St Mark Anglican, St Elizabeth

St Mark, Southfield

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzMS085 ALBERGA Iris, Mrs 1970s
ElzMS034 ALMON Eloise M. 1890s
ElzMS003 ALVERANGA Dlawny Seaga 1990s
ElzMS009 ALVERANGA Esmine R. 1990s
ElzMS010 ALVERANGA Fredel M. 2000s
ElzMS005 ALVERANGA McKenzie 1990s
ElzMS149 ANDERSON Charles 2000s
ElzMS096 ANDERSON John 1970s
ElzMS097 ANDERSON Myrtle 1950s
ElzMS151 ANDERSON Percival James 2000s
ElzMS154 ANDERSON Percival James 2000s
ElzMS152 ANDERSON Viris May 2000s
ElzMS150 ANDERSON Vivienne 2000s
ElzMS004 BACCAS James Roy 2000s
ElzMS160 BANTON Daisy 2000s
ElzMS087 BARTLEY Gwendolyn E. 1970s
ElzMS156 BENT Cecil G. 2000s
ElzMS084 BENT Charles Robert 1990s
ElzMS083 BENT Doris May 1990s
ElzMS012 BENT Ellen 1990s
ElzMS161 BENT Headley Arthur 1970s
ElzMS157 BENT Iris L. 2000s
ElzMS014 BENT Novlet E. 1990s
ElzMS161 BENT Sarah Maria 1980s
ElzMS122 BINNS R. D. 1940s
ElzMS108 BLAIR Alice Adelaide 1960s
ElzMS092 BLAIR Alice Eliza 1920s
ElzMS107 BLAIR Campbell Horatio 1970s
ElzMS094 BLAIR Constance 1970s
ElzMS093 BLAIR David Campbell 1890s
ElzMS106 BLAIR Ina Rosella 1970s
ElzMS109 BLAIR Irene Elizabeth 1920s
ElzMS110 BLAKE Bradley George 2000s
ElzMS118 BOWEN Hilda May 1970s
ElzMS135 BROMFIELD Ann R. 1960s
ElzMS136 BROMFIELD Duncan N. 1960s
ElzMS059 BROMFIELD Garth 1980s
ElzMS067 BROWN Margaret R. 1980s
ElzMS041 BURKE Donald Demetrius 2000s
ElzMS006 BURTON Niletta Alfreda 1980s
ElzMS165 BURTON Reuben 2000s
ElzMS047 CAMERON Christopher 1990s
ElzMS162 CLACKEN Constance 1990s
ElzMS121 COHEN Florence 1950s
ElzMS146 COLE Noel O. 2000s
ElzMS145 CRAWFORD Harrington Bancroft 1990s
ElzMS144 CRAWFORD Muriel Monica 1990s
ElzMS049 DaCOSTA Belva I. 1980s
ElzMS048 DaCOSTA Clifford M. 1980s
ElzMS050 DaCOSTA Hamlin 1980s
ElzMS050 DaCOSTA Sislin 1980s
ElzMS128 DELEVANTE Fern 1990s
ElzMS129 DELEVANTE Leslie 1970s
ElzMS166 DIXON Clifford M. 2000s
ElzMS159 DUNCAN Ellen 2000s
ElzMS140 EBANKS Audley 2000s
ElzMS141 EBANKS Margaret 1980s
ElzMS064 EBANKS Mervyn M. 2000s
ElzMS139 EBANKS Noel 1990s
ElzMS155 EDWARDS Vernett Gwendolyn 2000s
ElzMS053 EDWARDS-POWELL Pansy Delora, Rev 2000s
ElzMS074 ELLIOTT Roxy 1980s
ElzMS007 ELLIOTT Victor 1990s
ElzMS089 EVANS Nora Emily 1940s
ElzMS115 FOSTER Adelaide Robertha 1950s
ElzMS116 FOSTER David Augustus 1960s
ElzMS123 GAYLE Alfred 1950s
ElzMS125 GAYLE Alfred 1990s
ElzMS082 GAYLE Edward 1970s
ElzMS036 GAYLE Ermie Hyacinth 1990s
ElzMS042 GAYLE Ethlyn 1980s
ElzMS124 GAYLE Ivylin 1990s
ElzMS035 GAYLE Linton Claude 1990s
ElzMS081 GAYLE Mary Matilda 1960s
ElzMS033 GORDON Beatrice Montague 1960s
ElzMS098 GOULBOURNE Charlotte 1980s
ElzMS099 GOULBOURNE Morrel E. 1960s
ElzMS088 GREEN Agnes Valrie 1970s
ElzMS117 HEWITT Jane 1960s
ElzMS111 HINDS Florence 1980s
ElzMS101 JOHNSON Irene 1960s
ElzMS068 JOHNSON Julia Zipporah 1970s
ElzMS071 KATES Mrs Hazel 1960s
ElzMS076 KNIGHT Susan Mary 1990s
ElzMS054 LEVY Mahala 1970s
ElzMS091 MALCOLM Leagon Ashley 2000s
ElzMS040 MARTIN William Wittingham 2000s
