Hayes Baptist, Hayes, Clarendon

Hayes Baptist 1
Hayes Baptist 2This is the current building being used.



Have not confirmed but this seems to be the original Baptist Church.  Such a lovely building.

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaHB08 BEALE Benjamin Augustus 2000s
ClaHB07 BEALE Constance Olivere A. 1990s
ClaHB06 BEALE Constantia Oretta 1990s
ClaHB18 BOWMAN Dernal Vincent 1990s
ClaHB09 BROWN Sylvester 1990s
ClaHB15 CLARKE Cecil 1980s
ClaHB19 EDWARDS Dorothy R. 1970s
ClaHB20 EDWARDS John H. 1960s
ClaHB10 FARQUHAR Grace A., Mrs 1890s
ClaHB05 FOSTER Agatha 1990s
ClaHB17 GARDNER Ivy May 1980s
ClaHB13 PAGE Alexander A. 1990s
ClaHB14 PAGE Lena D. 1990s
ClaHB16 ROBINSON Alderman 1990s
ClaHB12 STEWART Beryl Leoni 1990s
ClaHB04 TROWERS Lester George 1990s
ClaHB03 TROWERS Roselle M. 1980s
ClaHB02 WRIGHT Clifford 1980s
ClaHB01 WRIGHT Roslyn 1990s
ClaHB11 WYNTER Ellen 1950s


3 Responses to Hayes Baptist, Hayes, Clarendon

  1. M Dalley says:

    Are there any Dalleys buried at this cemetery Looking for a grave of John Buxton Dalley.

    • The original graves for this site are hidden in the bushes to the right of the old church building. I took photos of all those that had headstones. The possibility exists that “Dalley’s” could be buried there but there are no headstones to show that.

  2. EILEEN WATT says:

    I grew up in Clarendon and visited many of these sites as a child. That was my hobby, visiting the cemeteries, from what I can tell, some of the older graves were destroyed by inclement weather over the years. Some churches here have been rebuilt and the headstones that were there when I was a child are not here.

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