Christian Brethren Assemblies, Sawyers, Trelawny

Christian Brethren Assemblies, Sawyers, TRE

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreCB05 AITKEN Lillel 2000s
TreCB03 ARSCOTT Ena 1990s
TreCB07 BRADY Fredricka 2000s
TreCB01 FISHER Agatha 1980s
TreCB08 JOHNSON Eric 2000s
TreCB04 JOHNSON Mary Agatha 1990s
TreCB02 MELBOURNE Emma 1980s
TreCB06 SCOTT Florence Isabel 2000s


1 Response to Christian Brethren Assemblies, Sawyers, Trelawny

  1. Judith Peart says:

    My Grand-Mother Ena Arscott was one of the foundation of this Church.

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