St Barnabas Anglican, George’s Plain, Westmoreland

St Barnabas, Georges Plain

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesBG070 AJARIE Christopher 1990s
WesBG022 BECKFORD Bertilee 1980s
WesBG060 BENNIE Shavel 2000s
WesBG023 BOYD Gwendolyn 1980s
WesBG015 BOYD Jolly 1990s
WesBG024 BOYD Leslie 1980s
WesBG074 BROWN Ethlyn Louise 1990s
WesBG069 BROWN Geveta Morales 1990s
WesBG086 BRYDSON William B. 1950s
WesBG029 BUCKNOR Charlotte, Mrs 1970s
WesBG089 BUCKRIDGE Manley McCartney 1990s
WesBG030 CHAMBERS Nathan 1960s
WesBG001 CHAMBERS Vera Natalie 2000s
WesBG083 CHEDDESINGH Hyacinth Evelyn, Mrs 1970s
WesBG084 CHEDDESINGH Marian Eliza, Mrs 1970s
WesBG071 CHEDDESINGH Mavis Leonie 2000s
WesBG085 CHEDDESINGH Sydney Saldana 1970s
WesBG079 CHEDDESINGH Walter James, Jnr 2000s
WesBG080 CHEDDESINGH Walter James, Snr 1990s
WesBG007 CLARKE Julia Valarie 1990s
WesBG092 CLARKE William 1970s
WesBG010 COOKE John 2000s
WesBG009 COOKE Louise 2000s
WesBG006 COOTE Wilfred Henry 2000s
WesBG032 DAWNES Ceciley 1980s
WesBG005 DELVAILLE Ethel Agatha 1990s
WesBG078 DRUMMOND Elvie 2000s
WesBG075 DUDLEY Inez Adella
WesBG020 DUNN Frank Zacariah 2000s
WesBG072 EDWARDS Helene Erica, Mrs 1990s
WesBG016 ELLIS Clifton A. 2000s
WesBG059 ESPEUT Charles Whitbourne 2000s
WesBG101 GRANT Sarah 1980s
WesBG004 GREENIDGE Ottoline 1990s
WesBG064 GREGORY Jordan R. 1990s
WesBG008 HARRY Sylvia 1990s
WesBG098 HUTCHIN Aston H. 1970s
WesBG091 HUTCHIN Myrtle E. 1970s
WesBG097 JAMES Albert A. 1960s
WesBG018 JONES Ansel Hayden 2000s
WesBG003 JONES James Henry 1990s
WesBG054 KAMPTA Geneveive Beatrice 1970s
WesBG082 KIRLEW Eric Melvin 1980s
WesBG002 LAWRENCE Daisy A. 1990s
WesBG042 LAWSON Henry 2000s
WesBG081 LINDO Astley Norman 1990s
WesBG025 McCULLOCH Alice A. 1970s
WesBG061 McCULLOCH Doris 2000s
WesBG014 McCULLOCH Gerald Anthony 1990s
WesBG027 McCULLOCH Irma Joyce 1970s
WesBG028 McCULLOCH Roland A. 1970s
WesBG026 McCULLOCH Thomas T. 1970s
WesBG031 McCULLOCH-COPE Kathleen 1980s
WesBG013 McCULLOCK Clive 2000s
WesBG046 McFARLANE Ruby 1990s
WesBG090 McLEOD Catherine E. 1980s
WesBG073 MILLER Maud A. 1990s
WesBG068 MYERS Daniel 1970s
WesBG067 MYERS Edith 1970s
WesBG066 MYERS Everton P. 2000s
WesBG019 MYERS Ivy Maud 2000s
WesBG058 NORTON Henry Godden 2000s
WesBG040 PARCHMENT Carl Henry 2000s
WesBG099 PENNICOOK Despie Louiser 1970s
WesBG096 PENNICOOK James 1960s
WesBG077 PEYNADO Hugh L. 1980s
WesBG076 PEYNADO Miriam 2000s
WesBG011 PRYCE Ruby V. 2000s
WesBG055 REID Ivor Anthony 1970s
WesBG056 REID Joan 1990s
WesBG045 REID Laurice E. 2000s
WesBG088 REID Mabel S. 1980s
WesBG056 REID Maud A. 2000s
WesBG045 REID Webster O. 1980s
WesBG065 REID-THARKUR Gwendolyn 2000s
WesBG017 RICKETTS Roy Astley 2000s
WesBG095 ROBINSON Wilfred H. 1950s
WesBG037 ROSE Cleveland Baldwin 2000s
WesBG044 ROSE Zippora Almina 2000s
WesBG047 SIRJUE Ancelin 1990s
WesBG012 SMITH Dennis 2000s
WesBG057 SPENCE Hyacinth V. 1980s
WesBG063 SWEENEY Robert 2000s
WesBG053 THOMPSON Charles Archibald 1960s
WesBG052 THOMPSON Hilda Albertha 1980s
WesBG048 TITUS-PARRIS Karlene A. B. 1990s
WesBG094 TURNER Alice, Mrs 1950s
WesBG043 TURNER Keith Donald 2000s
WesBG093 TURNER Laurel 1970s
WesBG050 TURNER Leopold Isaac 1980s
WesBG051 TURNER Maizie Elaine 1970s
WesBG102 TURNER Z. V. 1960s
WesBG103 TURNER Z. W. 1960s
WesBG049 TURNER-TITUS Beryl W. 1970s
WesBG036 WEBSTER Errol 2000s
WesBG036 WEBSTER Mae 2000s
WesBG041 WEDDERBURN Aston Radcliffe 2000s
WesBG100 WHITEHEAD Kathleen 1990s
WesBG062 WILLIAMS Sadrene Larola 2000s
WesBG033 WOOLCOCK Constance Eugennie 1980s
WesBG034 WOOLCOCK Doris Leonne
WesBG021 WOOLCOCK Eva Agatha 1990s
WesBG035 WOOLCOCK Simeon Adolphus 1980s
WesBG087 WOOLERY Florence 1950s
WesBG038 YOUNG Clarice Aneita 2000s
WesBG039 YOUNG Stennett 2000s


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