St Joseph The Worker, Tom’s River, St Andrew

St Joseph The WorkerLAT:  18° 9’35.55″N          LONG:  76°49’47.02″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AndJW07 ABBOTT Richard C. 1980s
AndJW52 ADAMS Eunis Louise 1990s
AndJW52 ADAMS George William 2000s
AndJW57 ANDERSON Bernice Emily 2000s
AndJW56 APPLEBY Owen O. 2000s
AndJW60 ATKINSON Sylvia C. 2000s
AndJW59 BAKER Hailu Ireko 2000s
AndJW50 BLACK Dorothy 1930s
AndJW34 BLACK Sarah, Mrs 1970s
AndJW49 BLACK Simeon N. 1950s
AndJW40 BLACK Theresa 1930s
AndJW09 BLAKE Enoch L. 1990s
AndJW38 BROWN Ellenia 1920s
AndJW19 CHANG Pauline P. 1970s
AndJW29 CLARKE Luther 1980s
AndJW51 COCKBURN Cyril A. 1960s
AndJW48 COCKBURN Hezekiah 1930s
AndJW47 COCKBURN Jane C., Mrs 1940s
AndJW46 COCKBURN Sarah Ann 1960s
AndJW08 COOMBS Verna 1990s
AndJW35 DeCASSERES Carmen 2000s
AndJW35 DeCASSERES Francis 2000s
AndJW41 DeSOUZA A. I. 1990s
AndJW33 DeSOUZA Beatrice 1980s
AndJW42 DeSOUZA G. Jerome 1990s
AndJW32 DeSOUZA George 1980s
AndJW41 DeSOUZA J. A. 1980s
AndJW26 EDWARDS Agatha Elizabeth 2000s
AndJW58 EWERS Emeline A. 2000s
AndJW62 FOSTER Noel 2000s
AndJW63 FRANCES Catherine 1970s
AndJW37 GOLDEN Emeline, Mrs 1960s
AndJW11 GREENLAND Ann Eliza 2000s
AndJW12 HYLTON William Ignatius, Rev. 2000s
AndJW03 IRONS Luther Joseph 1980s
AndJW39 JAMES Emma 1990s
AndJW17 JONES Herman Oswald 1990s
AndJW53 KING Annie 2000s
AndJW55 LANGRIN Lister A. 2000s
AndJW16 LYN Henry 1990s
AndJW04 McKAY Edna G. 1980s
AndJW05 MEANY W. Patrick 1990s
AndJW28 MORSON James 1980s
AndJW01 OLIVER Leslie 2000s
AndJW54 OLIVER Leslie, Jnr 2000s
AndJW01 OLIVER Norma 1990s
AndJW15 PASMORE Olga Mae 1980s
AndJW31 PHIPPS Ellen, Mrs
AndJW30 PHIPPS John 1980s
AndJW36 PHIPPS Joseph 1990s
AndJW31 PHIPPS Vincent, Mr
AndJW61 PINK-SMITH Johanna Eugenie 1990s
AndJW18 QUALO Edna Meay 2000s
AndJW21 REID Rosalee 2000s
AndJW45 ROBINSON Anthony 1970s
AndJW44 ROBINSON Arthur 1990s
AndJW02 ROBINSON Mervis C. 2000s
AndJW02 ROBINSON Rufus H. 1980s
AndJW43 ROBINSON Theresa Quallo 2000s
AndJW14 SIMPSON Neville 1990s
AndJW65 TERRELONGE Adolphus 1910s
AndJW25 TERRELONGE Antoinette 1940s
AndJW27 TERRELONGE Blanche 1980s
AndJW22 TERRELONGE Haylet 1990s
AndJW24 TERRELONGE Leo 1970s
AndJW20 TERRELONGE Mary E. 1980s
AndJW23 TERRELONGE Victor 1950s
AndJW64 TOREY Courtney 2000s
AndJW10 TRACEY Mary 1990s
AndJW10 TRACEY Thomas 2000s
AndJW06 WILLIAMS George R. 1980s
AndJW06 WILLIAMS Sean A. 1990s


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