May Pen Cemetery, Kingston – Section A


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MPC00108 ADDISON Marcus A. 1970s
MPC00014 ANDERSON Ethel Agatha 1990s
MPC00101 ANDERSON Sarah, Mrs 1920s
MPC00056 ANDRADE Justin 1940s
MPC00114 BAILEY Wilburn A. 1950s
MPC00041 BANNER Edward 1960s
MPC00092 BARRETT Ada 1950s
MPC00097 BAYMAN Edward Reid 1980s
MPC00116 BOLTON Louise Birmingham 1920s
MPC00148 BROADBELT Arthur Messias 1950s
MPC00109 BROWN Cyril 1950s
MPC00013 BROWN Gladys Mae 1990s
MPC00021 BROWN Mary Magdeline 1970s
MPC00104 BROWN Robert Anthony 1990s
MPC00080 BRYAN Roy George 2000s
MPC00067 BUNDY Caroline 1940s
MPC00069 BUNDY Leonard L. Melville 1940s
MPC00068 BUNDY Whiley S. Melville 1940s
MPC00033 BURFORD Antonette 1970s
MPC00029 BURKE Milton Hugh 1970s
MPC00002 BURKE Samuel Ivanhoe 1950s
MPC00065 BYNDLOSS Elizabeth 1930s
MPC00026 CAMERON Edith 1950s
MPC00005 CAMPBELL Edward S. 1950s
MPC00144 CAMPBELL Ezekiel 2000s
MPC00053 CAMPBELL Leonora Madeline 1950s
MPC00121 CAMPBELL James Agustagus 1950s
MPC00117 CHEVANNES Julia M. 1950s
MPC00154 CLARKE Edith W., Mrs 1960s
MPC00018 COLEY Charles M. 1960s
MPC00010 COX Laura, Mrs 1950s
MPC00110 CUMBERLAND Charles N. 1930s
MPC00118 CUMBERLAND Charlotte R. 1930s
MPC00138 DAVIDSON Jessie May 1950s
MPC00023 DAVIS Albert Balfour 2000s
MPC00059 DAVIS Percival Henry 1950s
MPC00147 DENNIE Marian Hall, Mrs 1920s
MPC00009 DOUGLAS Jodianne 1980s
MPC00107 DUHANEY Thomas C. 1930s
MPC00035 EADES Eric 1940s
MPC00063 EASY Edith Elora 1950s
MPC00043 EDWARDS Beatrice 1960s
MPC00003 ELLIS Felecia D. 1990s
MPC00127 FALCONER Frank Lionel 1920s
MPC00142 FOSTER Vera Maud 1920s
MPC00028 FREEMAN Shadrack 1950s
MPC00040 GAYLE Margaret
MPC00051 GIBBS Wilhelmina 1940s
MPC00133 GOLDING Sydney Wellington 1950s
MPC00050 GORDON Elsa
MPC00115 HARDING Bridget A. 1950s
MPC00128 HARRIS Osmond Raphael 1920s
MPC00113 HENRY Doris 1950s
MPC00095 HENRY Felix T. 1950s
MPC00044 HENRY Mabel, Mrs 1960s
MPC00061 HIBBERT Enet Elvera 2000s
MPC00143 HINCHCLIFFE Walter George 1920s
MPC00048 HUDSON Selwyn Norman 1940s
MPC00070 HUTCHINSON Rohan 2000s
MPC00016 INGLETON Icylin 1960s
MPC00017 INGLETON Malchus 1970s
MPC00079 JACOBS Gertrude E., Mrs 1950s
MPC00096 JAMES Gretel
MPC00030 JAMES Robert
MPC00139 JAMES Rose 1970s
MPC00120 JOHNSON Ayesha Tiffany-Kaye 1990s
MPC00001 JOHNSON Noel George 1970s
MPC00146 KITCHIN Samuel Morgan 1950s
MPC00032 KNIGHT George M. 1950s
MPC00155 LAWRENCE Edward A. 1930s
MPC00098 LAWRENCE Sylvia 1970s
MPC00037 LEE Eustace 1980s
MPC00145 LEEVY Agnes Milicent 1980s
MPC00152 LEEVY Constance A. 1990s
MPC00150 LEEVY John D. 1940s
MPC00151 LEEVY Emma Augusta, Mrs 1920s
MPC00087 LEGISTER Indiana 1960s
MPC00047 LEVY Margaret Pamela 2000s
