May Pen Cemetery, Kingston – Section B


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MPC00315 AFFLICK Ella, Mrs 1950s
MPC00347 ANDERSON Anthony 1990s
MPC00201 ANDERSON Richard L. 1950s
MPC00351 ANDERSON Theophilus 1980s
MPC00228 APPLETON Winston L. 1970s
MPC00184 AUSTIN James 1950s
MPC00297 BAILEY C. G. E. 1950s
MPC00242 BAINES Elizabeth 1970s
MPC00322 BAKER Ida 1950s
MPC00318 BARREH Camilla K. 1990s
MPC00170 BARRETT Ivy 2000s
MPC00296 BENNETT Henrietta, Mrs 1950s
MPC00291 BERNARD Agnes C. 1950s
MPC00252 BERNARD Inez L. 1970s
MPC00159 BERNARD Sicily Miranda 1980s
MPC00299 BERRY Patricia, Miss 1950s
MPC00204 BRADY Georgiana, Mrs 1950s
MPC00215 BROOKS Esther Rebecca, Miss 1950s
MPC00236 BROWN Elizabeth 1950s
MPC00339 BROWN Joseph Conroy 1980s
MPC00217 BROWN Orphia 1980s
MPC00270 BROWN Percival Z. 1960s
MPC00200 BROWN Regina 1970s
MPC00301 BRYAN Vincent 2000s
MPC00246 BUCKLEY Frank W. 1950s
MPC00316 BULLOCK A. E. 1950s
MPC00196 BULLOCK Charles E. 1950s
MPC00278 BURKE A. Neville 1950s
MPC00257 BURNETT Joseph 1960s
MPC00237 BURRELL Miguel Archibald 1950s
MPC00273 BURTON Ada M. 1940s
MPC00295 BURTON George 1960s
MPC00300 BURTON May Ann, Mrs 1990s
MPC00214 BYLES Kenneth Owen 1950s
MPC00211 CHANDLER Sidney 1950s
MPC00164 CLARKE Adina H. 1960s
MPC00240 CLARKE Clarence G. 1950s
MPC00227 CODRINGTON Valentine 1950s
MPC00286 COLLINS Neville Luther 1950s
MPC00325 COOPER Gean 1990s
MPC00343 CRAWFORD Norman 1950s
MPC00335 CREICHTNEY Thomas Clarke 1950s
MPC00289 CUMBERLAND Job Samuel 1950s
MPC00288 CUMBERLAND Mrs Sarah 1960s
MPC00174 CUNDY Catherine 1970s
MPC00283 CUNHA Alfred 1950s
MPC00213 DaCOSTA Elfreda Lillian 1950s
MPC00269 DaCOSTA Madeline Wade 1940s
MPC00199 DALEY Sylvester 2000s
MPC00314 DEANS Vera, Mrs 1960s
MPC00179 DENNIS Florence M. 1980s
MPC00185 DeSOUZA Irene Ethline 1950s
MPC00243 DILLON Sarah 1950s
MPC00272 DUFF Mrs Adela 1940s
MPC00194 DUNCAN Ellen Tulloch 1990s
MPC00348 DYCE Ellen Francis, Miss 1950s
MPC00202 DYKE Samuel
MPC00235 DYTE Lucilda, Mrs
MPC00188 ELLIS John 1950s
MPC00328 ELLISON William Alexander 1950s
MPC00198 EVANS Barrington George 2000s
MPC00330 EVANS Hilda E. 1950s
MPC00320 FACEY Maria, Mrs 1950s
MPC00340 FARQUHARSON Daisy W. 1970s
MPC00333 FARQUHARSON Gretel 1970s
MPC00264 FENNELL Vincent C. 1960s
MPC00307 FERGUSON Hubert Llewlleyn 1980s
MPC00337 FOSTER Harriett, Mrs 1950s
MPC00284 FRANCIS Frank L. 1950s