ElzMS131 McDONALD James 1990s
ElzMS132 McDONALD Martha 1990s
ElzMS075 McINTOSH Dorcas Elizabeth 1970s
ElzMS063 McINTOSH Mary, Mrs 1970s
ElzMS090 McLEAN Margaret 1910s
ElzMS051 MILLER Daneil Arthur 2000s
ElzMS158 MINOTT Beatrice 2000s
ElzMS164 MITCHELL Clarice A. 2000s
ElzMS023 MONTAGUE Ada M. 1950s
ElzMS029 MONTAGUE Anthony 1980s
ElzMS032 MONTAGUE Duane M. 1960s
ElzMS028 MONTAGUE Edgar A. 1950s
ElzMS021 MONTAGUE Etta V. 1960s
ElzMS143 MONTAGUE Florence 1980s
ElzMS019 MONTAGUE Ivan L. 1940s
ElzMS018 MONTAGUE John David 1940s
ElzMS142 MONTAGUE Lawrence 1990s
ElzMS030 MONTAGUE Lindbergh Leo 1990s
ElzMS015 MONTAGUE Matthew 1900s
ElzMS016 MONTAGUE Matthew 1900s
ElzMS022 MONTAGUE Matthew S. 1950s
ElzMS031 MONTAGUE Mervyn Athelston 1990s
ElzMS020 MONTAGUE Oscar G. 1950s
ElzMS029 MONTAGUE Rupert 1980s
ElzMS017 MONTAGUE Sophia 1910s
ElzMS148 MYERS Vincent Charles 1990s
ElzMS061 NATION Carlton Lloyd 2000s
ElzMS055 NATION Harold 1970s
ElzMS060 NATION Jasmine Annmarie 2000s
ElzMS013 NOTICE Mervie 2000s
ElzMS127 PARCHMENT Amy 1970s
ElzMS130 PARCHMENT Beulah Veronica 1990s
ElzMS126 PARCHMENT Earl W. 1960s
ElzMS073 PITTER Mervilyn Millington 2000s
ElzMS103 POWELL Esmine 1980s
ElzMS095 POWELL Ransford 2000s
ElzMS105 POWELL Reynolds Earle 1990s
ElzMS104 POWELL-CAMPBELL Lynda Merle 2000s
ElzMS112 REID Henry Theodore 1920s
ElzMS113 REID Margaret A. 1950s
ElzMS114 REID Maybel Louise 1980s
ElzMS147 RICKETTS Winston 1990s
ElzMS062 ROBINSON Gaynel Avis, Mrs 1980s
ElzMS078 RUSSELL Wilton Joseph 1980s
ElzMS137 SANGSTER Enid 1990s
ElzMS138 SIDDONS Reynolds 1980s
ElzMS044 SIMPSON Adline Robertha 1960s
ElzMS011 SIMPSON Robert 1990s
ElzMS001 SMITH Edward James 1930s
ElzMS100 SMITH Emily 1960s
ElzMS120 SMITH Gwendolyn 1990s
ElzMS002 SMITH Susan Adelaide 1940s
ElzMS119 SMITH Wesley 1970s
ElzMS133 SPEID Dorcas A. 1950s
ElzMS134 SPEID R. W. O’Neil 1970s
ElzMS065 STEPHENSON Eric 2000s
ElzMS079 STEPHENSON Francis G. 2000s
ElzMS056 STEPHENSON Louis N. 1960s
ElzMS058 STEPHENSON Maurice 1980s
ElzMS026 STEPHENSON Isolyn, Mrs 1910s
ElzMS027 STEPHENSON Rosa 1930s
ElzMS025 STEPHENSON Sergeant Major Cecil 1970s
ElzMS024 STEPHENSON Sybil Alder 1970s
ElzMS066 STEPHENSON Urville H. 2000s
ElzMS057 STEPHENSON Violet May 1980s
ElzMS070 STERLING Grace 1970s
ElzMS163 THOMAS Obrel 2000s
ElzMS046 TINGLIN William L. 1970s
ElzMS072 WALKER William 1960s
ElzMS052 WELLINGTON Elleston Timothy 1970s
ElzMS086 WELLINGTON Jane S. 1960s
ElzMS069 WHITFIELD Dalcey C. 1970s
ElzMS045 WILLIAMS Andy 1980s
ElzMS102 WILLIAMS Ellen 1960s
ElzMS153 WILLS L. Lamour 2000s
ElzMS080 WINT Dorrett L. 1990s
ElzMS043 WRAY Olive 1990s
ElzMS037 WRIGHT Audley Richardo 2000s
ElzMS038 WRIGHT Ivy A. L. 1990s
ElzMS039 WRIGHT Stanley Caswell 1980s
ElzMS077 WYNTER Rupert Joseph 1950s


2 Responses to St Mark Anglican, St Elizabeth


    Ann-Marie: Please correct name written above as L. Lamour Willis – Her name was L. Lamour WILLS. Thanks, Bev.

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