St Barnabas Anglican, Siloah, St Elizabeth

St Barnabas, SiloahSt Barnabas, Siloah 2


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzBS020 ANDERSON Selina O. 1970s
ElzBS006 BLACKWOOD Gladstone 1990s
ElzBS014 BROWN Adeline Indiana 1980s
ElzBS029 BROWN Francis J. 1950s
ElzBS084 BROWN Ruby T. 1990s
ElzBS030 BROWN Susan E. 1960s
ElzBS013 BROWN Thomas Uriah 1960s
ElzBS090 CAMPBELL Anita 1980s
ElzBS088 CAMPBELL Isaac 1980s
ElzBS068 CHEN Hilda J. 2000s
ElzBS028 CHEN Isaac 1950s
ElzBS069 CHEN Lester F. 1990s
ElzBS074 CHRISTIE Charles 1950s
ElzBS026 CHRISTIE Florence 1970s
ElzBS060 CLARE Joye P. 1990s
ElzBS082 COLEY Adolphus Josiah 1980s
ElzBS081 COLEY Clarentine Euphemia 1990s
ElzBS024 COLEY Cleaden 1950s
ElzBS017 COLEY Edward 1970s
ElzBS086 COLEY Ronald E. 1980s
ElzBS092 COWAN Uriah 2000s
ElzBS089 DEARING Olive 1980s
ElzBS104 DePASS Enid M. 1990s
ElzBS100 DOBSON Basil 1990s
ElzBS096 DORAN Marie 1930s
ElzBS097 DORAN William 1930s
ElzBS094 DWYER-McFARLANE Lydia 2000s
ElzBS044 ELLIS David J. 1980s
ElzBS077 FARQUHARSON Anna M. 1900s
ElzBS078 FARQUHARSON Hon. J. M. 1910s
ElzBS075 FOSTER Caleb Jeremiah 1990s
ElzBS076 FOSTER Inez 1990s
ElzBS037 FULLWOOD Carmen 2000s
ElzBS035 FULWOOD Samuel Wilson 1980s
ElzBS045 GALLANT Alice Cecile 1950s
ElzBS046 GALLANT Easton Frederick 1940s
ElzBS105 GALLANT John Michael 1910s
ElzBS095 GALLANT Matilda 1920s
ElzBS073 GOODIN Martelle Wells 1990s
ElzBS103 GOULBOURNE Susan Elizabeth 1940s
ElzBS103 GOULBOURNE William E. 1940s
ElzBS063 GRAHAM 3115 Serjeant H. S. V. 1910s
ElzBS042 GREEN Robertha 1980s
ElzBS052 GREY Gwendoline Rosetta 2000s
ElzBS004 GREY Reynardo 2000s
ElzBS102 HENDRICKSON Isma Bernice 1910s
ElzBS023 HUNTER Uriah 1990s
ElzBS031 JHAGROO Alvin R. 2000s
ElzBS002 JHAGROO John A. 1950s
ElzBS039 LAWRENCE Earl A. 1960s
ElzBS038 LAWRENCE Linton E. 2000s
ElzBS055 LEVY Ernest Arthur Agustus 1930s
ElzBS027 LYN Gladys M. 1990s
ElzBS080 MALABRE Mary E. 1980s
ElzBS079 MARTIN Josephus A. 1930s
ElzBS083 McCONNEL Gentles 1990s
ElzBS064 MENNELL James Dixon 1910s
ElzBS036 MILLER Henry 1990s
ElzBS070 MORRIS Beryl Samms 2000s
ElzBS066 MORTLEY Albert Snr. 1990s
ElzBS032 MORTLEY Albert Wellington Wilbaforce 2000s
ElzBS034 MORTLEY Aston Alanzo Fitzgerald 2000s
ElzBS005 MORTLEY Urseline 1990s
ElzBS033 MORTLEY Verona Lettice 2000s
ElzBS093 MYERS Doris 2000s
ElzBS018 PATTERSON Ruby Gwendolyn 1990s
ElzBS019 PEART Clarabelle 1990s
ElzBS098 REDFORD Susanna 1840s
ElzBS022 RENTON Frances 1960s
ElzBS021 RENTON Samuel 1970s
ElzBS010 ROBERTS Mabel R., Mrs 1960s
ElzBS016 ROBERTSON Blossom 2000s
ElzBS008 ROBERTSON Clinton Austin 2000s
ElzBS056 ROBERTSON Florence May 1930s
ElzBS003 ROBERTSON Haverly Mae 2000s
ElzBS015 ROBERTSON Rudolph Augustus 1970s
ElzBS048 ROBINSON Amy Maudlin 1960s
ElzBS047 ROBINSON Errol Victor Eugene 1970s
ElzBS049 ROBINSON Gilbert Leslie 1960s
ElzBS050 ROBINSON Rebecca Repursia 2000s
ElzBS047 ROBINSON Winston Astley 1970s
ElzBS007 SADDLER Ethel, Mrs 1990s
ElzBS067 SALMON Arthur Uriah 1990s
ElzBS062 SALMON C. M. 1830s
ElzBS061 SALMON Charlotte Maxwell 1900s
ElzBS067 SALMON Julia Estrella 2000s
ElzBS091 SALMON Winston 2000s
ElzBS071 SAMMS Lloyd 1990s
ElzBS043 SAMUELS Clarence A. 1970s
ElzBS057 SAUNDERS Hubert J. 1930s
ElzBS087 SAVAGE Dorrell Joyce 2000s
ElzBS058 SLEIGHT Arthur Daniel 1980s
ElzBS059 SLEIGHT Doreen M. S. 2000s
ElzBS051 TOMLINSON Adella 2000s
ElzBS051 TOMLINSON Stephen 1980s
ElzBS001 WALDRON George S. 1960s
ElzBS065 WALFALL Mary, Mrs 1990s
ElzBS009 WALSH Samuel Agustus 1960s
ElzBS040 WEDDERBURN J. Exford 2000s
ElzBS072 WEDDERBURN Lethel 1980s
ElzBS025 WILLIAMS Adassa 1950s
ElzBS041 WILLIAMS Alphanso 1960s
ElzBS054 WILLIAMS Charles F. 1960s
ElzBS053 WILLIAMS Clementina 1960s
ElzBS099 WILLIAMS Earl 1970s
ElzBS099 WILLIAMS Essie 1960s
ElzBS085 WILLIAMS Miguel O. 1990s
ElzBS012 WILSON Ada 1960s
ElzBS101 WILSON Noel 1980s
ElzBS011 WILSON Trecillian 1950s


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