MPC00332 GENTLES Frank Ashley 1950s
MPC00220 GENTLES Emily Jane, Mrs 1960s
MPC00219 GENTLES Thomas Alexander 1950s
MPC00218 GIEBELER George 1950s
MPC00248 GOLDING Mortimer R. 1950s
MPC00234 GORDON Arnold G. 1960s
MPC00233 GORDON Michael 1970s
MPC00175 GORDON Rebecca 1940s
MPC00267 GORDON Violetta 1990s
MPC00212 GRANT Edward 1950s
MPC00178 GRANT Noel Roxroy 1980s
MPC00326 GREAVES Caleb 1990s
MPC00253 GREEN Charles 1950s
MPC00274 GREEN James Josiah 1940s
MPC00275 GREEN Theophilus 1950s
MPC00312 GRIFFITHS Arthur T. 1950s
MPC00183 HAMILTON Joseph Augustus 1950s
MPC00317 HANSON Linton Hugh Fitzgeral 1980s
MPC00338 HARRIS Adassa 1980s
MPC00249 HARRIS Alvira C. 1960s
MPC00250 HARRIS John F. 1960s
MPC00345 HARZE Egerton 1970s
MPC00321 HENDRICKS Charles
MPC00176 HENDRICKS Georginia 1950s
MPC00251 HENRY Daniel 1950s
MPC00311 HENRY Lovina A. 1950s
MPC00344 HEWITT John 1950s
MPC00195 HIBBERT Mary Jane 1970s
MPC00327 HOLNESS Miriam Veronica 1950s
MPC00208 HOSSACK Almaz J. 1960s
MPC00209 HOSSACK Charles W. 1950s
MPC00238 HUDSON Herbert 1950s
MPC00167 HUDSON Violet Ruth 1960s
MPC00361 HYLTON Rosalin
MPC00277 INCE John Simeon 1950s
MPC00334 JACKSON Horatio S. 1950s
MPC00186 JACKSON Joseph 1970s
MPC00181 JACOBS Allan A. 1950s
MPC00180 JACOBS Ina L. 1970s
MPC00193 JAMES Benjamin 1950s
MPC00203 JARRETT Enos Samuel 1950s
MPC00306 JOHNSON Septimus A. 1950s
MPC00172 JONES Gladys Adele 1950s
MPC00206 KIRKPATRICK G. L., Mrs 1970s
MPC00356 KNIBBS Voilet 1970s
MPC00258 KNIGHT Charles W. 1940s
MPC00285 LAWRENCE Lindell E. 1950s
MPC00346 LAWRENCE Linette, Mrs 1970s
MPC00298 LEWIS Leroy Melvin 2000s
MPC00324 LINDNER James A. 1950s
MPC00323 LINDNER Phoebe A. 1950s
MPC00294 LYNCH Nehemiah A. 1950s
MPC00363 MAHARAJ Surjan Tewari 1950s
MPC00308 MAIR Laura Isabel 1970s
MPC00313 MARKLAND Mrs Victoria 1960s
MPC00224 MARSON Violet Ruth 1960s
MPC00254 McDONALD Doris Isola 1950s
MPC00281 McGREGOR Arnold James 1950s
MPC00230 McLARTY Marie 1950s
MPC00266 MILLER Mrs Sarah 1940s
MPC00191 MITCHELL Louise 1950s
MPC00192 MITCHELL Willie 1950s
MPC00173 MONTAGUE Joseph Josiah 1960s
MPC00177 MOTT Millicent C. 2000s
MPC00352 MUIRHEAD Agnes C. 1950s
MPC00268 MUIRHEAD Agnes, Mrs 1940s
MPC00271 MURRAY Mary 1960s
MPC00163 NASH Leslie George 1950s
MPC00357 NELSON Charles 1960s
MPC00319 NELSON Elizabeth Viola 1980s
MPC00309 NELSON Septimus H. 1950s
