St Paul’s Anglican, Chapleton, Clarendon

St Paul's, ChapletonPrior to the erection of St Paul’s Anglican, Cross Church located near May Pen enjoyed the status of being the Parish Church when Clarendon was divided into two parishes – Clarendon and Vere. Cross Church now lays in ruins.
St Paul's inside

The Chapleton Church was built as a Chapel of Ease to the then Cross Parish Church.  The village around it was soon named after the Church and later acquired the name “Chapel Town”.  Over years this was shortened to read “Chapleton”.

St Paul’s Anglican – 1666 to present

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSP085 ABRAHAMS Adolphus E. 1920s
ClaSP008 ABRAHAMS Alice Rebecca 1900s
ClaSP107 ABRAHAMS Gladys, Mrs 1970s
ClaSP002 ABRAHAMS Margaret Sarah 1890s
ClaSP106 ABRAHAMS Thomas McWhinnie 1950s
ClaSP018 ABRAHAMS William 1880s
ClaSP070 ALLWOOD Aubrey Lind 1940s
ClaSP007 ALLWOOD Fanny Elizabeth 1910s
ClaSP007 ALLWOOD James, Esq 1900s
ClaSP071 ALLWOOD Violet Margaret 1950s
ClaSP006 AYRES George 1900s
ClaSP115 BELL Charlotte 1970s
ClaSP121 BELL Inez Beatrice Rowena 1990s
ClaSP114 BELL Reginald S. 1970s
ClaSP026 BLACKWOOD Esther 1950s
ClaSP133 BRASH Rosa 1960s
ClaSP100 BRASH Stella 1950s
ClaSP052 BROWN Murelda 1980s
ClaSP142 BRYANT Florence 2000s
ClaSP065 BRYCE Hezekiah Augustus 1980s
ClaSP045 BRYCE Louise 1980s
ClaSP031 BURKE Cyril N. 1960s
ClaSP163 BUTCHER Hannah May 1960s
ClaSP117 CAMERON Virginia 1950s
ClaSP096 CAMPBELL Evelyn Blanche 1980s
ClaSP134 CAMPBELL Frances 1960s
ClaSP087 CARR Linneth 1980s
ClaSP128 CHAMBERS Joscelyn 1970s
ClaSP049 CHEN Hilda Maud 2010s
ClaSP076 CHEN Rhona Icilda 1980s
ClaSP135 DAVIDSON Ruby Rose 2000s
ClaSP029 DAVIS Alice Mary 1960s
ClaSP166 DAWKINS Elizabeth, Mrs 1750s
ClaSP165 DAWKINS Henry 1740s
ClaSP167 DAWKINS James, Esq., Jnr. 1750s
ClaSP110 DOUGLAS Catherine Chambers 1980s
ClaSP086 DOUGLAS George 1980s
ClaSP151 DOUGLAS Gertrude 1990s
ClaSP034 DOUGLAS Hubert Lewis 1960s
ClaSP149 DOUGLAS Kathleen 1990s
ClaSP044 DOUGLAS Matilda Amanda 1980s
ClaSP009 DOYEN Herbert Storks Mc MaMahon 1890s
ClaSP064 EDWARDS Cleveland A. 1980s
ClaSP079 EDWARDS Ellen Elizabeth 1940s
ClaSP063 EDWARDS James J. 1930s
ClaSP058 EDWARDS Leucentio 1910s
ClaSP097 EDWARDS Muriel Louise 1980s
ClaSP040 FARQUHARSON Jacob Bininger 1860s
ClaSP119 FOSTER Luther Atkin 1960s
ClaSP143 FOWLER Caroline 2000s
ClaSP082 FRASER Lambert Daniel 1940s
ClaSP120 FRASER Mary Rose 1960s
ClaSP047 GAYLE Vera 1980s
ClaSP012 GINGELL Raymond, Esq 1860s
ClaSP125 GORDON Joyce Evelyn 2000s
ClaSP035 GRAHAM Leonor 1970s
ClaSP145 GREY Hilda McLean 1990s
ClaSP126 GRIFFITHS Catherine 2000s
ClaSP136 HALL Gwendolyn Evadney 2000s
ClaSP164 HANNAN Helen Marion 1930s
ClaSP164 HANNAN Mary Madeline 1940s
ClaSP021 HANNAN William Bagshawe 1910s
ClaSP053 HARRISON Catherine Cassandria 1990s
ClaSP068 HOLNESS Ida 1940s
ClaSP004 HUGGINS Edith E. 1900s
ClaSP057 HUMBER Sephise Eliza 1900s
ClaSP080 HYMAN Alice Maud 1940s
ClaSP067 HYMAN Charles Augustus 1930s
ClaSP074 HYMAN Muriel 1930s
ClaSP111 JOHNSON Proscoua 2000s
ClaSP157 JOLLY Frederick G., Rev 1960s
ClaSP156 KEMP James Wheler 1900s
ClaSP102 KERR Alexander 1950s
ClaSP103 KERR Frances 1970s
ClaSP016 KILLINGBECK M. Alex. B. 1870s
ClaSP027 LAING A. C. 1950s
ClaSP127 LAING Laurella Z. 2000s
ClaSP072 LAMPART Adina Icedora 1940s
ClaSP130 LAMPART Theophilus Cornelius 1960s
ClaSP153 LAWRANCE James Montague 1860s
