All Saints’ Anglican, Richmond Park, Clarendon


|A – F||G – P||R – W|

A – F

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaAS037 ALLISON Algon Obediah 2000s
ClaAS095 ALLISON Charlott
ClaAS259 ALLISON Dorothy 1940s
ClaAS207 ALLISON Edna May 2000s
ClaAS208 ALLISON Enos Valentine 2000s
ClaAS114 ALLISON Estella
ClaAS224 ALLISON Grace 1960s
ClaAS104 ALLISON No given name
ClaAS113 ALLISON Sarah
ClaAS258 ALLISON Solomon A. 1960s
ClaAS096 ALLISON Stephen
ClaAS145 ALLISON-BARRETT Johanna 1990s
ClaAS174 ANDERSON John A. 1970s
ClaAS034 ANDERSON Myrtle E. 2000s
ClaAS174 ANDERSON Rebbecca, Mrs 1970s
ClaAS052 ASHLEY Emanuel 2000s
ClaAS022 BECKFORD Crasman 1970s
ClaAS028 BECKFORD Cyril Alexander, Snr 2000s
ClaAS220 BENT Elizabeth 2000s
ClaAS093 BOOTHE Mama
ClaAS043 BRADY Emeline 1960s
ClaAS199 BROWN Amey Louise 1970s
ClaAS266 BROWN Ezekiel Theothilus 2000s
ClaAS118 BROWN Gertrude Louisa 1990s
ClaAS158 BROWN Graceann 1980s
ClaAS221 BROWN Hubert A. 1960s
ClaAS069 BROWN Ira 2000s
ClaAS222 BROWN Leanora 1990s
ClaAS159 BROWN Wilbert 1990s
ClaAS033 BRYCE Edward Belmoth 2000s
ClaAS050 CAMPBELL Deliah 2000s
ClaAS178 CAMPBELL Donald A. 1980s
ClaAS262 CAMPBELL Isolyn V. 1990s
ClaAS051 CAMPBELL Uriah 1990s
ClaAS070 CAMPBELL Verone Brown 2000s
ClaAS191 CAMPBELL Wilburn A. 1960s
ClaAS161 CHAMBERS Edna 1970s
ClaAS006 COPELAND Angella Lovina 2000s
ClaAS152 COPELAND Brixton O. 2000s
ClaAS144 COPELAND Daniel Alexander 1990s
ClaAS153 COPELAND Roderick 2000s
ClaAS151 COPELAND Violet 1960s
ClaAS264 DABY Adrian 2000s
ClaAS263 DABY Claris Rochester 1990s
ClaAS003 DABY Edwin
ClaAS042 DABY Hubert 2000s
ClaAS134 DAWKINS Clifford 1990s
ClaAS132 DAWKINS Herdon Thomas 1980s
ClaAS023 DAWKINS Ishmael 2000s
ClaAS155 DYER Agatha, Mrs 2000s
ClaAS139 DYER Aldenna Adassa 1990s
ClaAS244 DYER Amanda Squires 1940s
ClaAS242 DYER Ashton Behue 1980s
ClaAS218 DYER Benjamin 1960s
ClaAS254 DYER Celeste 1980s
ClaAS243 DYER Charles Albert 1950s
ClaAS018 DYER Charles Samuel 2000s
ClaAS123 DYER Dean Orville 1990s
ClaAS215 DYER Edvadney Lucretia 1970s
ClaAS253 DYER Franklyn 1980s
ClaAS017 DYER Gladys May 2000s
ClaAS216 DYER James M. 1980s
ClaAS247 DYER James McGlashan 1930s
ClaAS078 DYER John E. 2000s
ClaAS248 DYER Joseph 1980s
ClaAS217 DYER Kadian 1980s
ClaAS085 DYER Louis 1990s
ClaAS252 DYER Louise, Mrs 1960s
ClaAS057 DYER Marva 2000s
ClaAS241 DYER Mary Lavonda 2000s
ClaAS077 DYER Neville 2000s
ClaAS256 DYER Rebecca 1940s
ClaAS143 DYER Reuben Simeon 1990s
ClaAS249 DYER Susan E. 1940s
ClaAS228 DYER Susan M. 1960s
ClaAS156 DYER Thomas 1990s
ClaAS186 DYER Yvonne 1980s
ClaAS071 EDWARDS Esmeta 2000s
ClaAS031 EDWARDS Sesmine 2000s
ClaAS173 ELLIS Percival 1970s
ClaAS021 EMANUEL Leonie 2000s
ClaAS074 EUBANK Irvin Livingstone 2000s
ClaAS025 FAGON Mavis Veronica 2000s
ClaAS210 FLETCHER Selma 1950s
ClaAS212 FLETCHER Walter 1970s
ClaAS211 FLETCHER Winnifred 1960s
ClaAS240 FORSYTHE Hyacinth 1980s

Provided by a visitor – DAWKINS, Paul Anthony, died 03 Jul 1989.

