Truro Cemetery, Town Head, Westmoreland

Truro Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesTC11 BEEPUT Roy Zetroy 2000s
WesTC14 COLQHOUN Ivy 2000s
WesTC13 GUTHRIE Wilfred 2000s
WesTC04 HAMILTON Darrion Oneil 2000s
WesTC01 HUNT Vera Mertell 2000s
WesTC09 KERR Elsa 2000s
WesTC08 KERR-BROWN Sherril 2000s
WesTC03 LINDO Annette 2000s
WesTC05 MEGGO Dean Clive 1990s
WesTC10 POWELL Norman 2000s
WesTC12 SPENCER Kenneth 2000s
WesTC06 THOMPSON Vincent 2000s
WesTC02 WILLIAMS Linette 2000s
WesTC07 WILLIAMS Peter Anthony 2000s


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