St Stephen’s Anglican, St Elizabeth

St Stephen's, Nain

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzSS142 ALLEN Ivan 1990s
ElzSS058 ALLEN James N. 1960s
ElzSS032 ALLEN Sarah R. 1960s
ElzSS057 ALLEN Staffel V. 1990s
ElzSS059 ALLEN Stella R. 1970s
ElzSS060 BARHAM Adolphus 1970s
ElzSS095 BARHAM Arnold Charles 1910s
ElzSS165 BARHAM Caswell George 1980s
ElzSS099 BARHAM Hubert Abner 1910s
ElzSS154 BARHAM Johnathan Albert 1980s
ElzSS152 BARHAM Joselyn C. 2000s
ElzSS061 BARHAM Roseabell 2000s
ElzSS169 BECKFORD Alice 1980s
ElzSS046 BENNETT Martha E. 1960s
ElzSS111 BINNS Ann Maria 1940s
ElzSS112 BINNS George Stone 1920s
ElzSS114 BINNS Headly 1960s
ElzSS113 BINNS Mary Victoria 1930s
ElzSS115 BINNS Septimus 1960s
ElzSS003 BLACKWOOD Dorothy 2000s
ElzSS101 BLAKE Alfred 1970s
ElzSS005 BLAKE Joyce Muriel, Mrs 2000s
ElzSS103 BLAKE Rhoda 1990s
ElzSS029 BROOKS Lillian 1980s
ElzSS133 BROWN Enos Alexander 1970s
ElzSS131 BROWN Minuel A. 1990s
ElzSS132 BROWN Sarah Victoria 1970s
ElzSS135 BROWN V. E. 1970s
ElzSS036 BURRELL Violet 1920s
ElzSS092 CARIDGE George 1970s
ElzSS076 CLARKE Albert 2000s
ElzSS022 CLAYTON Beatrice 1990s
ElzSS167 DARBY George R. 1970s
ElzSS065 DARBY Lillian 1960s
ElzSS023 DAWKINS Damion 1990s
ElzSS027 DEER Charles Ambrose 1990s
ElzSS026 DEER Hazel Monica 1990s
ElzSS025 DEER Vashwanni Jamil 1990s
ElzSS043 DUNKLEY Bereta 1970s
ElzSS166 DUNKLEY Emily 1990s
ElzSS024 DUNKLEY Theophilus
ElzSS164 EDWARDS Gladston G. 1990s
ElzSS083 ELLIOTT Caroline 1870s
ElzSS074 FACEY Gertrude Lanora 1970s
ElzSS052 FORD Enid M. 2000s
ElzSS050 FORD John Uriah 1990s
ElzSS153 FORD Sylvina C. 1990s
ElzSS082 GAYLE Ellen, Mrs 1990s
ElzSS081 GAYLE Sylvester 1990s
ElzSS137 GAYLE Theresa 1990s
ElzSS098 GOODISON Hannah Maud 1910s
ElzSS097 GOODISON John Francis 1940s
ElzSS096 GOODISON M. E., Mrs 1950s
ElzSS056 GRAHAM Henrietta Victoria 1930s
ElzSS031 GREEN May Louise 1980s
ElzSS159 GREEN Elsie, Mrs 1990s
ElzSS141 HALDANE Thalia May 1990s
ElzSS053 HARRISON Eva R. 1970s
ElzSS150 HARRISON John Ben: 1930s
ElzSS149 HARRISON Mary Elizabeth 1900s
ElzSS054 HARRISON Michael Augustus 1970s
ElzSS055 HOLNESS S. S. 1960s
ElzSS160 JOHNSON Mrs Ruth 1980s
ElzSS009 JOHNSON Roy 2000s
ElzSS155 JONES James S. 1960s
ElzSS117 JONES William 1980s
ElzSS067 LYNCH Hylton Wright 1950s
ElzSS068 LYNCH Sarah Gertrude 1950s
ElzSS020 McFARLANE James 1980s
ElzSS151 McFARLENE Lurlyn 2000s
ElzSS063 McLEAN Mildred 2000s
ElzSS116 MEIKLE Michael Robert 1990s
ElzSS144 MILLER David E. 1900s
ElzSS143 MILLER Icema J. 1980s
ElzSS148 MILLER John A. 1940s
ElzSS015 MILLER Julia E. 1960s
ElzSS146 MILLER Mary Ann 1930s
ElzSS145 MILLER Emma E., Mrs 1930s
ElzSS170 MILLER Henry, Rev
ElzSS105 MILLS Ethline A. 1970s
ElzSS084 MORRIS Evadne 1940s
ElzSS094 MORRIS James Augustus 1910s
ElzSS085 MORRIS Louis Fitzherbert 1940s
ElzSS093 MORRIS M. M., Mrs 1930s
ElzSS051 MULLINGS Cyril Leslie 1990s
ElzSS156 MULLINGS Frank V. 2000s