G – P

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaAS154 GAYLE Joseph 1990s
ClaAS167 GOTTSHALK A. 1960s
ClaAS164 GOTTSHALK Ezekiel
ClaAS162 GOTTSHALK Myrene Isabel 1980s
ClaAS140 GOTTSHALK Vera Amanda 1990s
ClaAS168 GOTTSHALK William
ClaAS209 GRANT George 1990s
ClaAS116 GRANT Ivanho
ClaAS150 GRANT Novlet V. 1990s
ClaAS117 GRANT Thomas
ClaAS181 GRANT Wilburn George 2000s
ClaAS082 HANSON Altymond 2000s
ClaAS081 HANSON Idean Whyne 2000s
ClaAS124 HENRY Robertha 1980s
ClaAS125 HENRY Sylburn 1990s
ClaAS265 HERON Hyacinth 1990s
ClaAS055 HEWITT Adolphus 2000s
ClaAS170 HILTON Sheila 1940s
ClaAS083 HINDS Beneto 2000s
ClaAS147 HINDS Ferdinand Augustus 1990s
ClaAS065 HINDS Pervin 2000s
ClaAS004 HOGARTH D. Clive 2000s
ClaAS005 HOGARTH Rupert J. 2000s
ClaAS133 HOWE Louise 1990s
ClaAS012 HOWELL Joscelyn 2000s
ClaAS171 HYLTON Lawrence Alma 1970s
ClaAS236 JOHNSON Elizabeth 1980s
ClaAS137 JOHNSON Israel 1990s
ClaAS185 JONES Adela P. 2000s
ClaAS075 JONES Arnold 2000s
ClaAS076 JONES Rebecca Jeneva 2000s
ClaAS119 JONES Suzette 1990s
ClaAS106 LAWRENCE Adelaide
ClaAS183 LAWRENCE Danny K. 2000s
ClaAS184 LAWRENCE Maurice Leopold 1990s
ClaAS049 LAWSON Denis 2000s
ClaAS013 LEWIN Dorothy 2000s
ClaAS097 LEWIN Gordina
ClaAS015 LLOYD Lena Joyce 2000s
ClaAS187 MANNING Uriah 1980s
ClaAS080 MANNING Vincent 2000s
ClaAS180 MARSHALLECK Alphonso 1990s
ClaAS188 MARSHALLECK Ena 1980s
ClaAS255 MARSHALLECK Francella 1940s
ClaAS176 MARSHALLECK Herbert F. 2000s
ClaAS175 MARSHALLECK Hubert Z. 1970s
ClaAS219 MARSHALLECK Martin 1970s
ClaAS177 MARSHALLECK Vivian A. 1980s
ClaAS135 McDONALD John 1990s
ClaAS136 McDONALD Louise Emily 2000s
ClaAS103 McFEE Doreen
ClaAS102 McFEE Thomas
ClaAS261 McLEAN Ethlyn 1990s
ClaAS179 McLEOD R. L. 1980s
ClaAS001 MELONES Victor Antonio 1920s
ClaAS084 MIGHTLY Landford Oliver 2000s
ClaAS138 MITCHELL Jessica T. 1990s
ClaAS121 MORGAN Azariah Agustus 1990s
ClaAS157 MORRISON Adolphy 1990s
ClaAS223 NEITA Gladys Raymous 1970s
ClaAS063 NEWELL John Nathaniel 2000s
ClaAS072 NEWELL Joseph 2000s
ClaAS064 NEWELL Linnette Adassa 2000s
ClaAS019 NEWELL Neville Duhaney 2000s
ClaAS115 NEWELL Noel
ClaAS068 OREILLY Osmond Allan 2000s
ClaAS260 OVENS Mary, Mrs 1950s
ClaAS245 PARCHMENT Linda Icilda 1930s
ClaAS246 PARCHMENT Talbot Anglin 1950s
ClaAS058 PETTIHOMME Lucinda Brown 2000s
ClaAS044 POMELLS Alice Elizabeth 2000s
ClaAS196 POMMELLS Albert D. 1980s
ClaAS235 POMMELLS Alpha Oliver 1980s
ClaAS195 POMMELLS Ethel Maud 1980s
ClaAS238 POMMELLS Keith Earlington 2000s
ClaAS198 POMMELLS Michael E. 1970s
ClaAS197 POMMELLS Priscilla 1970s
ClaAS079 POWELL Dorothy 2000s
ClaAS040 PRINCE Gregory 2000s