ClaSP073 LAWRENCE Lydia 1940s
ClaSP150 LINDSAY Nerissa 1990s
ClaSP104 LLEWELLYN Irene M. I. 1960s
ClaSP105 LLEWELLYN Rev R. A. 1950s
ClaSP099 LOPEZ Cassandra 1950s
ClaSP014 LORING John V. 1860s
ClaSP013 LOWE Francis Edward 1840s
ClaSP091 MAIS Regina 1950s
ClaSP113 McCALLA Arthur Timothy 1970s
ClaSP108 McCALLA Frances Louise 1970s
ClaSP001 McCREA John Henry 1910s
ClaSP060 McCREA Olivia 1930s
ClaSP051 McDONALD Charlotte 1930s
ClaSP054 McKENZIE Catherine 1930s
ClaSP090 McLEOD Grace Ann 1950s
ClaSP089 McLEOD Loretta 1970s
ClaSP118 McMORRIS Denzel Roy 1960s
ClaSP123 McMORRIS Dorothy 2000s
ClaSP033 McMORRIS Esther Maud 1920s
ClaSP092 McMORRIS Harold Owen 1940s
ClaSP098 McMORRIS Herman Alexis 1980s
ClaSP032 McMORRIS Rene 1930s
ClaSP137 McPHERSON Aneta F., Mrs 1960s
ClaSP003 MELVILLE Alexander James 1910s
ClaSP003 MELVILLE Margaret Jane 1890s
ClaSP003 MELVILLE Mary Ann Elizabeth 1890s
ClaSP122 MILLER Bertha 1960s
ClaSP152 MILLER Estina 1960s
ClaSP025 MILLS Mabel A. 1950s
ClaSP169 MOORE John, Honble: 1730s
ClaSP169 MOORE Prudence 1770s
ClaSP069 MORGAN Henrietta M. 1950s
ClaSP048 MORRIS Robert Randall 1970s
ClaSP095 MORRISON Gladstone Ashbourne, Rev 1990s
ClaSP075 MORRISON William Warnold 1980s
ClaSP041 MOXSY Francis Lewis Sidney 1930s
ClaSP037 MOXSY Helena 1930s
ClaSP066 NASH D’Arcy E. 1980s
ClaSP132 NELSON Linda C. 1960s
ClaSP147 NELSON Margaret Blanch 1990s
ClaSP141 NICHOLAS Agnes A. 1990s
ClaSP109 OSBORNE Amy E. 1980s
ClaSP046 PALMER Charles Cleophas 1960s
ClaSP046 PALMER Coralee Elvida 1990s
ClaSP162 PINNOCK William 1870s
ClaSP101 PINTO Hidalgo 1950s
ClaSP144 POMMELLS Duncan D. 2000s
ClaSP056 PURCHAS Frank 1910s
ClaSP005 REID Agnes E. 1900s
ClaSP038 REID Osmond A. 1900s
ClaSP061 RHODEN Ruth McLaren, Mrs 1920s
ClaSP140 RICHARDSON Roxie 1990s
ClaSP139 RICHARDSON Sylvester 1980s
ClaSP093 ROBINSON Albertine I. 1950s
ClaSP094 ROBINSON Thomas S. 1950s
ClaSP030 ROOMES Arthur 1960s
ClaSP010 ROSE Alexander, Esq 1860s
ClaSP011 ROSE Catherine Alexandrina 1860s
ClaSP146 RUSSELL Ruby V. 1990s
ClaSP129 RUSSELL Zena May 1970s
ClaSP116 RUSSELL-WINT T. 1960s
ClaSP148 SAMUELS Brenda May 1990s
ClaSP081 SANCHEZ Frances 1930s
ClaSP050 SCOTT Jane 1930s
ClaSP039 SCOTT Mary E. 1940s
ClaSP023 SCULLY Noel O’Carvey 1930s
ClaSP024 SCULLY Percival S. 1960s
ClaSP131 SIMPSON Charlotte 1960s
ClaSP155 SINCLAIR Matthew St. Clair, Lieu 1820s
ClaSP078 SNAITH Elsie 1980s
ClaSP088 SNAITH Joseph E. 1970s
ClaSP022 SOLOMON Anna Maud 1950s
ClaSP028 STERLING Adina 1910s
ClaSP161 STEWART Charlotte Adela 1840s
ClaSP019 STEWART Edward Shaw 1840s
ClaSP161 STEWART James Swayne Ferguson 1840s
ClaSP020 STONE James John Esq 1800s
ClaSP062 SULLIVAN Rebecca 1940s
ClaSP015 SUTHERLAND Norman B. 1870s
ClaSP168 SUTTON John 1740s
ClaSP159 SWYMMETT Caroline, Mrs 1890s
ClaSP158 TAYLOR William, M.D. 1890s
ClaSP154 THOMPSON Edward, Honble: 1850s
ClaSP059 THOMSON Andrew William 1930s
ClaSP017 THOMSON Eric Charles St Clare 1910s
ClaSP160 TURNER James Wright 1840s
ClaSP036 WHEATLE Thomas
ClaSP077 WILLIAMS Brenda F. 2000s
ClaSP124 WILLIAMS James J. 2000s
ClaSP112 WILLIAMS Louise 1970s
ClaSP124 WILLIAMS Mavis M. 2000s
ClaSP138 WILLIAMS Norman 1980s
ClaSP084 WILLIAMS Ethel 1950s
ClaSP083 WILLIAMS-BARTLE Dorothy 2010s
ClaSP055 WILSON Canute Charles 1870s
ClaSP043 WRIGHT Girrel, Mrs 2010s
ClaSP042 WRIGHT Joseph 1980s



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