Coke Memorial Methodist

Coke Methodist

The FIRST eight members

William HARRIS – 1789

Daniel COE – 1789

Catherine DAWSON – 1789

James FEAD – 1789

Venus HARRISS – 1789

Mary Ann Akle SMITH – 1789

Mary LEWIS – 1789

Peter LEWIS – 1789



IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
CMM10 CUNHA Charlotte Letitia 1910s
CMM10 CUNHA Herbert Augustus 1910s
CMM02 EDMONDSON Rev Jonathan 1860s
CMM05 FRASER Rev Edward 1870s
CMM23 GEDDES Mrs Linda 1970s
CMM21 GEDDES Rev Alexander William 1940s
CMM22 GEDDES Rose Grace
CMM01 GEDDES Thomas Middleton 1900s
CMM18 GLASSPOLE Sir Florizel Augustus 2000s
CMM11 JACK James Louis 1920s
CMM20 JONES Rev Edward Armon 1950s
CMM17 KERRIDGE Jessie 2000s
CMM03 KIRBY Charlotte Amelia Alton 1920s
CMM04 KIRBY Rev Arthur 1920s
CMM09 LAING Richard 1890s
CMM24 LANNAMAN Granville A. 1970s
CMM14 LEE Nathaniel Wright 1930s
CMM06 LOFTHOUSE Rev Wilson 1840s
CMM08 MILLSOM Rev George 1860s
CMM15 MORRIS Frances 1870s
CMM12 PARNTHER Rev D. D. 1950s
CMM16 SHERLOCK Rev Hugh Braham 1990s
CMM19 STEELE Edmund Herbert 1930s
CMM07 WADE Rev Robert E. R. 1940s



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