Mt Olivet United, Manchester

Mt Olivet United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManMO109 ANDERSON Alexander 1960s
ManMO108 ANDERSON Joyce Icilda 1970s
ManMO105 ANDERSON-REDFORD Ponseca 2000s
ManMO041 ASHLEY Edith I. 2000s
ManMO042 ASHLEY Harold G. 1990s
ManMO098 BAILEY Violet 1990s
ManMO027 BARRATT Annie 1950s
ManMO114 BLACKWOOD Beatrice, Mrs 1960s
ManMO119 BONNER Benjamin 1960s
ManMO120 BRANZE Eliza
ManMO120 BRANZE Isabel
ManMO099 BROWN Clementina 1990s
ManMO091 BROWN Cliff W. 1980s
ManMO019 BROWN Daniel H. 2000s
ManMO092 BROWN Wills 2000s
ManMO029 BYGRAVE Flossie M. 1950s
ManMO028 BYGRAVE George Mead 1950s
ManMO059 CAMPBELL Leonard 1980s
ManMO037 CARTER Mervin H. 1970s
ManMO089 CHAPLIN Emily 1990s
ManMO033 CHAPLIN Stephen 1970s
ManMO058 COLLINS Elsie 1980s
ManMO065 COLLINS-VASSELL May Gladys 1990s
ManMO097 COOPER Florence E., Mrs 1970s
ManMO053 DANVERS Constance F. 1940s
ManMO017 DAVIS Orville J. D. 1990s
ManMO116 DONALDSON Carlton 1970s
ManMO118 DONALDSON Daphne I. 1970s
ManMO015 DONALDSON Gilford F. 1970s
ManMO115 DONALDSON Lloyd, Dt. Cpl. 1990s
ManMO016 DONALDSON Ruby Ssaunders 2000s
ManMO057 DONALDSON Winston H. 1980s
ManMO004 DUNCAN Frederick Alexander 2000s
ManMO128 DUNKLEY Fitzroy 1970s
ManMO126 DUNKLEY Rita J. 2000s
ManMO127 DUNKLEY Roger St. Patrick 1970s
ManMO103 EDWARDS Doris May 1970s
ManMO038 FARQUHARSON Derrick 2000s
ManMO040 FARQUHARSON Enell Winifred 2000s
ManMO040 FARQUHARSON Lloyd Percival 2000s
ManMO070 HENRIQUES Hubert H. 1950s
ManMO110 HENRY Annie E. 1950s
ManMO090 HENRY Courtney George 1980s
ManMO007 HUMPHREY Jean Anderson 2000s
ManMO100 HUTCHINSON Legent B. 1990s
ManMO077 HYLTON Frances, Mrs 1980s
ManMO075 HYLTON Sydney 1970s
ManMO131 JOHNSON Betsy, Mrs 1900s
ManMO026 JOHNSON Iris Wright 1950s
ManMO096 JONES Alfred Alexander 1980s
ManMO117 JONES Dulany C. 1980s
ManMO067 JONES Inez 1980s
ManMO071 JONES Lottie E. 1950s
ManMO064 JONES Samuel 2000s
ManMO062 JONES Shenera 2000s
ManMO066 JONES Wilbert 1980s
ManMO054 JUNOR Ann Elizabeth 1940s
ManMO054 JUNOR John 1930s
ManMO112 LASHINGTON Evelyn 1960s
ManMO020 LAWRENCE Phillis M. 2000s
ManMO076 LEE Valnee Vivian 2000s
ManMO008 LYN Daniel Augustus 1950s
ManMO011 LYN Ernest 1950s
ManMO009 LYN Karl A. 1950s
ManMO010 LYN-CHANG Nora Nukelen 2000s
ManMO055 MAXWELL Leslie 1980s
ManMO102 MAXWELL Rosalee 1970s
ManMO113 McGILCHRIST Hilda M. 1980s
ManMO087 McKENZIE Arthur N. 1980s
ManMO035 McKENZIE Beatrice 1990s
