St Silas’ Anglican, Trelawny

St Silas', Troy

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreSS56 BAILEY Violet 1990s
TreSS38 BELL Ezikel 1980s
TreSS55 BROOKS Estell B. 2000s
TreSS63 BROWN Hurceline 1980s
TreSS33 BUCKLE Viron 2000s
TreSS70 CAMPBELL Alice M. 1980s
TreSS71 CAMPBELL Leslie 1970s
TreSS01 CARTER Ann Eliza 1930s
TreSS03 CARTER Anne 1900s
TreSS03 CARTER Arthur A. 1910s
TreSS04 CARTER Emma 1930s
TreSS02 CARTER Jeremiah 1920s
TreSS05 CARTER Josephine 1920s
TreSS74 CHUNG Mrs Essie 1930s
TreSS80 CLARKE Berris-Ford 2000s
TreSS73 COKE William 1940s
TreSS79 DAVIS Andrew N. 2000s
TreSS22 DAWKINS Vida Beatrice 2000s
TreSS16 DOMVILLE Mrs E. T. 1950s
TreSS36 DOYLE Ethel 1980s
TreSS75 EDWARDS Mavis Elizabeth 2000s
TreSS21 FINDLEY Uriah 2000s
TreSS29 FOSTER Greta 1970s
TreSS35 GREEN Aubrey 1990s
TreSS40 GREEN Christine 1970s
TreSS57 GREEN Kenneth Calvin 2000s
TreSS19 GREEN Louise 1990s
TreSS31 GREEN Margaret 1970s
TreSS34 GREEN Oscar Alexander 1990s
TreSS30 GREEN Stephen 1980s
TreSS58 HENRY Stephen 1990s
TreSS52 HILL Jane 1950s
TreSS78 HILL Paston Hugh 2000s
TreSS75 HOWARD Ethlyn Myr 1970s
TreSS15 KEANE Harriott 1950s
TreSS11 LAWRANCE Eunice V. 1990s
TreSS12 MacDONALD William A. 1950s
TreSS68 MAYLOR Vida R. 1980s
TreSS44 MILLER Harriett M. 1970s
TreSS62 MITCHELL Amy 1970s
TreSS64 MITCHELL Eustace 1980s
TreSS09 NEIL Curtis H. 1970s
TreSS10 NEIL Ellis C. 1980s
TreSS08 NEIL Hila Maud 1980s
TreSS25 NEWMAN Mrs Dora 1980s
TreSS65 PALMER Zada 1980s
TreSS43 PEART Eva B. 1980s
TreSS76 PLUMMER Josephine 1970s
TreSS49 POWELL Bernard 1970s
TreSS50 POWELL Enid Lucille 2000s
TreSS48 POWELL Franklyn 2000s
TreSS07 POWELL Sylvester A. 1960s
TreSS45 ROBERTS Arthur 1970s
TreSS77 SCOTT-KINDRED Marvalyn Lorraine 2000s
TreSS24 SHARPE Ceceile yrie 1980s
TreSS23 SHARPE Cecil Seymour 1990s
TreSS59 SMALLING Isaaic 2000s
TreSS41 SMITH Dwight 1990s
TreSS18 SMITH Edna 1990s
TreSS17 SMITH Ernest 1970s
TreSS14 SMITH Eva A. [nee CLARKE] 1980s
TreSS13 SMITH Joseph N. 1980s
TreSS47 STEWART Roy Arthur 2000s
TreSS51 VERNON James 1970s
TreSS66 WAITE Alvin Wilfred 1990s
TreSS67 WAITE Enid W. 2000s
TreSS53 WALKER Jabez 1970s
TreSS20 WALKER Madge Eunice 1990s
TreSS60 WASHINGTON Catherine 1990s
TreSS61 WASHINGTON James 1980s
TreSS37 WHITE Arthur 1970s
TreSS54 WHITELY Vernon 1980s
TreSS27 WILLIAMS Agatha 1990s
TreSS28 WILLIAMS Austin 1990s
TreSS72 WINT Salome 1970s
TreSS69 WINT Theophilus James 1990s
TreSS26 WRIGHT Clementina 1970s
TreSS39 WRIGHT Jane 1960s
TreSS32 WRIGHT Mrs Elizabeth 1970s
TreSS46 WRIGHT Ruthland 2000s
TreSS06 YOUNG Florence Ida 1960s


2 Responses to St Silas’ Anglican, Trelawny

  1. Roy Arthur Stewart – Sept.26 1927 – Feb. 3. 2009 ( My Dad)

  2. Lorna White says:

    Hey granddad, love you

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