St Simon’s Anglican, Manchester

St Simon's Anglican

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
9975 ADONNAII Elfreda 1920s
9974 ADONNAII Stephen 1920s
9905 BAILEY Gerrick O. 1990s
9963 BARNES Mary 1980s
9980 BECKFORD Albert Solomon 2000s
9972 BECKLES Olive Priscilla 2000s
9973 BECKLES Oliver 1990s
9986 BROMFIELD Dwight 2000s
9971 COLEY Egbert Richard 2000s
9976 EWEN Advira 1990s
9985 EWEN Gloria May 2000s
9977 EWEN Theophilus 1980s
9956 FORBES Alva T. 2000s
9929 FORBES Cyrus Augustas 1990s
9930 FORBES Edith 1970s
9941 FORBES Glen Michael 1970s
9922 FORREST Mrs. Iris 1980s
9960 FOSTER Daniel W. 1980s
9959 FOSTER Inez B. 2000s
9961 FOSTER Julienne E. 1990s
9965 FRANCIS Antoinette 1990s
9964 FRANCIS James Melvin 1990s
9945 FRECKLETON Elfreda 1990s
9983 FRECKLETON Louise 2000s
9970 GAVIN Orlando Roy 2000s
9962 GAYLE Jumina 1990s
9907 HIBBERT Georgiana 1910s
9954 HIBBERT Arnold Luther 1970s
9911 JEBBISON Adina Mavis 2000s
9912 JIBBISON Nathaniel R. 1970s
9953 LONEY Annette Millicent 1980s
9982 LONEY Morris Ludwick 2000s
9952 LONEY Unis Henry 1980s
9916 MALCOLM Miss Ethel 1970s
9920 MALCOLM Reginald S. 1970s
9934 McLEISH Amy Eunice 2000s
9909 McLEISH Anntonette 1940s
9936 McLEISH Cheryl Paulette 1980s
9909 McLEISH Christopher 1940s
9957 McLEISH Loretta Beatrice 2000s
9949 McLEISH Novia Nicole 1990s
9935 McLEISH Wilbert 1990s
9958 McLEISH Wilfred Samuel 1980s
9932 MILLER Kerwin Oneil 2000s
9914 MURRAY Emma Ethlyn 2000s
9913 MURRAY Hubert Uriah 1970s
9937 NEWMAN Raphael A. 1980s
9966 PALMER Roxey Isadora 1980s
9984 POWELL Bancroft 1990s
9946 POWELL Joan 1990s
9933 REID Andrew A. 1990s
9943 SEAL Agnes Rebekka 1990s
9955 SEAL Iris M. 1970s
9942 SEAL Josephus 1970s
9904 WALKER Maisie Cecile 1970s
9915 WHITE Maud 1970s
9908 WHITE Rosalie Isidora 1970s
9927 WILLIAMS Agnes Agatha 1970s
9987 WILLIAMS Beuiah Grace 2000s
9969 WILLIAMS Blanche Grace 2000s
9926 WILLIAMS Blanche Lovena 1960s
9947 WILLIAMS Cemy E. 1990s
9925 WILLIAMS Donna Maria 1970s
9950 WILLIAMS Ida May 1990s
9951 WILLIAMS Leslie Abraham 2000s
9944 WILLIAMS Mrs Roslyn 1970s
9967 WILLIAMS Rodella C. 2000s
9948 WILLIAMS Thomas A. 2000s
9940 WINT Adina Agnes 1970s
9931 WINT Gladys May 1990s
9928 WINT Ugent Agustus 1990s


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