ManMO036 McKENZIE George Mead 1980s
ManMO088 McKENZIE Iris Maud 1990s
ManMO073 McKENZIE Ronald 2000s
ManMO072 McKENZIE Viola 2000s
ManMO122 McNEILL Annie [BROWN] 1910s
ManMO123 McNEILL Jane [MacLACHLAN] 1890s
ManMO086 MILLER Sylvia 1990s
ManMO111 MORGAN Cleveland 1960s
ManMO124 MORRIS Edward 1900s
ManMO024 MULLINGS Akalia Titiana 2000s
ManMO079 MULLINGS Cyril Charles 1980s
ManMO048 MULLINGS Ella 1960s
ManMO047 MULLINGS Muriel 1970s
ManMO049 NELSON Iris C. 1940s
ManMO050 NELSON Wilfred Vincent 2000s
ManMO130 NEWMAN Richard A. 1970s
ManMO082 NEWMAN Ruth, Mrs 1990s
ManMO125 NICHOL James T. 2000s
ManMO129 NICHOL Zaida 1990s
ManMO039 PRYCE Ralston Adolphus 2000s
ManMO106 REID Clarence Samuel 1990s
ManMO107 REID Faye Barbara 2000s
ManMO043 RICHARDS Cyril M. 1970s
ManMO045 RICHARDS Edith Isadora 1980s
ManMO031 RICHARDS Fanny Elizabeth
ManMO031 RICHARDS J. W. T. 1930s
ManMO044 RICHARDS Samuel 1990s
ManMO046 RICHARDS-CLINTON Myrtle May, Dr. 2000s
ManMO023 ROBERTSON Iris 2000s
ManMO052 ROBINSON Florence 1970s
ManMO101 ROBINSON Iris, Mrs 1970s
ManMO084 ROSE Aubrey A. 1980s
ManMO133 ROSE Benjamin 1890s
ManMO132 ROSE Louisa 1890s
ManMO085 ROSE Margaret S. 1990s
ManMO084 ROSE Wesley A. 1980s
ManMO001 SALMON Daniel Augustus 2000s
ManMO002 SALMON Dorothy Agatha 2000s
ManMO121 SLICHY Charlotte [CORBIN] 1910s
ManMO030 SMITH B. H., Mrs 1920s
ManMO081 SMITH George Agustus 1990s
ManMO074 SMYTHE Sarah, Mrs 1950s
ManMO061 STENNETT Wesley A. 1980s
ManMO068 STREET Louise 1980s
ManMO051 SUTHERLAND Marjorie 1940s
ManMO003 SWABY Percival Alexander 1990s
ManMO104 TAPPER Hugo G. 1990s
ManMO083 THOMAS James 1990s
ManMO056 THOMPSON Kezia 1920s
ManMO069 TROWERS Ethel, Mrs 1980s
ManMO018 VIRTUE Altamont V. 1990s
ManMO014 VIRTUE Theodora E. 1990s
ManMO006 WALTERS Colter 1980s
ManMO005 WALTERS Sylvia 1990s
ManMO063 WHILBY Eucebia 2000s
ManMO012 WILKINSON Ethline 2000s
ManMO013 WILKINSON Isaac 1970s
ManMO078 WILLIAMS Doris May 2000s
ManMO080 WILLIAMS Wilfred Benjamin 1990s
ManMO053 WILSON Evelyn Danvers 1930s
ManMO022 WILSON Laura B. 1960s
ManMO025 WILSON Rosa 1960s
ManMO034 WRIGHT Ivanhoe 1980s
ManMO094 WRIGHT Margaret, Mrs 1970s
ManMO093 WRIGHT Mavis 1970s
ManMO095 WRIGHT Vincent 2000s
ManMO032 WRIGHT Irene 1960s
ManMO021 WRIGHT-WILLIAMS Birdeena 1970s
ManMO060 WYNTER Cassie 2000s


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  1. Techiann Hewitt says:

    rip uncle Percival alexander Swaby.

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