Jackson Town Public Cemetery, Jackson Town, Trelawny

Jackson Town Public Cemetery, Tre
LAT: 18°24’50.77″N                LONG: 77°29’26.67″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreJT22 BAILEY Elma 1980s
TreJT01 BARNETT-TAYLOR Esmie 2000s
TreJT17 BROWN Louise 1970s
TreJT07 CAMPBELL Doris G. 1990s
TreJT09 CAMPBELL Elijah 1970s
TreJT06 CAMPBELL Esteline Doretta 1980s
TreJT27 CAMPBELL Florence 1990s
TreJT19 CHRISTIE Elsie Clarabel 1990s
TreJT13 CLARKE Audrey Ann 1990s
TreJT08 CLARKE John Johnathan 1970s
TreJT18 DAVIS Sybil 1980s
TreJT04 DAWSON Sylvester A. 2000s
TreJT29 ELLIOTT John 2000s
TreJT14 GABBIDON Hylton 2000s
TreJT21 GREEN Anita 1980s
TreJT26 INSANG Kajel Olando 2000s
TreJT11 ISAACS Alexander 1990s
TreJT28 JOHNSON Mervilyn 2000s
TreJT03 JONES Janice Jacinth 2000s
TreJT02 LAYDEN Gladys 2000s
TreJT10 MILLER Ethlyn 1990s
TreJT23 MINTO Dameisha A. 2000s
TreJT30 PARKER Henrietta 2000s
TreJT12 ROBINSON Noel A. 1990s
TreJT05 THOMPSON Isreal M. 2000s
TreJT15 TODD Eudora 1990s
TreJT16 TODD James Samuel 1980s
TreJT20 WATSON Vernal 1980s
TreJT25 WILLIAMS Daphne E. 2000s
TreJT24 WILLIAMS Dorcas 2000s


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