other relatives of the Redhi branch without success. I do believe there are other Edwards relatives buried around the Alley area. It was good to find that Desmond’s grave is documented. This has helped in my family tree research.
    I am looking for Nancy Edwards wife of Robert Edwards. They were the parents of Benjamin Edwards who was grandfather to Desmond Redhi. Thank you again!

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