R – W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaAS226 RAYMOUS Ada 1950s
ClaAS225 RAYMOUS Alexander 1950s
ClaAS047 REID Alberto A. 2000s
ClaAS098 REID Ancella
ClaAS024 REID Conroy 2000s
ClaAS120 REID Hezekiah 1990s
ClaAS099 REID Velen
ClaAS032 RHODEN Negreta Edwards 2000s
ClaAS011 ROACHE Lucille A. Reid 2000s
ClaAS007 ROACHE Oswald Henry 2000s
ClaAS010 ROBINSON Hanan 2000s
ClaAS046 ROBINSON Mabel, Mrs 2000s
ClaAS045 ROBINSON Silous 1970s
ClaAS056 ROBINSON Thelma G. 2000s
ClaAS108 ROCHESTER Agnes 1960s
ClaAS107 ROCHESTER Herbert Lewellyn 1990s
ClaAS109 ROCHESTER Mary 1930s
ClaAS100 ROCHESTER Unknown
ClaAS194 ROYAL Olive Rose 2000s
ClaAS239 RUSSELL Austin 2000s
ClaAS141 RUSSELL Clifford Vincent 1990s
ClaAS142 RUSSELL Isadora 2000s
ClaAS048 RUSSELL James 2000s
ClaAS146 SAMUEL Alice, Mrs 1990s
ClaAS035 SCOTT Anneta 2000s
ClaAS182 SCOTT Austin Delesford 2000s
ClaAS002 SCOTT Jane Cathrine 2000s
ClaAS122 SCOTT Mavis Violet, Mrs 1990s
ClaAS067 SCOTT Sylvester Alberga 2000s
ClaAS237 SEGREE Alice Loretta 1990s
ClaAS206 SEGREE Edgar 2000s
ClaAS205 SEGREE Hyacinth 2000s
ClaAS193 SHORTER Ernest 1960s
ClaAS192 SHORTER Myrtle Jane 1980s
ClaAS227 SIMMS Maxcelle G. 1960s
ClaAS201 SIMPSON Aaron Stanford 1970s
ClaAS059 SIMPSON Advira A. 1980s
ClaAS214 SIMPSON Betsy 1970s
ClaAS213 SIMPSON Clarence Albert 1960s
ClaAS202 SIMPSON Constance Albertha 1970s
ClaAS009 SIMPSON Dearard 2000s
ClaAS148 SIMPSON Edward 1990s
ClaAS073 SIMPSON Ethline 2000s
ClaAS234 SIMPSON Grace 1960s
ClaAS251 SIMPSON Headly 1970s
ClaAS203 SIMPSON Hibbert George 1970s
ClaAS200 SIMPSON Iris May 1980s
ClaAS008 SIMPSON Jeneva 2000s
ClaAS160 SIMPSON Judith
ClaAS061 SIMPSON Kenneth R. 1990s
ClaAS204 SIMPSON Lorene Rose 1980s
ClaAS231 SIMPSON Mary B., Mrs 1960s
ClaAS149 SIMPSON Phyllis Agatha 1990s
ClaAS230 SIMPSON Rose R. 1940s
ClaAS060 SIMPSON Samuel A. 1960s
ClaAS229 SIMPSON Thomas K. 1950s
ClaAS233 SIMPSON Vernon M. 1980s
ClaAS232 SIMPSON William A. 1940s
ClaAS053 SMITH Douet 2000s
ClaAS041 SMITH Hubert George 2000s
ClaAS054 SMITH Zipporah 2000s
ClaAS021 SPENCE Desrine 2000s
ClaAS062 SPENCER A baby
ClaAS026 STEWART Rohan Mark Christopher 2000s
ClaAS130 TABANNER Henrietta
ClaAS036 TAYLOR Cecelia 2000s
ClaAS029 THOMAS Gertrude Scott 2000s
ClaAS111 THOMAS Iris
ClaAS020 THOMAS Ivylist Agatha 2000s
ClaAS110 THOMAS James
ClaAS014 THOMAS Lloyd 2000s
ClaAS038 THOMAS Lois 2000s
ClaAS066 WALKER Derelda Eugine 2000s
ClaAS128 WILLIAMS Asseneth
ClaAS127 WILLIAMS Edward
ClaAS129 WILLIAMS Ernest
ClaAS189 WILLIAMS Evelyn V. 1990s
ClaAS027 WILLIAMS Ezeta 2000s
ClaAS039 WILLIAMS Leslie Lovester 2000s
ClaAS126 WILLIAMS Lurline
ClaAS190 WILLIAMS Manasseh E. 1970s
ClaAS030 WILLIAMSON Denise 2000s
ClaAS250 WILLIAMSON Rachel S. 1980s
ClaAS088 WILLIS George
ClaAS087 WILLIS Jacob
ClaAS089 WILLIS Rita
ClaAS086 WILLIS Rose
ClaAS016 WILSON Lucilda 2000s


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