St D’Acre Tabernacle, St D’Acre, St Ann

St D'Acre Tabernacle

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnDT45 BARRETT Mary Jane 1970s
AnnDT08 BLACKWOOD E. V. 1980s
AnnDT69 BORELAND Sarah J. 2000s
AnnDT44 BRAMWELL Owen 1980s
AnnDT27 BRODERICK George Harry 2000s
AnnDT28 BRODERICK Gladys 1990s
AnnDT47 BROWN Albertha E. 1980s
AnnDT46 BROWN Anabella 1970s
AnnDT46 BROWN David 1970s
AnnDT47 BROWN George C. 1980s
AnnDT22 BROWN Harriston 2000s
AnnDT58 BROWN henrietta 1970s
AnnDT02 CAMPBELL Helen Wallace 1930s
AnnDT51 CLARKE Viola, Mrs 1980s
AnnDT65 CRAIG Inez 1990s
AnnDT01 CRAWFORD Edith 1960s
AnnDT66 EDWARDS Melda B. [WILLIAMS] 1990s
AnnDT17 FRATER Ebenezer L. 1960s
AnnDT54 GRANT Ina Louise 1970s
AnnDT68 GRANT Winnifred 2000s
AnnDT59 HENRY Levi 1970s
AnnDT37 HIGGINS Ezekiel 1970s
AnnDT57 JAMES Henrietta 1970s
AnnDT63 JOHNSON David 1990s
AnnDT62 JOHNSON Francella 2000s
AnnDT38 JOHNSON Ivanior 1970s
AnnDT32 JOHNSON James 1990s
AnnDT31 JOHNSON Ruby Mae 2000s
AnnDT64 JOHNSON Wilhelmenia 1990s
AnnDT07 JOHNSTON Henry Grattan, M.D. 1920s
AnnDT06 JOHNSTON James, M.D. 1920s
AnnDT04 JOHNSTON Louie 1930s
AnnDT07 JOHNSTON Thirza Agnes 1910s
AnnDT03 KENNEDY Baby 1930s
AnnDT13 LAWRENCE Chas. W. 1960s
AnnDT09 LINTON Alfred 1960s
AnnDT60 LINTON Charles 1990s
AnnDT61 LINTON Irene 1980s
AnnDT10 LINTON P. L. Walford, Mrs 1960s
AnnDT48 MAIS Vera 1990s
AnnDT30 MUMBY Nathan 1980s
AnnDT23 MURPHY Claudius 2000s
AnnDT24 MURPHY Victoria 1990s
AnnDT56 NELSON Evelyn A., Mrs 2000s
AnnDT55 NELSON Orlando B. 1970s
AnnDT35 PALMER Cecil 1990s
AnnDT34 PALMER Melda 1990s
AnnDT12 PATTEN Clifford 1990s
AnnDT40 PATTEN Daniel 1980s
AnnDT33 PATTEN Lester George 1990s
AnnDT11 PATTEN Merdella Johnson 1990s
AnnDT41 PATTEN Muriel Maud 1990s
AnnDT39 PATTEN Muriel Maude 1980s
AnnDT52 PERRY Ethel 1980s
AnnDT26 SCOTT Frances, Mrs 1970s
AnnDT25 SCOTT Joshua B. 1980s
AnnDT29 SCOTT Michael 1950s
AnnDT14 SHIRLEY Assana 2000s
AnnDT18 SMITH Jean E. Palmer 2000s
AnnDT20 SPENCE Alice Rebecca 1950s
AnnDT21 SPENCE Edward Daniel 1950s
AnnDT21 SPENCE Maria 1960s
AnnDT05 STEWART Alfred G., Rev. 2000s
AnnDT05 STEWART Bertha 1990s
AnnDT15 STEWART Charles 2000s
AnnDT16 STEWART Edith May 1990s
AnnDT49 TURNBULL Harold 1980s
AnnDT50 TURNBULL Wilhel, Mrs 1980s
AnnDT42 WALTERS Judith 2000s
AnnDT43 WALTERS Lambert 1980s
AnnDT36 WALTERS Loretta 1980s
AnnDT19 WEST Hilda M. 2000s
AnnDT53 WILSON Alfred 1970s
AnnDT67 WILSON Icilda 2000s


14 Responses to St D’Acre Tabernacle, St D’Acre, St Ann

  1. Fantastic ! I was brought-up in the Tabernacle Church in Aenon Town/ Laughton Town Clarendon. everlasting memories. Thanks

  2. les simms says:

    I was brought up also at st. D’acre loving memories Les Simms

  3. Linford Cole says:

    Good memories.l was brought up at the Barracks Tabernacle.I remember my mother going to St.Dacre for Belivers day and conferences . We had great preachers of the Gospel too many to mention.

  4. Enid May Frater…proud member of this church and sales of land to this church

  5. Richard says:

    Does anyone know the Lawrence family ,(Hubert,Peter,Lester,Eppie,and others Lymtree Gardens St Ann Parish ThankYou

  6. Densworth Porter says:

    This church laid the foundation for who I am in Christ Jesus my lord. Ioved the preaching of pastor Stewart and the playing of that powerful organ by my grand uncle lambert walters.

  7. Jackie says:

    does anyone know of a Doslyn May SIMMS born around 1933

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