St James’ Anglican, Manchester

St James' Craighead 2

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManJC10 ALLEN Carmen S. 1990s
ManJC41 ANDERSON Joscelyn 1990s
ManJC32 BARNES Adelsa C. 2000s
ManJC16 BOLTON Robertson George 1990s
ManJC05 BROWN Lilla Advira 1970s
ManJC07 BROWN Wilbert C. F. 1980s
ManJC09 CAMPBELL Edith E. 1980s
ManJC08 CAMPBELL Emanuel 1980s
ManJC39 CAMPBELL-DALEY Sylvia 2000s
ManJC33 COLE Gertel Euphema 2000s
ManJC40 COLLINS Charles 1990s
ManJC04 DALEY Alfred W. 2000s
ManJC19 DALEY Aneita 1970s
ManJC20 DALEY Ransford 1980s
ManJC42 DALEY Wilfred T. 1980s
ManJC27 DEMETRIUS Joscette 2000s
ManJC26 DEMETRIUS Lynval 1990s
ManJC06 DIXON Garnett 2000s
ManJC23 EUTER Amos Augustus 1990s
ManJC17 FOLKES Cleveland A. 1980s
ManJC02 FORBES John Cyrus Archibald 1980s
ManJC03 FORBES Lena Louise
ManJC46 GRAHAM Basil 1990s
ManJC11 GRANT Agatha Elfreda Smith 2000s
ManJC29 HENRY Mrs Doris H. 2000s
ManJC30 LAWRENCE Vendolyn Viola 2000s
ManJC38 LINTON Victor Cowell 1990s
ManJC14 MALCOLM Adora 1980s
ManJC35 MORGAN Cleveland I. 1990s
ManJC34 MORGAN Myrtle M. 1990s
ManJC36 ROACHE Amlyn Oscar 1980s
ManJC37 ROACHE Lillian Agatha Scarlett 1980s
ManJC13 SCOTT Eric R. 2000s
ManJC45 SMITH Desmond Roy 2000s
ManJC24 SMITH George 1990s
ManJC21 SMITH Isolyn M. 1990s
ManJC31 SMITH Leah 2000s
ManJC25 SMITH Mavis 1990s
ManJC22 SMITH Sylvester 1980s
ManJC43 SMITH Vincent George 1980s
ManJC44 SMITH Zelma Eunice 1990s
ManJC47 STEPHENSON Benjamin 1990s
ManJC48 STEPHENSON Methel 1990s
ManJC18 STEWART Joseph 1980s
ManJC01 UTER Blanche Z. 1990s
ManJC28 UTER Rose Lindo [nee CLARKE] 1990s
ManJC15 WEBB Florette maud 1980s
ManJC12 WILLIAMS Baltimore 2000s


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