All Saints Anglican, Chester Castle, Hanover

All Saints Chester Castle

All Saints Chester Castle 1


LAT: 18°19’33.76″N                   LONG:77°56’58.89″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
HanAS38 ATKINSON Beresford A. 1990s
HanAS39 ATKINSON Ruby J. 2000s
HanAS45 BRADY Angella Annmarie 2000s
HanAS44 BRISSETT Roy G. 2000s
HanAS25 CLARKE Leslie B. 2000s
HanAS49 COLLINS Artiloney 1970s
HanAS01 COOKE Bernard Edleston 2000s
HanAS41 COOKE Lesept 2000s
HanAS01 COOKE Patricia Dorothy 2000s
HanAS46 DUNCAN Albert 2000s
HanAS19 DUNCAN David B. 1960s
HanAS20 DUNCAN Irene Louise 1960s
HanAS46 DUNCAN Rita 2000s
HanAS34 FISHER Iva M. 1990s
HanAS16 FISHER Ivan W. 1960s
HanAS17 FISHER Theresa A. 1960s
HanAS18 FISHER Thomas W. 1950s
HanAS51 FLOWERS Cleveland S. 1990s
HanAS33 FRAY Helen Violet 1980s
HanAS37 FRAY Isola Delores 1990s
HanAS31 HEAVEN Estella, Mrs. 1980s
HanAS50 KERR Leonard George 1990s
HanAS04 MALCOLM Ada Louise 1980s
HanAS03 MALCOLM Daniel Theaphelus 1960s
HanAS02 MALCOLM Delsie Elaine 1950s
HanAS12 McHAYLE Ann 1950s
HanAS21 MURATT Margaret Wilmott
HanAS22 NEUNIE Eulalee Christine 2000s
HanAS43 OWEN Ethlyn L. 2000s
HanAS40 PETGRAVE Edna Maud 2000s
HanAS36 REID Beatrice Margriana 1990s
HanAS09 RODRIQUEZ David Emanuel 1960s
HanAS09 RODRIQUEZ Princess Elizabeth 1950s
HanAS29 SAMUDA Maud I. 1940s
HanAS30 SAMUDA Wilfred J. 1940s
HanAS08 SCOTT Doris E. 1960s
HanAS42 SHAKES Ena Brown 2000s
HanAS24 SPENCE Albert 1980s
HanAS05 SPENCE Frederick Matthias 1960s
HanAS24 SPENCE Grethel 1970s
HanAS27 SPENCE Headley George 2000s
HanAS32 SPENCE Jane Ann 1980s
HanAS26 SPENCE Jasper
HanAS28 SPENCE Reginald B. 2000s
HanAS35 SPENCE Ursulla 1990s
HanAS10 VIRTUE Marguerite D. 1940s
HanAS23 WAKELAND Esther Ann 1950s
HanAS49 WARREN Donald A. L. 1970s
HanAS48 WARREN Florence E. 1990s
HanAS07 WIGGAN Ida Wilmott
HanAS13 WILMOTT Charles G. 1960s
HanAS14 WILMOTT Esther G. 1930s
HanAS06 WILMOTT Etta M. 2000s
HanAS15 WILMOTT Fred O. 1970s
HanAS47 WRIGHT Eleanor E. Gordon 2000s
HanAS11 WRIGHT Reginald Earle 1950s


2 Responses to All Saints Anglican, Chester Castle, Hanover


    Amen Rest In Peace.

  2. Claude Petgrave says:

    Edna Maud Petgrave; died Feb 7, 2001. I think about you everyday.

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