St Luke’s Anglican, Manchester

St Luke's, Smithfield

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManSL38 ALLEN Bernice 1930s
ManSL41 ALLEN Charles Bloomfield 1980s
ManSL42 ALLEN David George 1960s
ManSL03 ALLEN Harold W., Rev 2000s
ManSL41 ALLEN Lena Ethleta 1980s
ManSL44 ALLEN Miss Ruth 1980s
ManSL43 ALLEN Pa. Te 1980s
ManSL20 BARR Robert 1880s
ManSL31 BENJAMIN Diana 1910s
ManSL09 BIRD Isolyn 2000s
ManSL06 BLACK Clarise Alitha 1990s
ManSL47 BROWN Jane 1990s
ManSL13 COCKETT Gladstone Nathaniel 1980s
ManSL14 COCKETT Iris Imogene 1980s
ManSL15 COLE Everton C. 1990s
ManSL25 CRAWFORD Abcan Raymond 1890s
ManSL27 CRAWFORD Allan B. 1910s
ManSL34 CRAWFORD Allan M. 1940s
ManSL26 CRAWFORD Christina, Mrs 1900s
ManSL01 DAVIS Percival 2000s
ManSL10 DUNKLEY Etta Louise 1990s
ManSL02 DURRANT Naomi A. Benjamin 2000s
ManSL12 ELLIS Gladys 1990s
ManSL40 ELLIS Maerose L. 1980s
ManSL40 ELLIS Thomas 1980s
ManSL04 GOLDING Edgar 2000s
ManSL18 GOLDING Egbert 1970s
ManSL19 GOLDING Mertelle 1960s
ManSL17 HAZEL Hazel Maud 1980s
ManSL35 HERON James 1940s
ManSL36 HERON Rosa 1940s
ManSL39 HOWELL Jane 1990s
ManSL30 LOMBARD Samuel 1900s
ManSL21 MORRISON Ann 1950s
ManSL28 MORRISON Isaac 1900s
ManSL11 PRYCE Joseph 1990s
ManSL16 REID Susan E. 1980s
ManSL07 REID William Adolphus 1990s
ManSL33 RICMOND Issac 1930s
ManSL08 ROBINSON Florence 1990s
ManSL23 SOMERVILLE Francis Ann 1940s
ManSL24 SOMERVILLE Thomas Gustavus 1930s
ManSL37 STULTZ Mary D., Mrs 1940s
ManSL22 WEBSTER Charles 1940s
ManSL46 WRIGHT Amy Elizabeth 2000s
ManSL45 WRIGHT Ernest G. H. 1980s
ManSL32 WRIGHT Jane 1970s
ManSL29 WRIGHT Louis 1920s
ManSL05 WRIGHT Mavis 2000s


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