St James’ Anglican, Hayes, Clarendon

St James', Hayes

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaJH032 ANDERSON Nancy 1960s
ClaJH047 ARMSTRONG Ethel 1940s
ClaJH054 ATKINSON David W., Dr 2000s
ClaJH053 ATKINSON Monica, Dr. 1990s
ClaJH014 AYTON Javon de Cordova 2000s
ClaJH110 BEHARIE Ephraim 2000s
ClaJH057 BLAKE-COULTHIRST Ethlyn Adriana 1980s
ClaJH021 BOOTHE Esther 1940s
ClaJH018 CAMPBELL Ruby I. 1980s
ClaJH064 CHANNER Myra Elizabeth 1980s
ClaJH096 CHARLTON Beatrice 1990s
ClaJH016 COOKE Clarice 1980s
ClaJH013 COOKE Edith Maud 1940s
ClaJH017 COOKE Frank Dudley 1980s
ClaJH058 COULTHIRST Cyril A. 1970s
ClaJH104 DAVIS Claude Harrington 1990s
ClaJH044 DEMITRIS C., Miss 1950s
ClaJH118 DOMINGO Barbara D. 1930s
ClaJH102 DYCE Ethlyn Maud 2000s
ClaJH103 DYCE Vincent Fernando 1990s
ClaJH036 EASTWOOD Ivy M. 1980s
ClaJH049 EDWARDS Bentley A. 2000s
ClaJH050 EDWARDS F. Bennito 1970s
ClaJH051 EDWARDS Ione 2000s
ClaJH114 EDWARDS-STERLING Ada, Mrs 1950s
ClaJH009 ELLIS Edith Leanora 1980s
ClaJH121 EVELYN Gordon Douglas
ClaJH071 FRANCIS Allan Harris 1970s
ClaJH070 FRANCIS Charles 1950s
ClaJH069 FRANCIS Cordelia 1950s
ClaJH100 FRANCIS Eleta Iona 1990s
ClaJH072 FRANCIS Gladys Almyra 1980s
ClaJH068 FRANCIS Jenetha Agatha 1970s
ClaJH099 FRASER Iris M. C. 1980s
ClaJH001 GERMAN Albert William 1970s
ClaJH002 GERMAN Estrriana Rose 1950s
ClaJH074 HARTLEY Cyslyn V. 1990s
ClaJH035 HENRY Ivan 1990s
ClaJH081 HERDSMAN Edna Maud 1990s
ClaJH080 HERDSMAN Franklin 1990s
ClaJH020 HERDSMAN William F. 1950s
ClaJH097 HIBBERT Michael 1990s
ClaJH106 HIBBERT Racquel Devone 2000s
ClaJH094 IRONS Edgar Lloyd 2000s
ClaJH113 JOHNSON Jennifer Rosemarie 1990s
ClaJH112 JOHNSON Vernon 2000s
ClaJH025 KEENE Catherine I. 1960s
ClaJH033 KELLY Aletia, Miss 1950s
ClaJH006 KNIGHT Mary 1950s
ClaJH052 LEWIN Asenath Sylvia 1960s
ClaJH055 LEWIN Jeanette Rose 2000s
ClaJH056 LEWIN Richard James Mahoney 1970s
ClaJH120 LEWIN Olive, Dr.
ClaJH089 LEWIS Aubrey Wellesly 2000s
ClaJH098 LINDSAY Grace Ann 1980s
ClaJH045 LINDSAY H. E. 1940s
ClaJH034 LINDSAY Mary Kelly, Mrs 1940s
ClaJH048 LINDSAY Eleanora, Mrs 1940s
ClaJH108 MANNING Clement Constantine 2000s
ClaJH026 MANNING Henrietta 1970s
ClaJH023 MANNING Muriel E. 1940s
ClaJH022 MANNING Solomon F. 1970s
ClaJH003 MATTHEWS Antonio A. 1950s
ClaJH015 McLENNON Dorothy Adina 2000s
ClaJH119 McPHERSON Rose L. 1930s
ClaJH067 MIGHTEN Carmelita Cassilda 1990s
ClaJH063 MIGHTEN Dudley Oliver 1980s
ClaJH101 MIGHTEN Elera Elenora 2000s
ClaJH061 MIGHTEN Eric George 1990s
ClaJH060 MIGHTEN Lawrence George 2000s
ClaJH062 MIGHTEN Rupert George 1970s
ClaJH059 MILLER Christopher N. 1980s
ClaJH092 MILLER Darrell A. 2000s
ClaJH088 MILLER Etta, Mrs 1990s
ClaJH046 MILLER S. A. 1930s
ClaJH086 MITCHELL Elizabeth A. 2000s
ClaJH091 MORGAN Edward 2000s
ClaJH107 MOULTON Sydney Calvin 2000s
ClaJH079 MURRAY Eric Henry 1990s
ClaJH078 MURRAY Joyce E. 2000s
ClaJH084 PETERS Hyacinth 2000s
ClaJH095 RAMSAY Bertram G. 1990s
ClaJH085 RAMSAY Lucille May 2000s
ClaJH004 RAMSAY Pearl E. 2000s
ClaJH065 REID Frances Elizabeth 1950s
ClaJH007 ROBINSON Amy 1970s
ClaJH030 RUSSELL Catherine 1970s
ClaJH029 RUSSELL Ena H. 1940s
ClaJH031 RUSSELL Joshua E. 1980s
ClaJH116 SAMUELS Dexter 1950s
ClaJH115 SAMUELS Rudolph 1950s
ClaJH090 SHAW Allan Derrick 2000s
ClaJH093 SHAW Eaton B. 1980s
ClaJH083 SMYTHE Hugh George 2000s
ClaJH005 STEPHENS Susan T. 1990s
ClaJH028 SUTHERLAND Basil Conrad 2000s
ClaJH038 SUTHERLAND Catherine M. 1940s
ClaJH027 SUTHERLAND Ivy 2000s
ClaJH039 SUTHERLAND James Philip 1940s
ClaJH037 SUTHERLAND Tysias 1950s
ClaJH041 SUTHERLAND Uriel Constance 2000s
ClaJH042 SUTHERLAND-WHITE Hyacinth Elfreda 2000s
ClaJH082 THOMAS Derwent Beresford G. 1990s
ClaJH087 THOMAS Edna 2000s
ClaJH077 THOMAS Henry Augustus 1960s
ClaJH043 THOMAS Jervis Lloyd 2000s
ClaJH073 THOMAS John 1950s
ClaJH008 THOMAS Kester Cleon 2000s
ClaJH076 THOMAS Olivia 1940s
ClaJH075 THOMAS Sydney Augustus 1970s
ClaJH117 TROWERS Mary 1970s
ClaJH066 VALENTINE Ena Elfreda 1980s
ClaJH040 WEIR B. C. de Vago 1930s
ClaJH019 WHITE William Leopold 1970s
ClaJH111 WILLIAMS Alvan Livingston 2000s
ClaJH109 WILLIAMS Claude Milholland 2000s
ClaJH105 WILLIAMS Vernal Augustus 2000s
ClaJH010 WOOD Gordon Austin Cooke 1950s
ClaJH012 WOOD Jane Elizabeth 1940s
ClaJH011 WOOD Robert Alexander, Snr. 1970s
ClaJH024 WRIGHT Marie 1950s


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