Brown’s Town Tabernacle, Brown’s Town, St Ann


Brown's Town Tabernacle

Originally built 1878, it has been renovated and improved in the last few decades.  The lower floor now houses a preparatory school.


ROBERT A. KENNEDY; born 06 Apr 1900; died 21 Mar 1982; Medical Doctor and Beloved Director of Jamaica Evangelistic Mission 1925 – 1973.

Mrs HANNAH KENNEDY; born 10 Feb 1899; died 21 Oct 1990; Devoted wife and dedicated servant of Jesus Christ.

RAYMOND J. deCARTERET; born 30 Sep 1907; died 13 Apr 1990; Beloved Director and Medical Doctor of Jamaica Evangelistic Mission 1932 – 1964.

Brown's Town Tabernacle 2

Brown's Town Tabernacle 1


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnBTT04 ALLEN Gloria Jane 2000s
AnnBTT04 ALLEN Joseph 2000s
AnnBTT14 ANDERSON Cynthia 1990s
AnnBTT20 BROWN Agnes Fedoria 1980s
AnnBTT42 BROWN Alex Rolando 2000s
AnnBTT07 BROWN Alma 2000s
AnnBTT06 BROWN Bernice D. 1970s
AnnBTT28 BROWN Clara 1990s
AnnBTT27 BROWN Copeland 1990s
AnnBTT41 BROWN Daisy 2000s
AnnBTT13 BROWN Doris M. 1990s
AnnBTT26 BROWN Floris 1990s
AnnBTT32 BROWN Gwendolyn 1990s
AnnBTT48 BROWN Herbert 2000s
AnnBTT56 BROWN Joseph Nelson 2000s
AnnBTT05 BROWN Leslie George 2000s
AnnBTT33 BROWN Martin 2000s
AnnBTT07 BROWN Samuel 2000s
AnnBTT51 CAMPBELL Hazel V. 2000s
AnnBTT34 CAMPBELL Richard A. 1990s
AnnBTT45 CARR-TUCKER Rose Marie, Mrs 1990s
AnnBTT44 CHRISTIE Cindy 1980s
AnnBTT44 CHRISTIE Sidney 1990s
AnnBTT08 COORE-MILNE Ita Ann 1980s
AnnBTT37 DALLAS Bernice C. E. 1990s
AnnBTT02 DARLINGTON Henry J. 1960s
AnnBTT01 DARLINGTON Melda Louise 1980s
AnnBTT53 EDWARDS Kirk Anthony 1990s
AnnBTT36 FRANCIS Inez 2000s
AnnBTT39 FULLERTON Doris Elizabeth 1990s
AnnBTT57 GRANT Lenora 2000s
AnnBTT03 GRANT Meynell 2000s
AnnBTT31 GREEN Blanch Love 2000s
AnnBTT58 GREEN John S. 2000s
AnnBTT17 GREEN Patricia 1970s
AnnBTT29 HALSALL Athelia 1980s
AnnBTT49 HELWIG Viola 2000s
AnnBTT21 HOPKINS George Q. 1990s
AnnBTT46 JOHNSON Hannah R., Mrs 1990s
AnnBTT47 McKAIN Alex 1990s
AnnBTT38 McKAIN Edith 1990s
AnnBTT22 McPHERSON Arwed 1980s
AnnBTT23 McPHERSON Louise 1980s
AnnBTT11 MILLER Alice Gwendolyn 1990s
AnnBTT10 MILLER Guy 2000s
AnnBTT40 MORRISON Isobel 1980s
AnnBTT19 RICHARDS Adella, Mrs 1970s
AnnBTT18 RICHARDS Septimus A. 1980s
AnnBTT24 ROACHE Rena-Kay 1990s
AnnBTT54 ROWE Enid 1990s
AnnBTT50 SAMUELS Aubrey 2000s
AnnBTT15 SAMUELS Peter 1970s
AnnBTT35 SAUNDERS Isolyn 2000s
AnnBTT09 SCARLETT Sherica Trecia 1990s
AnnBTT12 SIMMS Doris Louise 1990s
AnnBTT55 SMALL Wilbert 2000s
AnnBTT30 SULLIVAN Jemina 2000s
AnnBTT16 TAYLOR Leanora 1960s
AnnBTT52 THOMPSON Leila May 1990s
AnnBTT25 TRACEY Richard A. 2000s
AnnBTT43 WASHINGTON Leburt Alexander 1980s


1 Response to Brown’s Town Tabernacle, Brown’s Town, St Ann

  1. Angella says:

    Good afternoon:

    May God continue to be with you all. My grandmother Estella Palmer and grandfather Wilfred were both members of this beloved place of worship. My dear grandmother also delivered babies quite a number in this little neck of the wood. Would be nice to ask some members from the Cockpit area and Wilberforce area they would also recognize or know something about these names. I know time has gone but these were dedicated children of God in their simple kind ways.

    Thank you

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