St Ann’s Bay Public Cemetery, St Ann’s Bay, St Ann

Story goes, a person of unsound mind set the building a fire!!!


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnCEM058 BAILEY Wilbert L. 1980s
AnnCEM030 BARTLETT Mary 1920s
AnnCEM076 BLAKE Aubrey 2000s
AnnCEM050 BROWN Bajae 2000s
AnnCEM045 BROWN Doreen 2010s
AnnCEM062 BROWN Franklyn 2000s
AnnCEM041 CAMPBELL Agatha 2000s
AnnCEM031 CAMPBELL Jane Ann 2000s
AnnCEM067 CLARK Allan 1970s
AnnCEM054 CLARKE Cedric 1980s
AnnCEM055 CLARKE Monica 1980s
AnnCEM009 CORK Ann Eliza 1870s
AnnCEM007 CORK Annie Eliza 1930s
AnnCEM012 CORK Josias Rev. 1890s
AnnCEM008 CORK Paulina 1920s
AnnCEM051 DARBY Gertilin 1960s
AnnCEM052 DARBY-KELLY Clementina 1990s
AnnCEM042 DAVIS Myrtle 1980s
AnnCEM024 DeLISSER Elizabeth 1920s
AnnCEM022 FRASER Esme Leonie 1900s
AnnCEM028 FRASER Frank Leslie
AnnCEM026 FRASER Grace Wilhelmina 1920s
AnnCEM029 FRASER Minnie Louise 1970s
AnnCEM021 FRASER Ruby Monica 1910s
AnnCEM027 FRASER Rupert Carlile 1920s
AnnCEM065 FRASER Wilbert 2000s
AnnCEM070 GARCIA John 1920s
AnnCEM070 GARCIA Lou 1940s
AnnCEM015 GOFFEE Alfred C. 1950s
AnnCEM019 GOFFEE Lena Alice 1940s
AnnCEM016 GOTÉ Jane Miss
AnnCEM004 GRANT Neville George 2010s
AnnCEM073 GRANT William 2000s
AnnCEM011 GRUBER Parkinson Osborne 1890s
AnnCEM010 GRUBER Sarah Catherine 1870s
AnnCEM039 HALL-CLARKE Jasmine Mrs. 1980s
AnnCEM077 HARRIS Joyce Pearl 1950s
AnnCEM020 HART Alice 1920s
AnnCEM023 HART Fred
AnnCEM017 HART Isabella Mrs.
AnnCEM005 HENTON Walton 2000s
AnnCEM060 HUDSON Claudius C. 1960s
AnnCEM059 HUDSON Mary K. Mrs. 1980s
AnnCEM006 JACKSON Hupert 2010s
AnnCEM033 JARRETT Daphne May 2000s
AnnCEM032 JARRETT Eric A. 2010s
AnnCEM046 JARRETT Ezekiel 1950s
AnnCEM048 JARRETT Headly Young 1990s
AnnCEM049 JARRETT Helena Louise 2000s
AnnCEM066 JARRETT Inoie 2000s
AnnCEM047 JOHNSON Roslyn 2000s
AnnCEM068 KERR Clifford Alton 2000s
AnnCEM070 KERR David 1950s
AnnCEM070 KERR Eva 1930s
AnnCEM069 KERR Vera Hyacinth 1990s
AnnCEM064 LEGISTER Leonard B. 2000s
AnnCEM075 LEWIS Micheal 2010s
AnnCEM074 LEWIS Richard 2010s
AnnCEM002 LIVINGSTON Leonard 2010s
AnnCEM003 LIVINGSTONE Gloria 2010s
AnnCEM036 MAIR H. R. 1930s
AnnCEM036 MAIR Josephine 1930s
AnnCEM036 MAIR Violet 1930s
AnnCEM014 MATTHEWS George P.
AnnCEM013 McHUGH Dorothy
AnnCEM013 McHUGH Eugenia Augusta
AnnCEM013 McHUGH Ivan
AnnCEM013 McHUGH Luther Isaac Capt.
AnnCEM063 MILLER Alvin 2000s
AnnCEM040 MORGAN Gwendolyn 2000s
AnnCEM018 MORRIS Mary Mrs.
AnnCEM072 PEARSON Thomas Isaac 2000s
AnnCEM038 PHILPOTTS Steadman 1980s
AnnCEM053 PITT James E. 1950s
AnnCEM001 ROSE Polsie May 2010s
AnnCEM037 ROSE Alfred 1980s
AnnCEM071 ROSE Marcia 2000s
AnnCEM079 SAMUELLS Collin George 2000s
AnnCEM034 SCOTT E. R. F. Mrs. 1960s
AnnCEM044 SEWELL Ruth Ann 1950s
AnnCEM043 SEWELL Theophilus C. 1950s
AnnCEM078 STEPHENSON Iris 1970s
AnnCEM025 TOUZALIN Cora Louise 1960s
AnnCEM057 WALTERS Yvonne C. 2000s
AnnCEM061 WHITE George S. 1920s
AnnCEM035 WILLIAMS Cecil 2000s
AnnCEM056 WILLIAMS Effie 1970s