Goshen Moravian, St Elizabeth

Goshen Moravian

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzGM02 BROMFIELD Joseph 1980s
ElzCM20 DIXON Elsie Matilda 1990s
ElzCM21 GAYLE Mary 2000s
ElzCM16 GREEN Agatha 1970s
ElzCM07 McFARLANE Gilbert 2000s
ElzCM06 McFARLANE Hyacinth Olive 1990s
ElzCM22 McLEAN Margaret 1990s
ElzCM13 MORGAN Gwendolyn 2000s
ElzCM15 MULLINGS Donna A. 1970s
ElzCM14 MULLINGS Mae 1980s
ElzCM03 PAGON Ruby Eletha [nee SPENCE] 1970s
ElzCM04 PAGON Sydney Ralph 1990s
ElzCM05 PAGON Valerie N. 1990s
ElzCM09 PATRICK Dorothy 2000s
ElzCM09 PATRICK Wilbert Charles 2000s
ElzCM18 ROBINSON Sylvia L. 1990s
ElzGM01 SMITH Elisa J. 2000s
ElzCM17 SMITH Isylyn 1980s
ElzCM12 WARRENSCARLETT Gretel May 2000s
ElzCM19 WEDDERBURN Mary Jacinta 1990s
ElzCM08 WHITELEY William W.W. 2000s
ElzCM10 WILSON Calvin Rupert 2000s



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