ElzSS072 MURRAY Ann Maria 1970s
ElzSS071 MURRAY David 1960s
ElzSS016 O’SULLIVAN Walter 1990s
ElzSS161 PALMER Ivy May 2000s
ElzSS038 PALMER James 2000s
ElzSS001 PEART Maud Agatha 2000s
ElzSS086 PEART Joseph, Mr 1980s
ElzSS087 PEART Wilhelmina, Mrs 1970s
ElzSS034 PINTO Annies Maud 1920s
ElzSS035 PINTO Hylton R. 1910s
ElzSS033 PINTO Nathaniel D. 1930s
ElzSS118 PLUMMER Ethel May 1990s
ElzSS014 POWELL Avrille 1960s
ElzSS122 POWELL Beatrice Victoria 1980s
ElzSS028 POWELL Charles M. 1980s
ElzSS066 POWELL Daphne 1970s
ElzSS012 POWELL David A. 1960s
ElzSS062 POWELL Grace Ann 1970s
ElzSS163 POWELL John Jph. 1910s
ElzSS062 POWELL Lurlene 1960s
ElzSS104 POWELL Mary 1980s
ElzSS013 POWELL Hilda May, Mrs 1980s
ElzSS039 POWELL Myrtle 2000s
ElzSS168 POWELL Sharon Rosemarie 1980s
ElzSS134 POWELL Uriah Henderson 1970s
ElzSS040 POWELL Valin Leroy 2000s
ElzSS157 POWELL-MULLINGS Phyllis M. 2000s
ElzSS123 PUSEY Annie Eliza 1980s
ElzSS119 RICHARDS Florence M. 1990s
ElzSS136 RICHARDSON Revera S. 1990s
ElzSS107 RICKARD Mary Jane 1920s
ElzSS107 RICKARD Charles Thomas, Rev 1910s
ElzSS124 ROACH Hubert Samuel 2000s
ElzSS042 ROBINSON James 1980s
ElzSS162 ROBINSON Kenneth G. 1980s
ElzSS007 ROBINSON Lester 2000s
ElzSS090 ROYAL Maudlyn 2000s
ElzSS089 ROYAL Wilbert V. 1970s
ElzSS004 RUBIE Pearl Euphemia 2000s
ElzSS110 RUDDOCK Tatlyn Watson 1990s
ElzSS138 SAILSMAN Elton D. 2000s
ElzSS011 SALMON Dorothy 2000s
ElzSS158 SALMON Elsie M. 1960s
ElzSS080 SALMON Emily 1980s
ElzSS010 SALMON Mavis 2000s
ElzSS120 SAMUDA Cornelius 1980s
ElzSS077 SAMUDA David Benjamin 1980s
ElzSS073 SAMUDA Earline 1980s
ElzSS088 SAMUDA Edna E. 1970s
ElzSS121 SAMUDA Esmie L. 1980s
ElzSS030 SAMUDA Florence M. 2000s
ElzSS079 SAMUDA Joslyn 1980s
ElzSS100 SAMUDA Levy 1980s
ElzSS078 SAMUDA Rettie Mertella 1980s
ElzSS018 SAMUDA S. 1970s
ElzSS017 SCHLOSS Ida Clementime 1990s
ElzSS006 SCOTT Fedrick Douglas 1990s
ElzSS021 SCOTT Mary M.
ElzSS008 SMITH Cherry Sylvia 2000s
ElzSS008 SMITH Enoch Emanuel 2000s
ElzSS075 SMITH Harold 1970s
ElzSS045 SMITH Miriam 1950s
ElzSS147 SPENCER Francis, Mrs 1930s
ElzSS109 WATSON Charlotte M. 1950s
ElzSS047 WATSON Dennis Hylton 1990s
ElzSS049 WATSON Dolcie May 2000s
ElzSS129 WATSON Gertrude M. 1980s
ElzSS048 WATSON Hylton L. 1980s
ElzSS069 WATSON Ina 1980s
ElzSS037 WATSON Kathleen 1930s
ElzSS102 WATSON Livingston 1980s
ElzSS041 WATSON Michael Oliver 2000s
ElzSS070 WATSON Nathan M. 1980s
ElzSS091 WATSON Percival 1990s
ElzSS108 WATSON Peter Abraham 1920s
ElzSS128 WATSON Theodore 1980s
ElzSS019 WATSON Vecous 1990s
ElzSS130 WATSON Wilbert S. 1960s
ElzSS044 WATSON Wilbert V. 1960s
ElzSS106 WELLAM Arthur 1980s
ElzSS139 WHITELEY Maxwell James 1990s
ElzSS140 WHITELEY Sarah Robertha 2000s
ElzSS002 WHYTE Authenza Eunice 2000s
ElzSS126 WILKIE Doris L. 1990s
ElzSS125 WILKIE Wesley S. 1980s
ElzSS127 WILLIAMS Catherine Louise
ElzSS064 WRIGHT Linda Agatha 2000s


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