MPC00086 LOGAN Mary Elizabeth 1920s
MPC00072 MARSHALLET Crystal Francis 1990s
MPC00140 MARTIN Roslyn, Mrs 1960s
MPC00149 MASSON Andrew Francis 1950s
MPC00075 McCAW Clinton Armon Lloyd 1930s
MPC00076 McCAW Grace Eleanor 1950s
MPC00077 McCAW Hilda 1950s
MPC00132 McCOY Ivy, Mrs 1970s
MPC00012 MILLER Albert Balfour 1950s
MPC00156 MILLINGTON Jacob A. 1950s
MPC00025 MORGAN Henry
MPC00093 MUNDA Elvina 1970s
MPC00093 MUNDA James 1970s
MPC00131 NIGHTINGALE Ida 1950s
MPC00131 NIGHTINGALE Samuel 1930s
MPC00054 NOOKS Mable 2000s
MPC00119 O’BRIEN David Segismund 1950s
MPC00094 PALMER Henry P. 1950s
MPC00049 PALMER Rohan 1980s
MPC00105 PAUL Nee 1930s
MPC00126 POLLACK Henry M. 1940s
MPC00020 POLO Bro. D. E. S. 1950s
MPC00042 PRATT Rittenlla J. 1970s
MPC00130 PUGH Rebecca 1960s
MPC00078 RAMPASSARD Bertram 1960s
MPC00039 REID Fitzgerald
MPC00008 REID N. E., Mrs 1950s
MPC00052 REYNOLDS J. W. 1940s
MPC00034 REYNOLDS Nena E. 1950s
MPC00141 RICHARDS Dorcas Maud 1930s
MPC00071 RITCHIE Lincoln 2000s
MPC00084 ROACH Sybil C. 1930s
MPC00091 ROBERTS Errol 1980s
MPC00103 ROBINSON Alice 1970s
MPC00006 ROBOTHAM Felix Augustus 1970s
MPC00007 ROBOTHAM Laura 1960s
MPC00011 ROBOTHAM Myrtle Eileen 1950s
MPC00082 ROSE George Sylvester 1960s
MPC00099 ROSE Wycliffe
MPC00038 SAMUELS Theophilus A. 2000s
MPC00004 SCOTT Clemmy L. 1950s
MPC00046 SCOTT Ethel Ivy 2000s
MPC00045 SCOTT Margaret 2000s
MPC00074 SEWELL Laura 1970s
MPC00085 SEWELL Oneil
MPC00062 SHORTRIDGE Anthony 2000s
MPC00158 SIMMONS Marie
MPC00102 SINCLAIR Almira Citrine 1960s
MPC00024 SLATER Blanche 1990s
MPC00058 SMITH A. St. G. 1970s
MPC00064 SMITH Edward Benjamin 1950s
MPC00083 SMITH Eva 1950s
MPC00112 SMITH James N. 1950s
MPC00057 SMITH John Emanuel 1950s
MPC00111 SMITH Sebert H. 1970s
MPC00134 SMITH William Stephen 1950s
MPC00036 STERRETT Windell 2000s
MPC00153 SUTHERLAND Daphne 1970s
MPC00060 TALU Bobnie 1950s
MPC00129 TAYLOR Alfonso 1970s
MPC00031 THOMPSON Ercel 1990s
MPC00066 THOMPSON Emily, Mrs 1950s
MPC00157 THOMPSON Euportia, Mrs 1970s
MPC00135 THWAITES Isabel 1950s
MPC00136 THWAITES William Alexander 1940s
MPC00022 TULLOCH Lena, Mrs 1950s
MPC00106 WALCOTT Jennie 1950s
MPC00073 WALLACE Marjorie 2000s
MPC00081 WALTER Pauline Elaine 1950s
MPC00122 WHITE Florance 1940s
MPC00137 WILKINS Egbert C. 1990s
MPC00123 WILLIAMS Bhiya 1960s
MPC00090 WILLIAMS David Lloyd 1920s
MPC00090 WILLIAMS Edwina Satira 1940s
MPC00015 WILLIAMS Joseph 1990s
MPC00124 WILLIAMS Latchmin, Mrs 1930s
MPC00125 WITTER Martha 1950s
MPC00019 WOLFE Olive Louise 1950s
MPC00088 WOODBINE Joseph B. 1940s
MPC00089 WOODBINE Annie Maria, Mrs 1930s
MPC00027 WRIGHT Gladys E., Mrs 1950s


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