MPC00225 NICHOLAS Eva 1950s
MPC00241 NUNES Josephine
MPC00276 OATFIELD Catherine 1950s
MPC00349 OLSON George William 1960s
MPC00350 OLSON Nellie Ackerman 1950s
MPC00364 ORMSBY Ansell Wellesly 1950s
MPC00182 PANDOHIE Theophilus 1970s
MPC00245 PEART Uriah A. 1950s
MPC00168 PERRY E. A. Clarke, Rev. 1970s
MPC00336 POWELL Monique 1990s
MPC00187 RAINFORD Samuel W. 1950s
MPC00341 REID Joseph 1970s
MPC00342 REID Annie, Mrs 1950s
MPC00205 RHOOMS Damion Alphonso 1980s
MPC00279 ROACHE Rudolph S. 1960s
MPC00260 ROBERTSON Beatrice 1970s
MPC00259 ROBERTSON George S. 1970s
MPC00261 ROBERTSON Kathleen 1920s
MPC00261 ROBERTSON Lionel 1940s
MPC00190 RUSSELL D. S. 1970s
MPC00263 SALMON Cecile Elaine 1950s
MPC00262 SALMON Ethelred Leonidas 1940s
MPC00354 SAMMS Harold 1980s
MPC00293 SAMPSON Rupert 1990s
MPC00256 SAMUELS Lascelles 1990s
MPC00303 SAUNDERS Ricardo 1990s
MPC00331 SCOTT Vincent Carroll 1950s
MPC00362 SEALEY Christiana 1950s
MPC00358 SIMMONS Ellen Francis 1960s
MPC00171 SIMPSON Rosa E., Mrs 1950s
MPC00292 SINGH James 1970s
MPC00231 SINGH Rene 1990s
MPC00169 SMELLIE Ella 1970s
MPC00216 SMITH Amanda 1970s
MPC00232 SMITH Constantine S. 1950s
MPC00265 SMITH Daisy W. 1950s
MPC00304 SMITH Gustavius 1950s
MPC00244 SMITH Jacob A. 1960s
MPC00223 STEPHENS Ada J. 1970s
MPC00247 STRACHAN Annie 1950s
MPC00197 STRACHAN Benjamin B. 1950s
MPC00247 STRACHAN James 1950s
MPC00247 STRACHAN Neilson 1950s
MPC00229 SULLIVAN Dennis Joseph 1960s
MPC00161 SUNDAR Marie 1960s
MPC00162 SUNDAR Pandit Syam 1960s
MPC00305 SUTHERLAND Gertrude Wilhelmina 1950s
MPC00305 SUTHERLAND James Horatio 1950s
MPC00310 SUTHERLAND Mary A. 1970s
MPC00255 TAYLOR Gary 1990s
MPC00189 THOMAS Charles E. 1950s
MPC00359 THOMAS Daniel 1950s
MPC00360 THOMAS Lillian 1960s
MPC00160 THOMPSON Ishmiel 1970s
MPC00239 WADE Frank 1970s
MPC00280 WALKER-REYNOLDS Nena E. 1950s
MPC00165 WALLACE Dudley 1960s
MPC00166 WALLACE Louis G. 1970s
MPC00282 WALTERS Rosalee E. 1950s
MPC00287 WALTERS Rosalee E. 1950s
MPC00355 WARMINGTON Olive May 2000s
MPC00353 WHITTAKER Lillian 1970s
MPC00329 WILLIAMS Danal 1970s
MPC00210 WILLIAMS Deloris 1970s
MPC00207 WILLIAMS Keith G. A. 1980s
MPC00221 WILLIAMS Cecil 1970s
MPC00290 WILLIAMS Evelyn, Mrs 1950s
MPC00302 WILLIS Andrew Norman, Dr. 1950s
MPC00222 WILSON Beatrice L. 1950s
MPC00226 WITTER Mable Beatrice, Miss 1970s


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